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Delay in the Rehabilitation of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) may Lead to Crisis...

Destroyed empty bazaar during a military operation  against TTP militants in Miranshah last year

                The strategy of anyone adopting Guerilla warfare in other country is that after attacks on the state institutions and installments, terrorists should hide in the inhabited cities and villages. Through, terrorist activities, security agencies and state departments are made so much desperate that they destroy or target their own citizens while following terrorists. In this way, hatred spreads against the govt. among the locals and they start resisting the state agencies. This clash between locals and state agencies weakens the writ of the govt. and locals do not hesitate becoming the agents of the terrorists against their own govt. In this way Guerilla, war spreads from city to city and province like a fire and at last converted into the civil war destroying the whole country. After this, the target country has only two options either to make deal with the country supporting gorilla war or terrorism in proper words or watch the destruction and disintegration.
IDPs returning home facing suc destruction needs  urgent rehabilitation

                Libya and Syria are the examples of such warfare, in which the foundation of destruction was laid by US and allies but the governments of these countries in spite of resolving the issue destroyed their own cities more than foreign guerilla fighters / terrorists, as their forces got violent against own citizens.
                After getting access to Afghanistan in 2002, India started the guerilla warfare through Indian trained terrorists known as “Tehreek Taliban Pakistan” (TTP). The purpose of this gorilla war was to make Pakistani security agencies loose their temperament and attack their own citizens creating hatred among the locals that may be exploited to further fuel the terrorism. These Indian trained terrorists under the garb of TTP targeted army personnel from Sepoy to General level, military and civil installations, markets and places of worship, funeral places, infants to elderly, men and women everyone was killed in cold blood by these terrorists. Despite of martyrdoms in thousands and uncountable losses, Pak army and security agencies adopted the policy to search and kill the real enemy hidden in the inhabited places and restrained from attacking own cities, towns and villages.
Under construction  market in Miranshah, North Waziristan. By Pak army

                Terrorists exploited this strategy of Pakistani forces as a weakness and established strongholds in tribal areas especially Northern Waziristan dumping so much weapons that would have been sufficient for them to fight against Pakistan for the whole decade. Not only this, weapon manufacturing factories were established as well. Those who dared to raise voice against these Indian terrorists were made a sign of destruction. In the other words when these terrorists of Indian known as TTP got grip, the propaganda of separate Islamist state was launched, after this military operation was inevitable.
Site plan of a new market comprising 150 shops  which will be allotted to those who lost their houses in the  military  operation
                Although, ex-Chief of Pak-Army did not initiate a full power operation against these terrorists hiding in North Waziristan as they were exploiting the locals as human shields. However, when General Raheel Shareef came to power he decided to start the military operation and for the safety of the locals, it was decided that they would be displaced to safe areas. The locals completely cooperated with the security agencies and left their houses, business and properties etc. How much difficulties and hardships they had to bear this can be imagined only by those who had to pass through this phase of leaving the property, well built houses, established business and shift into the temporary camp villages so that forces can clear the area from the terrorists without any hesitation.
                This shifting of these locals now a day’s termed as IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) is in fact a great sacrifice that they have given for the nation and future of the motherland. Only after their displacement from their homes, the military operation with full strength was started and terrorists were destroyed dust to dust without any friendly casualties in contrast to military operations of armies of other countries even USA. Terrorist were either killed or fled to Afghanistan because Afghan army, US and Allies present there did not seal off the border and provided a safe passage to Indian supported terrorists on the wish of India.

Newly Constructed Model City / Markets by Pak-Army in North Waziristan as an attempt to rehabilitate IDPs

                Now, when the 90 percent area has been cleared from the terrorists, this is the duty of the nation to help the displaced persons in their rehabilitation in their houses that have been destroyed due to the war between terrorists and Pak-army. Their businesses should be re-established so that they may earn respectful livelihood. Hospitals, educational institutions etc. should be established, this is the only way we can repay them for their great sacrifice.
                The painful aspect is that, we do not foresee that govt. would fulfill its responsibilities in the rehabilitation of IDPs. Federal govt. is hesitant in providing the funds for their rehabilitation. If this situation is not tackled and the IDPs are not rehabilitated to their area; anti-Pakistan powers may exploit this negligence of Pakistani politicians in power by fueling the feelings of deprival among the IDPs in order to procure the support for terrorists among locals. If this happens, the sacrifices and success of Operation Zarb-e-Azb would be wasted…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 13 March 2016.

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