Monday, October 3, 2016

Not Only Kashmir but Indian Interference in Balochistan is also a Big Problem!!!

PM Nawaz Sharif addressing UN General Assembly
 In the way Prime Minister of Pakistan highlighted the Kashmir dispute in his address to General Assembly of UNO, represented the emotions of Kashmiri people and unveiled the dirty face of India in front of the whole world. Hindu extremists and Indian media are burning with anger. Another cause of their being violent is the statement of few commanders of Indian Air Force and Army that Indian army is not capable to achieve goals by a limited war. They are telling two reasons behind this stance; 1) Indian air force has lesser / inferior technology as compared to Pakistan Air Force; 2) Indian army is afraid that limited war on LoC may spread to the International border so it will not be possible to keep the war limited as a result of retaliation from Pakistan. While Indian extremists want war at once.
                Indian PM Modi’s acting and dramatization is the main cause of fueling war mania in the Hindu extremists. He changes his stance as per the needs of the hour; while inaugurating building of Afghan Parliament he delivered extremely anti-Pakistan speech and after few hours he was sharing laughs with Pakistani PM in his house. This is the result of inhabiting Kashmiri Pundits and Retired Hindu Army Officers to change the majority of Kashmiri Muslims into minority that Kashmiri public is protesting from last three months. They are neither afraid of bullets fired by Indian army nor they fear curfew. Despite of losing more than 100 children in result of Indian soldiers firing shotguns, their sole demand is “Freedom from India”.
BLA Terrorists

                Despite of all the violations of human rights and tortures in last three months by Hindu army and Extremists Hindu leaders when they failed to suppress Kashmir protests, only two options have been left for them. Either to accept demand of Kashmiri public or stage a bloody drama following the teachings of Kotalaya Chanakiya so that Freedom Movement of Kashmiri people loses the attention. Thus India staged attack drama and started crying and blaming Pakistan for it. In the garb of investigations big number of innocent Kashmiri people is being arrested. Until now thousands of Kashmiri youth have been arrested.
Indian Viker Machine Guns seized from BLA terrorists
                Army enters the home and kidnaps the inhabitants including women and underage boys. How many of them will return and the rest would die a painful death and buried in mass graves. We are happy that by delivering a speech in favor of Kashmir has done a great achievement. If addresses to the General Assembly had solved the problems than Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria would not have been devastated in such a way. International powers are busy in playing the game of imperialism. India wants to disintegrate Pakistan; exploiting the interest of international powers in India for their dirty games. Problem is not only of the Kashmir but the eternal enmity against Pakistan for which India has started terrorism in Pakistan. Why do not we discuss this as well?
Barahmdagh Bugti and Mehran Murree laying flowers on Gandhi's Smadhi shows their links with India
Last year when Modi proudly confessed Indian role in disintegration of Pakistan in 1971; this was the time we should have taken this case to international community, contacted International Criminal Court; obviously passed time cannot be taken back however Indian propaganda could be silenced but our PM remained silent at such time as well.
                We are silent over the Indian terrorism in Pakistan via Afghanistan for last 14 years. We do not take name of Indian due to the interests of our politicians while India stages dramas like Mumbai hotel attacks, Parliament Attack New Delhi, Pathankot attack or Ori attack, from PM to Peon of India everyone is busy in propaganda against Pakistan. Not only propaganda but India also threatens to take revenge through terrorism in Pakistan. There is not a single terrorist attack in which Indian is not involved but we hesitate to name India for these attacks. If India is not responsible than who is enemy of Pakistan. If this is not India than ghosts have enmity with Pakistan and involved in terrorism in Pakistan. Kulbhushan Yadev has come to Pakistan to sell flowers? Here situation is that if Indian PM confesses on the TV that he is involved in terrorism in Pakistan; we will prefer to remain silent. We should remember that Modi has announced that India will go to any limits to stop CPEC. Now Modi is announcing to fight war with Pakistan for thousand years. This is not the announcement of Modi only but Indian establishment and political elite as well which represents the Indian policy against Pakistan. Although COAS General Raheel Sharif has given a befitting reply to Indian threats but elected Prime Minister of Pakistan should also represent emotions of Pakistani nation who selected him. Now this is not the time for expediency by our govt.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 28 September 2016.

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