Wednesday, January 6, 2016

After Sudden Visit of Modi…

"India-Afghanistan ties are as ancient as history"  PM Narendra Modi addressed after inaugurating new building of  Afghanistan Parliament constructed  by Indian Govt. as a gift

                In the way suddenly Indian Prime Minister visited Lahore, it has paved way for unending rumors and predictions. One group is predicting that in the future all will be well with India. They are trying to deceive Pakistani public that as a result of pressure of Indian Civil society, return of govt. awards by actors, authors and intellectuals, Modi govt. has been forced to change its policies. Not only in India but all over the world the protests against increasing Hindu extremism, Modi has been forced to end tension with Pakistan and resolve the disputes with Pakistan. On the other hand we have such groups who are looking at visit of Modi suspiciously. Their concerns are not baseless. The history of Indo-Pak relations are the evidence that India is an untrustworthy neighbor having imperialist and aggressive designs. India can go to any limits. After return of Modi to New Delhi, General Secretary of BJP Ram Madhu supported the concerns in Pakistan by saying, “Kashmir is the integral part of the India and now the negotiations with Pakistan will be on the Pakistani controlled part of Kashmir”. He further claimed that Pakistan, Bangladesh and India would be once against united for Akhand Bharat (Greater India) however, this goal would be achieved through will of Public not by the war.
Indian Congress attacked Prime Minister Narendra  Modi for his unscheduled visit to Pakistan and alleged it was not for  promoting India's national interest.

                The Akhand Bharat is not only the dream of BJP, RSS or extremist Hindus but secular party like Congress has been always fueling tensions with Pakistan claiming Greater India as political goal of the party, 1965 war or fall of Dhaka in 1971 were the result of conspiracies of Congress for Greater India. We may call it the result of military operations by Pak army or politicians the reality is that Pakistan was broke apart due to Indian conspiracies. On the one hand India had the support of international powers while the traitors within Pakistan also played their role in disintegration of Pakistan. The war preparations of the India are the proof that India wants to keep the option of aggression of open in case her conspiracies of cultural war, personal contacts with Pakistani rulers  and lobbies in Pakistan fail.
                During the recent visit of Modi to Russia defense deals of billions of dollars have been signed which show the aggressive ambitions of India. These deals include construction of 16 nuclear submarines in India, purchase of war helicopters, naval ships and war transport jets. The most important is the deal to construct 12 more nuclear reactors for preparation of Hydrogen bomb.
Narendra Modi accompanied by a 120-member  delegation reached Lahore,  was warmly welcomed by the Pakistani leadership... Why NSA Mr Ajit Kumar Dowal is present there on the left side of  Modi?

                If we look at the relations of India with her neighbors, we can understand the war mania of India and the purpose of procuring Hydrogen bomb after nuclear bombs. The length of Indian borders including land and marine is 1510670 kilometers out of which 2910 kilometers is the border with Pakistan in West, 3488 kilometers in the North with China, 1751 kilometers with Nepal, 699 kilometers with Bhutan, 4096 kilometers with Bangladesh, 1643 kilometers with Myanmar and 7516 kilometers marine in the South.  In the Indian ocean there are two small neighbors of India, Sri Lanka and Maldives consisting of islands. Astonishingly, in the so much long border of India there is not a single country with whom India does not have dispute but 80% of Indian army is deployed over Pakistani borders or nearby cantonments. A major chunk of Indian Air Force is also deployed on the airbases constructed near Pakistani border.
Sushma Swaraj with Pakistan's Foreign Affairs  Adviser Sartaj Aziz... The True Model of Diplomatic Smile!

                Whether this is the history of Pak-India relations and Indian aggression against Pakistan or present ambitions of India, if we keep these in mind then the concerns of Pakistani groups over sudden visit of Indian PM are not baseless. There is no one who does not acknowledge the benefits of the friendly relations with neighbor countries but these relations can last long only when these relations are based upon mutual respect and equality. But India wants Nepal and Bhutan like relations with Pakistan and rulers like Haseena Wajid of Bangladesh in Pakistan. Who not only form the foreign policy of Pakistan after approval from New Delhi but curriculum of the schools is also according to the will of India.

Sushma Swaraj and Sartaj Aziz
Is this a love affair or the conspiracy of Hindu Chanakiya mentality to utilize their women when they cannot face enemy in the battlefields???
Posted by Truth By Khalid Baig on Wednesday, January 6, 2016
                Those celebrating the visit of Modi to Pakistan should at least look once over the history of relations between Pakistan and India. They might understand that how India has been be-fooling Pakistan through her lucrative statements and apparent steps since the time of Nehru.

India needs the support of Pakistani rulers (not Public) badly until she gets the permanent seat in UNO and veto power.

Moreover, the changing scenario in Afghanistan the centers of power are slipping out of Indian hands like sand. Remind the time when India threatened to stop Gwadar to China route at any cost. On failure of her nefarious designs she has now taken the garb of peace. Few weeks ago in the way Sushma Swaraj welcomed Sartaj Aziz by taking hands into hands and during her seducing expressions she demanded access to Afghanistan as well.

Modi's Visit to Pakistan
Anti-Pakistan statements in Afghanistan and welcome by Pakistanis...
Posted by Truth By Khalid Baig on Wednesday, January 6, 2016
                After Sushma Swaraj, the sudden visit of Modi is the second episode of the Hindu Chanakiya drama. India is not in hurry over the disputes like Indian Held Kashmir, Siachen, river water and Sir Creek because she knows that Pakistan can be easily befooled by the lollipop of negotiations. At that time she needs only the Paksitan’s support for India to secure the permanent seat in General Assembly and access to Kabul by road. Modi did not feel hesitation in visiting Pakistan after his anti-Pakistan statements in Kabul. Now this is the test of Pakistani leadership that whether they fulfill friendship with Modi for their personal interests or secure the national interest.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 03 January 2016.

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