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Bad Governance, People’s Frustration and Neighbor’s Aggression!

Asif Ali Zardari & Nawaz Sharif meeting f
or the greater personal interests, not for the  public
                KGB of Soviet Union had doubt that one of the Ministers of Soviet Union is working for USA but despite of all efforts KGB failed to find any evidence. Soviet Union got dismembered and KGB was dissolved as well. The minister of Soviet Union shifted to USA living a luxurious life. The Chief of ex KGB visited him and asked him that now when Soviet Union has been disintegrated, KGB has no presence but his luxurious life style in the USA shows that he was an agent of USA; he should disclose that how he used to work for USA? Ex minister made a loud laughter and said that he only used to select those people who were not suited for the designations / jobs so that Bad Governance spreads everywhere while KGB was searching for his corruption and his links abroad.
Now let us think about the situation in Pakistan. Poor are getting poorer and richer are getting richer. Elites are enjoying unimaginable luxurious life style while poor do not have access to the basic necessities of life. Middle class, considered as the backbone of any society is gradually declining. Mafia is ruling everywhere. On the one hand gangs are busy in kidnapping children while people are worried by the diseases spread by unclean water. Govt. hospitals are only for misappropriating budgets or grants. One has to visit private hospitals for buying health for which he has to sell something out of the property. The medicines have no check and balance that whether they are genuine or counterfeit.
Briefing in Bus for Metro Project
The condition of government hospitals in  Pakistan is visibly so poor that even proper facilities  for old-aged and weak citizens of the country are absent
                Gas and electricity on the first hand are not available, the available one is so much costly that utility bills have made public psychic patients. The situation is that the utility bills are double to the ration of kitchen.One has to buy education for the children. The shocking news of killing of wife and children and afterwards attempting suicide has become routine. In an Islamic country if suicides are spreading so much widely than where Zakat fund and Benazir Income Support fund are being used? On the one hand public is struggling to make both ends meet while the pets of the wealthy eat imported brand foods.
                If we look at our journey from 1947 to present, it is apparent that we are not developing but moving backwards. If public is unable to make both ends meet, their property, life and dignity are not safe than construction of multi-storey buildings, wide roads, shopping malls etc. cannot be termed as development; that’s all is BAD GOVERNANCE. But our rulers are stubborn that everything is GOOD.
Street kids in Lahore , where they should go to  play or get education
Slums in Lahore
                The situation of Karachi is known by everyone where extension in the powers of Rangers has been made a joke. From Federation to Province everyone knows that law and order is not possible in Karachi without Rangers but they are adopting tactics of delay. The statements are also being given that extension would be given soon. Exploiting this delay, the soldiers of Rangers were martyred in Karachi and Inner Sind which analysts are taking as an open message to Rangers.
                Military has not only recovered the son of the Chief Justice but also found the murderer of Amjad Sabri Qawal as well. In such situation public is worried and waiting that when another NRO would be imposed in country at the beck and call of USA that will be only in favor of elites not public.
                In case of failure of NRO, public is afraid that episode of Salala Check Post over Afghan border maybe repeated. Because the powers who can target Mullah Mansoor Commander of Taliban in Balochistan, while he was living in Iran. These powers can play any game in Pakistan to achieve their goals. Because after Operation Zarb-e-Azb the centers of terrorism in tribal areas of Pakistan have been destroyed, network of Indians and other countries in Balochistan have been destroyed, the improving situation of law and order in Balochistan and weakening grip of RAW in Karachi has made enemies of Pakistan impatient which is not acceptable to anti-Pakistan elements in Pakistan as well.
                That is why on one hand Afghan President is busy in statements against Pakistan and terming India as natural friend of Afghanistan and on the other hand Afghan National TV is busy in propaganda against Pakistan. Now a days there favorite topic is Durand Line. Afghan public is being brain washed that the deal between Afghan King Abdul Rehman Khan and British was for 100 years only which was ended in 1993. Afghan TV channel is busy in propaganda that this deal was forcefully imposed upon Afghans without approval from Jirga. Moreover this deal was with British empire not with Pakistan. While the public of KPK gave their verdict in favor of Pakistan in 1947 through referendum making it clear that they have no relation with Afghanistan. In the similar manners Indian media is busy in propaganda over lawlessness in Karachi.
                India is facing defeat due to the increasing restlessness in Indians on violations of human rights in Indian Held Kashmir by Indian army. If we look at the history of the Indian conspiracies than this cannot be rejected that in order to divert the attention of world from Indian Held Kashmir, India may take such steps which will make world forget Kashmir.
Rs 200 billion Lahore metro train project
Pakistani heart patients queue for their  prescription / medication at the Punjab Institute of Cardiology in  Lahore
                Indian terrorist agencies may plan and execute terrorist attack in India or Pakistan just like December 2014 attack on Army Public School Peshawar which may force Pakistani nation to forget Kashmiri brethren.
                Obviously our security agencies are alert to tackle such attempt from India; alas! Our elite class have made themselves indifferent to situation of Pakistan. They are unable to identify India as there enemy who is not only present on Eastern borders but in West of Pakistan as well with the support of USA. Our rulers are busy in pulling legs of each other for power. Now it seems that unending Bad Governance in Pakistan and political chaos is a part of some Big Game and conspiracy…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 04 August 2016.

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