Friday, October 16, 2015

Indian Controlled Afghan Govt. and Monster of ISIS!

Taliban fighters hug each other on September 29, 2015  after they captured Kunduz

                Allegations of Afghan Defense Minister against Pakistan for terrorism in Afghanistan despite of sacrifices of Pakistan for restoration of peace in Afghanistan are not only shocking but hurting as well. Last year when Pakistan Army launched Operation Zarb-e-Azb against terrorists hiding in North Waziristan, higher command of Pak Army warned Afghan and NATO forces Commanders to take steps to stop terrorists from fleeing and hiding in Afghanistan by crossing the border. But we got different results; pro-Indian elements in Afghan Intelligence agency NDS and Afghan govt. not only welcomed Indian assets (terrorists) fleeing from North-Waziristan, Pakistan into Afghanistan but also provided them all sort of facilities to continue their terrorist activities in Pakistan. That is why General Raheel Shareef along with ISI Chief visited Afghanistan after terrorists attack at APS Peshawar and handed over the evidence that terrorists were being controlled from Afghanistan; neither Afghan President Ashraf Ghani nor NATO Commanders were able to reject the evidence provided to them. They had no other way except to promise Pakistan that next time Afghan land will not be allowed to be used against Pakistan. Moreover, they promised that terrorists who had fled from Pakistan would be eliminated in Afghanistan. Afghan President wanted to fulfill his promises and he also issued orders in this regard but Indian control over Afghanistan became hurdle in the execution of these orders. Indian supported terrorists hiding in Afghanistan under the Indian umbrella could not be eliminated and now they are planning to push the region into another bloody war by joining hands with ISIS facilitated by RAW.
Members of Taliban fighters walk on a street in  Kunduz, a day after they took control of the city September 29, 2015.

Key Afghan city of Kunduz falls to Taliban, 29 Sep   2015

                An unending series of allegations against Pakistan has started since fall of Qunduz in the hands of Taliban. Indian controlled Propagandists have even failed to realize that Qunduz is not adjacent to Pakistan but 550 kilometers away from Pakistan at the border of Tajikistan. The importance of Qunduz maybe imagined from the fact that after Americans captured Afghanistan with the help of Northern Alliance, Qunduz is the only area where Americans built largest cantonment and airbase for landing of big cargo airplanes. Qunduz is the region that was handed over to Afghan army before Americans formerly left Afghanistan. Qunduz is also important for Americans because it has easy access to Tajikistan and other Central Asian states. Russia had also chances to utilize its links within the area for fueling resistance against Americans. Moreover, Qunduz has importance as a central hub for supply of Narcotics (main source of CIA’s income) to the Europe via Central Asian states. Few days ago when few hundred Taliban attacked Qunduz, it was defended by 10 thousand Afghan soldiers trained by Americans after spending 65 billion dollars. Americans were forced to use air force in order expel Taliban out of Qunduz. During the air raid, a hospital also became target of American air force that killed seven patients along with 12 doctors working under the program of UNAID. Why American pilots flying in Afghanistan since 2001 did such a big blunder, this is not our today’s topic. 
US Army General John Campbell says Afghan forces  called in air strike on Kunduz hospital

The MSF charity demanded the opening  of an international fact-finding investigation into a deadly US air strike  on a hospital in Kunduz

However, Afghan government’s allegations against Pakistan for Qunduz attack and accepting Indian offer to end terrorism shows that Afghan govt. has been forced to sabotage Pakistani efforts to restore peace in Afghanistan and accepted to play in the hands of India for fueling terrorism in Pakistan once again. Afghan govt. has been unable to explain that why ten thousand Afghan soldiers preferred to withdraw and flee from the battlefield in spite of facing the attack of few hundred Taliban? Why locals are of the view in their interviews to local media that Taliban were supported by elements within Afghan govt.? Moreover, Afghan Ministers blaming Pakistan for Qunduz attack are silent over the presence of ISIS in Afghanistan. According to Western Newspapers research, ISIS is spreading in Afghanistan rapidly. Many Afghan warlords have already finalized their deals with the ISIS. Indian RAW is acting as a facilitator in these deals. The attack over Qunduz makes it clear that Afghanistan’s situation is not different from Iraq. In Iraq US spent, a huge budget for training of Iraqi Army but it has been unable to ISIS. Now this is to be decided by Afghan govt. that how long it will play in the hands of India for Indian enmity against Pakistan and facilitate Indians for terrorism in Pakistan. How long will they ignore the reports by International media over the role of India in converting Afghanistan into stronghold of ISIS???

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 11 October 2015.

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