Friday, March 11, 2016

Increasing Burden of Foreign Debts may Become a Tragedy…

 Debt creates new record in Pakistan

                According to the report published in Nawa-i-Waqt on 1st March , that after increase of 30 billions in the defense budget, the overall defense budget of India had become 24 trillions 90 billions. Why did India need such big war power and weapons? USA arming India with latest weapons, is not concerned with this question. US establishment is happy that USA has outdone Russia in the race of sale of weapons to India. During the current year, India has become the biggest purchaser of US weapons while USA has become the biggest country selling weapons to India. In contrast to this, news report that Indian govt. protested with the US ambassador to India on sale of 8 F-16 fighters to Pakistan. After Israel, India is the second country immune to international laws and diplomatic values and she can even challenge USA. On the one hand USA clarified her position on the sale of 8 F-16 fighters to Pakistan as she was bound to give clarification to India, while on the other Pakistan was advised to utilize these fighter jets only against terrorists.
Pakistan is currently undergoing worst Socio-Economic crisis in the history. Severe energy shortages, price hike,   budget deficit, unbearable law and order situation
 While USA was giving explanation, a US Defense think tank tried to satisfy India that USA would soon demand Pakistan to decrease its nuclear arsenal. It was told to India that such message would be given to Pakistan during Strategic Dialogue. USA might have given such message to India through diplomatic channel but Modi govt. wanted the public level explanation, which was given through the US defense think tank. The news have been reported that USA has demanded Pakistan to decrease her nuclear arsenal in the Pak-US strategic dialogue, on which Pakistan has given a clear reply that Pakistan is not ready for such act unilaterally. Now the question is, will USA dare to demand India to decrease her nuclear assets as well?
IMF - The International Monetary Fund

                We are perhaps unaware that burden of external debts on Pakistan has reached such level that it is not possible by the weak public of Pakistan to repay them. Obviously, we will have to look towards those forces to repay these debts,  who are already struggling to snatch our right of freedom from us. All defense analysts are agreed upon this point that if Pakistan does not have the nuclear arsenal then Pakistan cannot face India in the traditional warfare. The example is the heavy movement of Indian army after New Delhi Parliament attack drama on 13 December and deployment over Pakistani borders for ten months. This was the nuclear capability of Pakistan that even after a long besiege, Indian forces did not dare to cross the border. On the failure and return to barracks, Indians devised “Cold Start War Doctrine” strategy. As a reaction, Pakistan developed tactical missiles of short range having the capability to completely remove any big attacking army. The development of these missiles made India to lose her senses. 
Rs165bn Lahore metro train project
If we look at the scenario in last 15 years, after failed return in October 2002, India fueled the terrorism in Pakistan through Afghanistan in order to weaken Pakistan internally. In this war of terrorism, India had three goals;
1)            Based upon the terrorist attacks in Pakistan, befool the world that Pakistani nukes may fall in the hands of terrorism thus, Pakistani nukes should be taken into international custody,
2)            Through attacks over defense installations decreasing the morale of the nation that an army which cannot defend itself how will it defend the nation and
3)            Targeting Pakistani economy through the terrorist attacks.
Pakistan's Tactical Nuclear Weapon

                However, brave Pakistani forces and public have neutralized Indian conspiracy by sacrificing their lives but threat has not subsided yet. One reason is presence of such influential trading community that is ready to accept supremacy of India at the cost of their personal business interests and for this they have ignored Kashmir, Siachen and river water disputes. Due to the businesspersons of such nature in power, our foreign ministry has failed to unveil the imperialistic designs of India; the actual target of war preparedness and defense budget of India is Pakistan. Now the situation is such that friendly countries of Pakistan have started bewaring Pakistan of the upcoming threats in the coming years due to increasing burden of foreign debts…
A nuclear-capable Pakistani missile

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 06 March 2016.

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