Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Thanks to Modi for Highlighting Kashmir Issue!

Demontrators protest opposite Downing Street  against Prime Minister Narendra Modi's official visit in London.

The Prime Minister of self-proclaimed biggest democracy Narendra Modi about whom Indians claim that he is the first Prime Minister and public representative to secure such a big mandate (votes); went to Indian Occupied Kashmir on 7th November 2015. The notorious public leader was shifted to the gathering in the Armored Personnel Carrier, he addressed to state police and employees of other state departments. These employees were ordered to ensure their presence along with their families one hour before the address of Modi if they want to secure their jobs. Commandoes were deployed two days before the address for protection of India’s most notorious leader who had taken control of route, residence and gathering place.
Anti-Modi protesters projected Modi Not Welcome_ on to the House of Commons on Sunday night in advance of the  Indian Prime Minister's visit to the UK

Why did Indian Prime Minister felt the need to address the state employees under the shadows of guns and show off his popularity, will discuss this later? However, due to the preparations of said gathering and address the attention of international media was diverted towards it. Moreover, Kashmiri living in  Western countries especially USA and UK also got active against India. They sabotaged the preparations by Shiev Sina and Indian govt. for Modi’s visit to UK. This would be perhaps first chance in the Britain that before the visit of the Prime Minister of so-called Mother of Democracy, Building of British Parliament was filled up with anti-Modi slogans (like Modi not welcome) through laser lights. Modi was also shown carrying Tirshol as a Hindu extremist through laser lights. The sign of Swastika of Hitler was also shown alongside of Modi telling the British public that Modi shares the belief of Hitler as well and his hands are red with the blood of minorities in India especially Muslims who feels proud over his anti-human acts. His party RSS is not ready to accept the basic human rights to minorities.
A Kashmiri family walks past Indian paramilitary  troopers in Srinagar amid restrictions on civilians' movements ahead of  Narendra Modi's visit.

The anti-Modi slogans over the British parliament were given coverage by international media. Sikhs also joined to Kashmiri youth to welcome Modi with black flags in UK. Many Sikh organizations announced that their members would welcome Modi on 13th November 2015 as Kashmiris did in Indian Occupied Kashmir on 7th November 2015. They demanded British Prime Minister to declare Modi as a threat to the international peace and force UNO to hold referendum in Indian Occupied Kashmir just like South Sudan and East Timor. The demand for referendum is not unjustified. After independence from Portugal in 1975, the majority of Christians in East Timor declined to live under Indonesia and demanded freedom which was rejected by Indonesia. People took to the streets, when law and order situation deteriorated UN Peace Keeping force was deployed in 1999 and after 3 years on 20 May 2002 East Timor was given freedom through referendum. In the similar manners on the basis of struggle of few years Southern part of Sudan was declared as sovereign state through referendum in 2011. Then why not Indian Occupied Kashmir where Kashmiri are struggling for independence since 1948, more than one hundred thousand people have been martyred by state terrorists of India, Indian forces are involved in gang rapes of Kashmiri women as a state policy to crush freedom movement. Kashmiri people are target of forced disappearances, worst physical torture, burning of their properties, mass murders and Indian forces after killing them bury them in mass graves. From last few years such mass graves are being discovered in jungles of Kashmir.
Kashmir on high-alert for Prime Minister Modi

This is to be decided by International community that when they stand by the innocent and powerless Kashmiri people but in the way Modi has highlighted the Kashmir issue over international level we thank him. Historically English sold Kashmir and Kashmiri people in the hands of Hindu Raja Gulab Singh for few bucks. In 1947, second time English violated the division formula and paved way for the Indian capture of Jammu and Kashmir. British should compensate their crimes against Kashmiri people and help them to decide their fate through referendum. In such situation Pakistan also needs to remain vigilant. After failures on international and internal fronts leaders of Shiev Sina are confused. In such a situation Modi establishment may take any aggressive step against Pakistan…
Srinagar-Security for Modi's visit

Urdu Copy

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 15 November 2015.

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