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Obama’s Worries over Pathankot Attack VS Bacha Khan University Carnage…

President Barack Obama praised Indian PM  Modi

                On the night of 25th January 2016, Pakistani news channels broke the news that in a joint action Mulla Fazl Ullah along with his wife, son and two fellows have been killed in a Pak-US joint drone attack in the Nangarhar province of Afghanistan. Few channels claimed the woman to be unknown. It was also mentioned, that one day before this attack, Pakistan had demanded USA to target Mulla Fazl Ullah under the protection of Afghanistan. On the one hand, this news was being reported in connection with Gulf newspaper while on the other hand someone with the name and monogram of Ministry Defense shared this update on the Whatsapp claiming that picture of Mulla’s dead body would be issued soon.
French President Hollande pushes for fighter deal  in India

                On 26th January 2016, all national newspapers reported this news as a headline quoting its link with the Gulf newspaper. On the search on internet, it was revealed that Deputy Editor Ashfaq Ahmed reported this news on 21 December 2014 on the website of Gulf news and there was no such fresh report. Afterwards, Pakistani TV Channels and newspapers acknowledged that they reported this news was erroneously based upon the report of Gulf news that was one year old. Why did not Pakistani govt. gave any explanation or reject the report while it was aired for the whole night?
                Mulla Fazl Ullah is murderer of hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis including attack over APS Peshawar and Bacha Khan University terrorism.  Despite of the denial by the Afghan govt. whole world knows that National Directorate of Security (NDS) of Afghanistan is controlled by New Delhi rather than Kabul. The enmity of ex-Chief of NDS Rehmat Ullah Nabeel against Pakistan is not a secret anymore.
                When Army Chief General Raheel Shareef presented undeniable evidence of links between terrorists and Afghanistan after APS Peshawar attack, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani ordered his army and Security agencies to take action against Mulla Fazl Ullah, which was not fulfilled due to Indian penetration in Afghan forces.
Indian Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar  threatening Pakistan for revenge

                Obama had stated that Pathankot airbase attack is an unforgivable act on which India has shown enough patience. Pakistan will have to take serious steps to crush terrorist network. Demanding DO MORE from Pakistan, Obama praised India, boosting Indian economy due to steps taken by Modi (fueling Hindu terrorism) and expressed will to further increase India-US ties. While demanding action against terrorists involved in Pathankot attack from Pakistan, Obama forgot that he has been demanding from Pakistan to take action against terrorists involved in Mumbai attacks despite of being aware that India does not have any solid evidence to prove links between Mumbai attackers and Pakistan or even prove authenticity of Mumbai attacks at all staged by Indian forces, these are the facts that have been raised by US officials in their meetings and communications with India time to time.
                According to the Wikileaks, the diplomatic messages sent from New Delhi to Washington, ex-National Security Advisor Barjesh Misra complained to Deputy Director CIA that when USA needed Indian support (in the form of Northern Alliance in Afghanistan) after 9/11, India did not ask for any evidence to prove authenticity of 9/11 but when India asks for US support, USA asks for evidence.
Even India media was not allowed to enter in  Pathankot Airbase to see the sites attacked

                Before this, US Embassy in New Delhi had informed Washington about the concerns of the Hemant Karkare that he might be removed by nexus of RAW, Indian army and Hindu extremist parties as he arrested on duty Indian army and intelligence officers for involvement in terrorism within India murdering hundreds of Indians. In spite of all this information, USA remained silent over the death of Hemant Karkare along with his colleagues in staged Mumbai drama due to her economical interests linked with India and also supported Indian stance that Pakistan is behind these attacks. Similarly, now USA is alleging and asking Pakistan over poorly staged drama of Pathankot drama. This statement of Obama is a link of the chain of visit of French President to India.
Pathankot Attack Leaves Behind Some Uncomfortable  Questions: Kanwar Sandhu Retd  General

                Actually, all big manufacturers of weapons especially USA, Britain, Germany, Israel and France are involved in a race to sell their weapons to India and for this, they support whatever India claims but they cannot see the hundreds of thousands killed in terrorist attacks by India for fulfilling are nefarious imperialist designs. Morally, so-called civilized countries should also support Pakistan to punish the terrorists and their handlers involved in terrorism in Pakistan especially attacks over APS and Bacha Khan University…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 30 January 2016.

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