Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Someone Who does not want Peace in Afghanistan..!

For Anti-Pakistan Narrative (L to R) Hussain  Haqqani (Hudson Institute), Carlotta Gall (New York Times), and Mohammad Taqi  (author and analyst)

                Few days ago on 6 February 2016, a session to discuss peace process in Afghanistan was held at Islamabad in which representatives of Pakistan, China, USA and Afghanistan participated. This was the third session of its kind, emphasizing direct negotiations with Taliban to find out a political solution of the situation to restore peace in Afghanistan and end decades long civil war. On this day, US Special Representative for Afghanistan met with Pakistan Army Chief General Raheel Shareef and discussed general situation in the region especially strategy to restore peace in Afghanistan.
                Was this merely a coincidence that on the very same day of 6 February 2016, New York Times published an article “Pakistan’s Hand in the Rise of International Jihad” written by Carlotta Gall, full of propaganda and fabricated facts against Pakistan? In this article author had tried to prove Pakistan responsible for terrorism and violence not only in Pakistan but in the whole world as well. She has alleged that ISI is managing the Muslim Extremists, fueling regional disputes and guilty of worldwide terrorism. She had also wrote that neither Afghan Govt. trusts Pakistan nor satisfied over the steps taken by Pakistan to curb terrorism; she had quoted different statements and TV interviews of Ashraf Ghani, Hamid Qarzai and other Afghan politicians to support her claims. In this article, a new disclosure has been made which is not even known by the affected country that ISI is behind the insurgency in the Chinese Province Sinkiang (Xinjiang). She had gone beyond limits in her propaganda against Pakistan and claims that ISI has the role in formation of ISIS as well.
Carlotta Gall, author of  "The Wrong Enemy  America in Afghanistan 2001-2014" and currently the   correspondent for The New York Times for North Africa.

                Why Carlotta Gall, representative of US Propaganda newspaper wrote such an article full of lies and fabricated or assumed information and why New York Times published it on the day scheduled for the meeting session of representatives of USA, Pakistan, China and Afghanistan to discuss peace process in Afghanistan? This is a question that has been replied by US propagandist herself in her said article; she had expressed her feelings of grievance and complained that Why India was not been invited to participate in said session. She complains that Pakistan is not ready to accept the increased Indian role in Afghanistan, thus, Pakistan is utilizing terrorism in Afghanistan to keep Afghanistan under control and within the Sunni Islam camp.
                I cannot understand that whether US and Western Journalists  are really such fools that they are unaware of the role of USA in establishing Mujahedeen in Afghanistan against Soviet Union or they are paid heavily for their propaganda to ignore the truth to secure their payments for their propaganda and lies to misguide the world. USA not only fixed huge amount of dollars to fund Jihad in Afghanistan but also lured Muslim youth from all over the world to join Jihad (proxy war) against Soviet Union in Afghanistan. USA invented and introduced Usama Bin Laden. American politicians not only had but also have business partnerships with Usama Bin Laden and Bin Laden family.
                After defeat and disintegration of Soviet Union, US played an important role to fuel the fight between different Jihadi groups who fought against Soviet Union in Afghanistan in order to weaken them. Afterwards, USA introduced Taliban (which are now blamed on Pakistan as well) to establish pro-American govt. in Afghanistan. The long war between US backed Taliban and Northern Alliance pushed Afghanistan towards Stone Age.
Pakistan's ISI maybe manager of  International Jihadi forces- Carlotta Gall

                Although, there was no link between terrorists involved in 9/11 and Afghanistan but USA along with NATO and other allies destroyed Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. After such massacre in the form of organized war under the umbrella of UNO, Tony Blair ex-British Parliament, gives the interview and seeks apology that reports of presence of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq were nothing more than lies for propaganda; misleading international community to support Western Crusade over Iraq leaving uncountable innocents dead and facilitating establishment of ISIS controlled by West as well.
                Hillary Clinton also confessed in her statements given in Congress and interviews to media that “whatever is happening in Afghanistan is the result of wrong policies of America; abandoning Mujahedeen along with modern weapons after disintegrating Soviet Union, which became reason of violence in Afghanistan”. Despite of all this American and Western media is continuing their propaganda against Pakistan for creation of Taliban and terrorism.
                Western journalists want themselves to be considered by journalists of developing countries like Pakistan as symbol and flag bearers of freedom of speech and journalism who do not hesitate to clash with their own rulers for sake of truth. In fact, in the way West has exploited their journalists (intellectual whores) and media as an effective weapon, rulers of developing countries have failed to obey their Western Masters with such perfection. Otherwise, without Western Media how was it possible to convert US war on terror into the war against Pakistan in which Pakistan has lost sixty thousand lives. Even school going children for education were not spared.
“Pakistan regards Afghanistan as its backyard.  Determined not to let its arch rival, India, gain influence there, and to  ensure that Afghanistan remains in the Sunni Islamist camp- Carlotta  Gall

                Despite of all these sacrifices and braving against foreign sponsored terrorism  by Pakistan, Western media is continuing its allegations and propaganda war against Pakistan. When French President visits India to finalize deals of sale of weapons, he wears the Indian glasses considering Pakistan as a terrorist country. When US President visits India, he does not forget to demand DO MORE from Pakistan in order to please India.
                Why so-called civilized West is blind to the terrorism in Pakistan? If Pakistan steps ahead to play its role in the peace and stability in the region, US media starts criticizing Pakistan  because Indian role in Afghanistan (to fuel terrorism in Pakistan) is getting limited…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date : 14 February 2016.

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