Saturday, April 2, 2016

Our frivolous attitude over RAW’s Terrorism in Pakistan

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh met Pakistani  Prime Minister Yousef Raza Gilani for talks in July 2009 at Sharm el Sheikh   Egypt

                Pakistani govt. claimed that Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani handed over evidence of Indian involvement in the insurgency in Balochistan to the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on 16 July 2009, in the Sharam el-Sheikh. It was also highlighted by the media and Pakistani govt. that Indian Prime Minister has assured Pakistani Prime Minister to take action on the given evidence.
                Similarly, last year govt. of Pakistan declared Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has handed over the evidence of RAW’s involvement in terrorism in Pakistan to the US govt. and UNO. Nation has never been informed that what actions were taken by the US or UNO and what type of the information was shared?
                Pakistani nation knows that first time in the history of Pakistan General Raheel Shareef not only openly declared India to be involved in the terrorism in Pakistan assuring nation to take stern action against Indian supported terrorists and also took practical steps in the form of operation in Northern Waziristan and Karachi. The restoration of peace in the economical hub is in front of the nation as a result of these operations.  Moreover, not only once but in all his addresses he repeated his commitment to curb all type of terrorism and defend motherland at all costs. This is the result of these statements by the Pak army that Pakistani govt. was forced to provide so-called evidence of Indian terrorism in Pakistan to UNO and USA. Otherwise, everyone is aware that our rulers want to please India at all costs.
PM Narendra Modi Lauds for Indian efforts in the  creation of Bangladesh
                On the other hand, if one sneezes in India, Indian rulers allege Pakistan for this in such a way that whole world starts to condole India. In Pakistan, any big evidence of terrorism occurs claiming lives of uncountable innocents and children as a result of India’s enmity against Pakistan, higher govt. officials of India declare terrorists in Pakistan as an ASSET FOR India. Indian govt. official announces to attack Pakistan in such a way that will hurt Pakistan most. After two days of this threat Pakistan educational institutes are targeted killing innocent students but despite of all this govt. is not ready to allege India or speak any word against Indian terrorism. Now the situation is that very close partners of Altaf Hussein have started disclosing the facts that how Altaf Hussein got funds from RAW. Our Federal Interior Minsiter has ignored such important disclosures terming them as WORDINESS and saying that “If anyone has any evidence of RAW’s funding in Pakistan than he should forward it to govt. and govt. would investigate it”.
The former Karachi Mayor said MQM workers were not  originally from India's Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), but were made  to work for the spy agency

                In June 2015 when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wowed the Indian role in disintegration of Pakistan in 1971 and disclosed that he himself was part of special steps of RAW to disintegrate Pakistan. Pakistanis protested over it; Prime Minister’s Special Advisor for Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz gave the lollipop to the nation that govt. would take this issue to the International Court of Justice.
Alhtough, just like the disclosures of near fellows of Altaf Hussein public was well aware of the disclosures made by the Modi but they were astonished that would govt. really go against India to the International Court or it is just to deceive the nation. Time proved that after few weeks that not only the role of India in Fall of Dhaka but those elderly leaders of Bangladesh who were sentenced to death for supporting Pakistan before 1971 were ignored. In spite of remaining silent we should have raised the murders by the Mukti Bahni on the international level and evidence of Indian support to the Mukti Bahni  has been given by Indian writers themselves. Authors of these books are neither novel nor drama writers but ex-offficials of Indian Establishment and secret agencies who were the part of the conspiracies and plans to disintegrate Pakistan.
On Thursday 24th March 2016 The Law Enforcement  Agencies of Pakistan arrested an Indian premier agency RAW's serving  officer Kul Bhushan Yadav from Balochistan

                We should have highlighted the dacoities and looting by Indian terrorists in the Eastern Pakistan especially in National Bank of Pakistan whose details are no more a secret. India proudly acknowledges that she prepared the Mukti Bahni force for disintegration of Pakistan just like as Tehreek Taliban Pakistan has been acknowledged by Indian officials as Assets of India.
                But we are not ready to take any steps against India except verbal statements. We should keep in mind that even Bangladesh now acknowledges that “Agartala Conspiracy Case” against Mujeeb u Rehman was based on facts which was termed as Political Revenge as the need of hour which paved way for Fall of Dhaka. We should learn lesson from these conspiracies and express seriousness over the RAW’s interference and terrorism in Paksitan. Now we have to see how govt. reacts after arrest of on duty Indian RAW officer and spy from Balochistan…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 27 March 2016

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