Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Anti-Pakistan Statements of Bangladesh and Afghanistan!

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal says Pakistan needs to be isolated for “harbouring terrorists and supporting terror acts”

                The echo of speech of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani had not subsided that Bangladesh also issued statement against Pakistan to the same Indian News Agency in order to please India in which Interior Minister Assad u Zaman Khan Kamal of Bangladesh demanded UNO that Pakistan should be secluded for allegedly supporting terrorism. Bangladeshi Prime Minister said that not only Pakistan provides hideouts to terrorists but also supports them, using these terrorists in the neighboring countries. Bangladeshi Interior Minister supporting Indian aggression against Pakistan alleged that terrorism in Bangladesh and India is linked with Pakistan.
Afghanistan's president  called on Pakistan to battle the Taliban rather than try to bring them into  peace talks.

                Ashraf Ghani, Afghan President in his speech on 05 December 2016 imposed such allegations against Pakistan in his speech during Heart of Asia Conference in India. This conference was of grave importance in connection with peace in Afghanistan in which all notable countries all over the world were participating. Exploiting this chance, Afghan President furthered India’s anti-Pakistan agenda in spite of presenting practicable proposals for restoring peace in Afghanistan. The most painful aspect of Ghani’s speech was when he rejected USD 500 million aid to Afghanistan claiming that Afghanistan does not require financial aid from Pakistan, if Pakistan wants to support Afghanistan than Pakistan should end terrorists. Indian newspapers and magazines published these words as headlines.
Peace initiatives with  Pakistan remain unsuccessful, says Afghan president
                While on the other hand not only Afghan govt. had received Pakistani aid of 500 million USD but also utilized them according to her wishes. Astonishingly the number of Afghan people murdered in bomb blasts during last 5 years are equal to the Pakistanis killed in bomb blasts during last few months in Balochistan. Similarly, the number of Pakistanis’ killed during last decade are more than sixty thousands excluding 5000 soldiers and officers of Pakistan army. Neither in any forum nor in any seminar anyone raised the question that who are those waging terrorist war against Pakistan. The explosives used in bomb blasts in Pakistan after 2005 reaches more than hundreds of tons. From where and in which factory this explosive was manufactured? The vehicles used in bomb blasts might have been snatched / stolen. But who trained these terrorists to hit the targets? Who imparted professional training and financial support? Who provided latest modern weapons? The number of weapons was so much huge that it was sufficient to arm 4 divisions of army. Bangladesh and Afghanistan rulers alleging Pakistan would like to  answer that why suicide bombers blast themselves in Pakistan and Afghanistan only?
Some of  Weapons,ammunition,explosive and communication equipment recovered during  Op Zarb-e-Azb

                Terrorism in Pakistan has not been controlled yet because we have never felt any need to raise these questions on international level. Painful aspect is that when India prepared propaganda against Pakistan army in order to use it against Pakistan army few Pakistani intellectuals promoted it just for their enmity against Pakistan army or political disputes. But they ignored that Pakistan army is the only defense line of Pakistan. The propaganda against Pakistan army comes under discussion whenever Eastern Pakistan is discussed. While in June 2015, Indian PM Modi addressed Friends of Liberation War Honour in Dhaka, when he came to the stage to receive his award he proudly confessed that India played basic role in disintegration of Pakistan.
The Indian weapons made  by IOF and explosives of India's Vaigai Industries, seized by Pak security  forces from Taliban in Waziristan
                First time Indian PM supported Pakistani stance over Indian aggression in 1971 which India has been rejecting as Pakistani allegation. Indian strategy of that time in order to defame Pakistan army has become useless in the present Pakistan. Although, India has been repeating same allegations along with armed interference in Balochistan but world is not ready to pay any heed to Indian propaganda. Indian allegations against Pakistan army for supporting or training terrorists were started after American aggression on Afghanistan in 2001. Although, Indian stance had support of British and other Western countries; after getting aware that there was nothing truth in Indian allegations West stopped its support, however, USA is still following such propaganda in order to provide reason behind her presence in Afghanistan. While India is exploiting it as war strategy against Pakistan. The allegations by Bangladesh and Afghanistan are the attempts to further the Indian propaganda and strategy.
Modi threatens to 'dry  up' Pakistan

                Pakistan should not only sternly reject these allegations but also ask clarification from India over terrorism in Pakistan; this goal cannot be achieved by govt. alone, our media will also have to play its role…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 29 December 2016.

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