Thursday, August 4, 2016

Weak Pakistani Stance Against India!

Ajit Kumar Doval on left to the Modi in PM Nawz  Sharif’s Jati Umrah residence Raiwind

                Indian Prime Minister gave a statement over the Eastern Pakistan during his two day visit to Bangladesh which jolted whole Pakistan. During these days the Foreign Minister of Pakistan i.e. Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Nawaz Sharif was out of Pakistan on his official visit to Tajikistan. Foreign Ministry of Pakistan was unable to decide that how to react over the issue. When journalists contacted Sartaj Aziz, Special Advisor to Prime Minister; he declined to say anything over the issue personally and asked media to wait for a comprehensive state reaction. Perhaps the clerks of the Foreign Ministry were waiting for the advice or reaction from the Prime Minister. Despite of the experience of the Sartaj Aziz he was not ready to react against India.

                Whatever Modi said while standing in the auditorium was exceptional despite of being the open truth. This was the first time that Indian Prime Minister has proudly confessed that India divided Pakistan through aggressive interference of Indian Army. He admitted that breaking apart Eastern Pakistan from Pakistan and converting it into Bangladesh was the wish of every Indian. Thus Indian army fought side by side of Mukti Bahni and converted the dream of fall Dhaka into reality. During his speech Modi looked towards Haseena Wajid and said that he visited New Delhi in order to join as a young volunteer. On this Haseena Wajid alongwith the participants of the gathering stood up and clapped for Modi.
 Pakistan's PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari,  accompanied by sisters Bakhtawar and Asifa, met Indian UPA Chairperson Ms  Sonia Gandhi with her children Rahul and Priyanka at Marriott Hotel Beijing

                No one has any doubt over the role of India in fall of Dhaka except pro-Indian liberals who are not ready accept it. They have only one stance that fall of Dhaka was due to the atrocities of Pakistan army. However, after open confession of India, it was necessary for Pakistan to raise the issue again to the world forum that India is still busy in conspiracies against the stability of Pakistan. Moreover, Pakistan should demand explanation from India  over Modi’s statement in which he termed India-Pak relations to be “Useless”.

                However, on the second day of the Modi’s confession at Dhaka, Foreign Ministry succeeded in drafting the reaction in which international community was appealed to take notice of confession of Indian interference in Eastern Pakistan of that time. On the 2nd day, unanimous revolution were passed in the National Assembly and Senate in which Indian Prime Minister’s statement was termed as attack over Pakistan. Prime Minister of Pakistan termed Modi’s statement as disappointing. When journalists inquired about his meeting with Secretary General of UNO, he replied that including Indian Held Kashmir many issues were discussed during the meeting.

                Keeping in view the increasing reaction among public, Sartaj Aziz issued the statement that govt. is thinking to take the statement of Modi to UNO. It was also said that Pakistan would take the issue to International Court as well. After this until now have govt. of Pakistan submitted any application to UNO or Foreign Ministry taken the Indian aggression of 1971 to International Court? Pakistanis do not have any clue about it. However, after few months, Modi who received the award for playing role in the fall of Dhaka was guest of Nawaz at Raiwind. The presence of Ajit Kumar Doval at Nawaz’s house was astonishing and unexplainable.
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and PPP co-chairman  Asif Zardari.

                If Modi has the distinction for killings of thousands of Muslims in Gujarat, than Ajit Kumar Doval is the script writer of the fire in the Bogey of Indian train carrying Hindu pilgrims to the Holi with the blood of Muslim in Gujarat. Whether it is the terrorism in Pakistan through Tehreek Taliban Pakistan or militancy in Balochistan, the name of Doval would be linked as “Master Mind”.
                Now once again Sartaj Aziz has given the lollipop of raising the issue of Indian Barbarism and State Terrorism in Indian Held Kashmir in order to subdue the reaction of Pakistanis. Moreover, members of Senate were told that govt. has written letters to different countries so that they can pressurize India to stop genocide and torture in Indian Held Kashmir.
                In the current modern era when whole world is seeing the firing and killings of Kashmiri protestors why there was any need for writing letters? The need of the hour is that govt. and opposition establish joint envoys that visit different countries, contact governments as well as media of these countries. They should make the war crimes of Indian state terrorists against Kashmiris clear to everyone. Civilized public of Western Countries should be realized that Kashmiri are fighting for their basic right of freedom for last seven centuries, how can be they termed as terrorists?
                When Indian state terrorists will use the cartridges of shot guns used for hunting of birds on the innocent Kashmiri children protesting against Indian occupation by throwing stones, making these Kashmiri children blind for rest of the life, when Indian army will rape Kashmiri women as state policy, as a reaction to all this should Kashmiris present flowers to Indian soldiers?
Lahore: Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif  wearing pink turban gifted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi

                The problem is that the personal contacts and business interests of our rulers within India are the biggest hurdle in the effective reaction against India. This problem is not being faced by the current leadership of Pakistan, previous rulers remained inclined towards India for friendship. After taking oath Asif Ali Zardari wrote his first letter to the leader of Congress party Sonia Gandhi and thanked her for taking care of his wife and children. This was the public pressure that stopped Pakistani rulers from declaring India as Most Favorite country otherwise who is unaware in Pakistan that how our rulers were dying for giving trade route access to India to Afghanistan via Wahga Border.
                Now when India has been forced to start negotiations with the freedom fighter of Kashmir, this is the perfect time to pressurize India to give Kashmiris the right to decide their own fate through referendum but for this Pakistani rulers will have to sacrifice their personal relations and interests in India…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 28 July 2016.

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