Monday, June 13, 2016

Statement of Sharad Kumar over “Pathankot Airbase Attack” was only a trick!

The whole row started over a written interview  purportedly given by Mr Kumar to TV channel CNN-News-18 in which he said, "No. So far, no evidence to show that Pakistan or Pakistani  government is directly involved in Pathankot airbase attack

Pakistani Foreign Ministry reacted over the statement of the Higher Official of Indian Investigation agency given in an interview to Indian TV Channel “News-18” ignoring the fact that he has used the term that neither Pakistani govt. nor any Pakistani agency is directly involved in the Pathankot Airbase Attack. Moreover, he said that India has solid evidence against Maulana Azhar Masood and his brother Rauf Azhar. Even if Pakistan did not cooperate for action against them, India would include their name in the Charge Sheet that would be prepared in India.
Including the name of Chief of banned religious outfit Jaish-e-Muhammad in the Charge Sheet and the ambiguous statement of Sharad Kumar that Pakistan is not directly involved in the attack over Pathankot airbase is nothing less than a trick. In this way, India wants to pave way for the visit of the Indian National Investigation Agency’s team to Pakistan so that India can get the results of her own will. Indian team would obviously demand to investigate Maulana Masood Azhar and Rauf Azhar. India is well aware that this would not be allowed by Pakistan, which will pave way for Indian propaganda against Pakistan and world would be easily befooled by the Indian Propaganda war.
The statement of USA given on 18 April 2016 is on the record that Pakistani is not seriously taking action against those terrorists who are becoming threat to the neighboring countries. Similar allegation was repeated in the annual report of US Foreign Ministry on 3 June 2016 that Pakistan has not taken any strict action against Haqqani Group, Jaish-e-Muhammad and Lashkar-e-Taiba. In contrast to these US demands all the eight persons arrested under the allegations of supporting Jaish-e-Muhammad and attackers of Pathankot Airbase have been released due to non-availability of evidence by Indian court. 
Indian Union Minister of State Sadhvi Niranjan  Jyoti said  ”The investigating officer of Pathankot terror attack has  been killed. There is some controversy in that.This is a matter of  investigation,”
Moreover, Indian agencies themselves have disputing stances over the said attack. Indian Border Security Force is not ready to accept the stance of Indian Defense and Interior Ministry that terrorists came from Pakistan, crossing the border. After the attack, DIG Indian Border Security Force along with 3 experts visited those areas of the border from where attackers might have infiltrated. According to the detailed report of the investigating team of BSF from Punjab to Jammu, no where border fence have not been disturbed, the places (water streams) where it was not possible to install barbed wire fence, laser cameras have been installed, which also did not show any infiltration / interference. 
On the brutal killing of National Investigating  Agency (NIA) Mohammad Tanzil, his brother Rageeb Ahmed brought in a series  of allegation against the administration and police.
The thinking of Pakistani Foreign Ministry is nothing more than living in the fool’s paradise that its reaction over the statement Sharad Kumar bears any weightage while he reneged from his statement in less than 24 hours. If such a reaction had been given on the murder of NIA Investigation Officer Muhammad Tanzeel than situation might have been different. Indian govt. tried to turn this murder into armed robbery but this version was rejected by Indian media. Such an important investigation officer of NIA who has completed the investigations of Pathankot airbase attack was shot down while he was returning from a marriage along with his wife and children. Unknown motorcyclists fired 29 bullets directly on Muhammad Tanzeel. New Delhi tried to pose it as a murder of a Muslim Officer but this was also rejected by Indian analysts that Muhammad Tanzeel was not an ordinary investigation officer. He was the only investigation officer of NIA who has resolved many crime cases. The investigation of Pathankot was given to him which he has almost completed. That is why Indian Media termed his murder as suspicious and attempt to mutilate the reality by the Indian Secret Agencies. The important fact of this murder is that shooters kept firing bullets on him until they got satisfied that he has been dead. They took away his mobile and laptop but did not take the jewelry of his wife and other precious things. The robbery shows that their only target was to kill Muhammad Tanzeel and take away his laptop which might have some important information. Robbers shot 29 bullets on Muhammad Tanzeel, he died on  the spot. Two bullets hit his wife and she passed away in the hospital after four days. 
NIA  officer and his wife Farzana Khan
Indian Media reported the incident that investigation officer of NIA Muhammad Tanzeel investigating Pathankot airbase attack has been murdered. This was obviously the “Drop Scene” of Pathankot airbase drama. Pakistan should have demanded investigations of the murder of Muhammad Tanzeel under the supervision of UNO in unbiased manners because India has already alleged Pakistani citizens for Pathankot attack. Pakistan has not only registered the FIR but made few arrests as well in this regard. If Pakistan would have raised protests at that time than it would have been difficult for Indian to defend the murder of her own investigation officer. But we kept criminally silent which is astonishing…

Suspicious Murder of Indian Police Officer Investigating Pathankot Airbase Attack

Urdu Copy

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 09 June, 2016

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