Thursday, December 3, 2015

Echo of Mumbai Attacks and Our Clarifications

Hotel Taj Palace under attack during Mumbai Attacks
Ajmal Qasab - alleged only survivor of Mumbai drama

Muslim world is busy in giving clarifications since Paris attacks that “we Muslims are not terrorists”. Same clarifications were given after 9/11 by Muslim states. However, despite of all these efforts Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya were devastated by Civilized gang terrorists. Meaning Crusaders did not accept clarifications given by Muslims. Similarly after Paris attacks, French are testing their air power in Syria apparently targeting ISIS terrorists. However, how many terrorists have been killed by French air raids there are no figures but the videos and pictures killed in French attacks are being highlighted even by the Western Media itself perhaps to terrorize Muslims. French reaction shows that her anger is not only against ISIS terrorists but… Despite of all this Muslims are busy in clarifying their position that are perhaps required by Western Masters as well. 
Ashok Kamte - Member Maharashtra team. Killed by RAW for unveiling its role in terrorism in India

Such like clarifying statements were also given by our ex-President on the eve of Mumbai attacks stage show in November 2008. Since then we as a nation are giving clarifications to India that we Pakistanis are not involved in the Mumbai stage drama, New Delhi, Ajmer Shareef, Hyderabad Dakan, Malegaon, Odhpur and Samjhota Express attacks as well as burning of minorities especially Christians in Orissa. However, India is not ready to accept any of our explanation. India is still exploiting her staged drama of Mumbai attacks in her propaganda that is why when Indian media telecasted Mumbai attack videos on the eve of Paris attacks, international media like BBC got washed away by Hindu propaganda and telecasted a special program proving that Mumbai attacks and Paris attacks are similar (perhaps the masterminds of both attacks were hired from RAW). If one may recall the important development of Mumbai attacks, according to Pakistan Standard Time at about 9 pm on the night of 26 November 2008 telecasted the breaking news that the terrorists have taken people present in Oberoi and Taj Mahal hotels Mumbai as hostages. Within no time Indian media started the propaganda against Pakistan, Pak-Army, ISI, and Lashkar-e-Taiba. As a plan of these false flag attacks within no time Indian Ministers, Retired Army Generals etc were seen on different TV channels as a war had broke and long transmissions had been planned. 
Vijay Salaskar - member of ATS team killed by Indian terrorist army
Hemant Karkare - ATS Chief Maharashtra killed in Mumbai attacks by RAW and Indian army
Indian media and international media was trying to telecast latest developments of the stage show, however, no information was available except sounds of firing and light bomb blasts inside the stage. Approximately two hours had passed that a news was broke that Hemant Karkare, ATS Chief Maharashtra, along with his colleagues  had been killed by the terrorists. This news was unimportant for the rest of the world including Pakistan but US government and local media of Mumbai was aware of the achievements of the Karkare. They were aware that Hindu terrorists in India and their supporter in RAW and Indian army have at least succeeded in removing a professional officer. Because he had dared to arrest on duty Indian army Colonel Purohit and got confession from the said Indian army terrorist for being involved in terrorism in India including Samjhota Express bomb blasts. 
Col Purohit - On Duty Indian Army Officer arrested by Karkare for involvement in terrorism in India

Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur... Hindu Women terrorist involved in terrorism in India

Alas! The news reports of Court proceedings were telecasted as breaking news in Indian media but a dead criminal silence was observed from Pakistani side. However, when Karkare was killed in the RAW staged drama, our ex-President suddenly woke up and issued a statement at midnight of 26 November 2008 that “govt. or state departments are not involved Mumbai attacks but non-state actors are”. This statement gave an evidence to India that non-state actors are involved in these attacks, since then we are giving explanations to India. Alas! Drunk Pakistani President had not given the statement of involvement of non-state Pakistani actors…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 29 November 2015.

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