Friday, November 27, 2015

Terms Like “ISIS” should be Rejected!

Who created ISIS
Posted by Truth By Khalid Baig on Friday, November 27, 2015

                Terrorist attacks in Paris has once again started a new discussion about Islam and Muslims. On the one hand Western Media is portraying that they believe that Islam as a religion has nothing to do with terrorism or extremism while on the other hand such elements giving provocative statements Islam and terming Islamic teachings a root cause of terrorism are being given full coverage. In contrast to this the Western public over Twitter, Facebook and other social media blame USA, UK and France for the terrorism all over the world. They have pretty strong arguments and examples from past to support their claims. Massacre of Muslims in Palestine in the hands of Israeli forces and such like violations of basic human rights all over the world and criminal silence of so-called civilized Western nations and flag bearers of global peace is being quoted as an example. This is also a grave reality that world has ignored Palestine and Indian Occupied Kashmir after 9/11.
                In the way USA attacked Afghanistan along with her allies refreshed the memories of the dark ages when powerful nations attacked weak nations. The attack over Afghanistan was given the name of War on Terror that in spite of guaranteeing global peace gave birth to an unending chaos and violence. The war on terror in Afghanistan was exploited and converted into war for survival of Pakistan by India with the support of US and her allies. The cost of 9/11 was paid by Afghanistan in the form of its total destruction, loss of lives of hundreds of thousands of Afghans, murder of 7000 security personnel in Pakistan and more than sixty thousand civil Pakistanis.

US war ambitions
Posted by Truth By Khalid Baig on Friday, November 27, 2015
                Now the answer of the question is “ Negative” that whether US war on terror and destruction of Afghanistan has ended the terrorism. USA laid foundation of Taliban in Afghanistan. However, when these Taliban became useless and as per the US interests in the region Taliban were portrayed as most dangerous enemy armed with lethal weapons in front of US and Western community and if US does not attack and neutralize them they will destroy whole world. Afterwards, USA created Al-Qaeda. Its military capability was portrayed by the Western Media in such a way that Western public developed severe concerns against Islam and Muslims. That is why Western nations got their hands red with the blood of hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.
                Now once again the false flag terrorist attacks over France have created the same situation as it persisted after 9/11, now the enemy is not Taliban or Al-Qaeda but a new monster created by West termed as ISIS (Islamic States of Iraq and Syria) or simply IS (Islamic State). Until 2011 ISIS terrorists were active against Syrian and Iraqi governments. During this period thousands of people were slaughtered or shot down. ISIS had unlimited supply of latest US weapons, transportation and communication equipment. Due to this it was believed that USA is supporting ISIS. West took the massacre in the hands of ISIS as an internal problem of Muslim countries. However, after telecast of Tony Blair over CNN that attack over Iraq was a serious blunder which resulted in the murder of millions of Muslims which resulted in the creation of ISIS.

Targets of US war on terror
Posted by Truth By Khalid Baig on Friday, November 27, 2015
                Why has Russia came ahead to lead the war against ISIS? Why US and her allies have objections over Russian war against ISIS (Russian war on terror)? French Prime Minister on the one hand said that Islam has nothing to do with terror attacks in Paris while on the other hand he termed terrorists as Jihadis; after his statement Obama gave the statement that Muslim leaders will have to answer that why extremist ideologies are spreading among Muslims?
                In order to take revenge of Paris attacks, French air force have conducted more than 50 air raids in the last week over the alleged hideouts of ISIS. The strategy of aerial attacks is similar to that of US bombings in Afghanistan. What would be the result of this war in Iraq and Syria? How many more Muslim lives will have to be lost to make another Western monster apologize like Blair this would be answered only by the time.

French Bombing Syria
French bombing Syria to force people to join ISIS in an effort for fueling terrorism...
Posted by Truth By Khalid Baig on Friday, November 27, 2015
                Muslim should reject Western invented terms like ISIS and use NISIS i.e. Non-Islamic State of Iraq and Syria so that a clear message is given to the whole world that terrorists involved in the deaths of the innocents have no link with the Islam or Muslim and Muslim world does not accept such names given to themselves by terrorists or their Western creators…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 22 November 2015.

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