Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Suspicious Murder of Indian Police Officer Investigating Pathankot Airbase Attack!

Crime Scene of  Indian police officer Tanzil  Ahmed's murder

                With the return of Pakistani Investigation team from India after visiting India for investigation of Pathankot airbase attack; an important newsbreak was reported by Indian media that an important officer from Indian NIA has been killed by unknown persons. Said investigation officer namely Tanzeel, Deputy Superintendent was killed by unknown gunmen riding motorcycle while he was returning from a marriage function along with his family. Indian govt. attempted to term this murder as a murder of a Muslim Police Officer. However, Indian media termed this murder as suspicious and an attempt to mutilate the facts of the Pathankot airbase attack. This reinforces that Pathankot airbase attack was planned and executed by terrorists within India (Indian RAW and extremist groups) for which Pakistan had been blamed.
                Most important fact is that murderers took away the mobile phone and laptop of murdered Police Officer but left the mobile phone, jewelry of his wife that was far more costly than the laptop and mobile they took away. Some Indian officials have attempted to term this incident as a robbery that few armed persons attempted to snatch mobile phone and laptop and fired bullets on resistance. Their stance is negated by the police report that murderers fired 29 bullets out of which 26 hit the police officer which clearly shows that they wanted to kill said Police officer and he was their only target.
Members of the Pakistan's Joint Investigation Team  formed to probe into the Pathankot airbase attack, seen coming out of  National Investigation Agency

                Moreover, this has been disclosed by the Director of NIA, General Sanju Kumar that said Deputy Superintendent had completed the investigations of the Pathankot airbase attack  and was going to submit it within one or two days. From the statement of Sanju Kumar it seems that he was aware of the progress of the development in the investigation of the case.
                Had the murdered Investigation Officer found some solid evidence that was going to unveil the real controllers behind Pathankot attack, their links with Indian govt. and agencies and real goals behind this attack? It seems if these facts have been unveiled then it would have been difficult for India to defend the allegations against Pakistan. India has not been able to forward any acceptable explanation in connection with arrest of on duty Indian terrorist from Balochistan.
 Ah! only Rs 50,000 reward for info on hit-man  who  killed NIA officer Tanzil Ahmed
                If we pay little attention, the murder of Muhammad Tanzeel is nothing more than action replay of Hemant Karkare’s murder in Novemebr 2008. The only difference is that Hemant Karkare had arrested Indians involved in the terrorist attacks like burning of Samjhauta Express, blasts in different cities etc. after a tiresome investigations. He not only arrested the criminals but also got confessional statements from them in the court including on Duty Indian Colonel, retired Major, officers from Indian Air Force, important leader of Shiv Sina. These arrests have made L.K Adwani, Bal Thakray, other Hindu extremists, Indian forces and terrorist agencies like RAW much worried as they have been involved in planning terrorist attacks within India and blaming Pakistan through their propaganda.
Astonishingly, all these terrorist attacks were conducted on the places where majority of Muslims was targeted; like Maki Masjid of Hyderabar, Ajmer Shareef etc. in which Muslims lost their lives and Pakistan was blamed for these terrorist attacks that were in fact held by Hindu extremists and terrorists within Indian forces.
                European media also followed the Indian stance for propaganda against Pakistan so that Britain and USA may demand DO MORE from Pakistan.
NIA officer Tanzil Ahmed, who was involved in  the investigation of several high-profile cases including the attack on  Pathankot airbase

However, Hemant Kurkure through his investigations found out the real planners of these terrorist attacks that were from within India. He also found during the investigations that who selects the target, who is responsible for the recce of the target, who provides explosives and installation services and protects the “Field Operator” after successful installation of bomb and gives the signal of successful operation when the bomb blasts.
                Hemant Kurkure after getting confessional statements in the court from the culprits (state and non state actors in Indian terrorism) had disclosed in a Press Conference that this gang of Indian officials involved in terrorism is being run by an On Duty Indian General about which court has been informed. He further said that he had requested to Ministry of Defence to allow him to arrest that General.
A five-member Pakistani team has arrived at  Pathankot air force base in India

                After the disclosure of the fact that on duty Indian army officers along with other Hindu extremists are involved in the terrorism in India for which Pakistan has been blamed since long; it was the duty of the Pakistan to protest on the international level, demand access to these arrested terrorists. No matter the people killed in these terrorist attacks were Indians but Pakistan has been blamed for these attacks. The persons who were burnt alive in the Samjhauta Express were also Pakistanis and our govt. should have raised protest over the Indian terrorism under the Umbrella of RAW and Indian Defense forces…

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt, 
Date: 10 April 2016.

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