Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Extremist Policy of India Versus Our Apologizing Behavior!!!

People  protesting during Modi's US visit.
                On 11th November 2015, Hindus all over the world including will celebrate “Diwali”. This celebration is of much importance for Indian govt. because first time in the history an Indian leader will be diplomatically exploiting Diwali celebrations. The situation in India is that due to increasing violence and Hindu extremism many Indian intellectuals, writers and actors have returned the awards given by Indian govt. as a protest. It was expected due to such protests Extremist Hindu Leader Modi will either stop extremist journalists of Shiev Sina or express indifference to the acts of extremist Hindus like murders of Muslims under the fake allegations of slaughtering cow. However, Modi criticized Congress in spite of taking notice of extremist acts of Hindus. He criticized Congress that Congress involved in the genocide of Sikhs has no right teach human rights to ruling party of India. He reminded Congress that how they murdered Sikhs after killing of Indira Gandi through planning. Affected Sikh families are still wandering in search of justice. There is no doubt that after Indira Gandhi’s murder (termed as reaction of Operation Blue Star over Sikh religious place golden temple) in the hands of two Sikh body guards, members and Ministers of Congress party themselves planned and supervised the genocide of Sikhs. The record of Sikh businesses and families was acquired from Municipal Corporations and District governments.
Hindu community forums special fund to  welcome Modi
                In the similar way, Narindra Modi planned and supervised the genocide of Muslims in Gujarat under the garb of taking revenge of fire that broke into the two bogies of Hindu pilgrims on 27th February 2002 at Godhra Railway Station. For many days Muslims were murdered, Muslim women were gang raped and then burnt alive, Muslim infants were pinned in the Tirshuls (religious Hindu weapon and sign). After Gujarat Hindu Dragon quenched its thirst through the Muslim blood in Ahmadabad. Collectively for three months Hindus played with the Muslim over long and short of India. Wherever Muslims protested they were made target of further massacre and terrorism.
Hindu extremist leader Modi love to present  himself as Rock-Star or Film Hero
                Although Sonia Gandhi along with Rahul Gandhi and other leaders and workers of Congress had staged protest rally and delivered speech against increasing extremism in India on 3rd November 2015 against the reply of Modi based upon bitter reality. The allegations of ruling party and opposition on eachother prove that whether it is Congress or BJP, power has been always in the hands of Extremist Hindus under the garb of Secularism. The only difference is that Modi has removed the garb of secularism from extremist India’s face. The reply given by Modi to Congress shows that India is not concerned over the protests in India against Hindu extremism. However, in order to tackle the negative impact of these protests on the international level India has chalked out a new plan of exploiting diplomacy. Modi’s plan to celebrate Diwali on 13 November 2015 in London is also part of this policy. Two important ministers of Indian govt. and people from BJP and Shiev Sina are already present in London from last month. The celebrations of Diwali are to be held in the biggest Wembley football stadium of Europe.
Modi visited the US in September 2014 and addressed  there at Madison Square Garden in New York, now BJP & RSS arranging for the  same reception in UK
                These celebrations of Diwali are being given the color of arrival of Hero of Democracy by the articles and essays published in British newspapers. These celebrations would be attended British Prime Minister, few ministers and diplomats of other countries. The slogans like “Two Great Nations, One Glorious Future” have been chalked out as well. Modi and his supporters are convinced that after the celebrations of Diwali in London the protests against increasing extremism would lose any impact on the international level. Moreover, the extremist steps taken by Indian govt. that are being termed as extremism Hinduism will get “No Objection Certificate” and acceptance on the international level. In his speech over Diwali celebrations and in the meetings with British officials he would repeat his blames against Pakistan for terrorism in India and present evidence as well.
                Astonishingly, in spite of all such propaganda and conspiracies of India against Pakistan our apologetic stance towards India has not changed. We have once again invited India for peace talks. This is due to the apologetic statements of our shameless rulers that India rejects Pakistan’s offers for peace with arrogance…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 08 November 2011.

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