Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Importance of Restoration of Peace in Afghanistan for Pakistan!

Indian has funded Rs 680 million for insurgency in  Pakistan through its links with the Afghan secret agency.

Even enemies of Pakistan accept the reality that Pakistan is the only country that has sustained the worst losses due to terrorism because of USA’s war on terror. That is why Obama especially mentioned Pakistan while issuing his statement regarding extension of time for stay of US soldiers in Afghanistan. Approximately ten thousand US soldiers would be available in Afghanistan in order to counter any big attack by Taliban or support Afghan govt. in case of emergency. However, these soldiers would be present in South and South Eastern provinces of Afghanistan i.e. Jalalabad and Qandahar in spite of North and North Western areas of Afghanistan. Their central headquarters would be in Bigram. Americans designed and constructed Bigram Airbase as Central Headquarters after USA invaded Afghanistan in 2001. The airbase constructed here is suitable for landing of B-52 bombers. In his statement, Obama mentioned the role played by US Soldiers in withdrawal of Taliban from Qunduz. This is another matter that US trained 3.5 lac Afghan army was not able to face Taliban for few hours and fled leaving behind the latest and modern weapons for Taliban. People and US analysts have the right to question their govt. about 65 billion US dollars that were spent on training of Afghan army that whether the US raised Afghan army is not capable to face Taliban or unwilling to face them? Moreover, the extension of stay US troops for 2 or 10 years will ensure permanent peace in Afghanistan? This is also an important question that since 2001 India was given free hand to support Northern Alliance for strengthening their govt. in Afghanistan and restoring peace in Afghanistan. However, India exploited free hand given by USA to convert Afghanistan as a proxy battlefield against Pakistan.
Indian-Afghan terror in Pakistan

Through her presence in Afghanistan, India fueled terrorism in Pakistan; established a full network of terrorists in Pakistan named as “Tehreek Taliban Pakistan” (TTP). In order establish this network India used those Pakistani’s who had illegally crossed Afghan border to fight against Allied forces after 2001 and were arrested by the Northern Alliance and US forces. The reports published in Western media in 2001-2002 are evidence that after US captured Afghanistan, thousands of Taliban were arrested alive including many Pakistanis along with them. It is useless to mention it here in the way these prisoners were murdered in cold blood,. However, those Pakistanis that were taken by India needs to be investigated. Had India shifted them to India for giving them food? After US captured Afghanistan many news reports were published in Western Media that thousands of Pakistanis were handed over to India that were at once shifted to India. These Pakistanis were first of all brain washed in the camps established in the long and short of India and afterward they were trained for terrorist activities and shifted back to Indian safe houses established in Afghanistan. They infiltrated into Pakistan as per need for terrorism. Some of them were responsible for Command of TTP terrorists. It is useless to discuss all this after passage of time. Pakistani Interior Minister has no time to research the number of Pakistanis who entered Afghanistan to fight against USA, how much of them are still missing and how much have been killed?
Indian consulates involved in terrorism in  Baluchistan

Now the need of the hour is to discuss the steps that can ensure long-term peace in Afghanistan that is acceptable by not only Northern Alliance but other active groups as well. If we look at the ground situation Ashraf Ghani, Afghan President was seen quiet active to secure Pakistani support and establish friendly terms with Pakistan for peace in Afghanistan. In this regard, he visited Pakistan and China. USA had also realized that in the changing scenario of the region it was inevitable to limit role of India in Afghanistan. No one knows better than USA that in the garb of support to US, India exploited the free hand given to her by USA to achieve her damn goals and pushed Pakistan in a decade long proxy war through her terrorists. Although India succeeded in strengthening her economy but peace in Afghanistan remained a dream for which India blamed Pakistan in her propaganda. US took a long time to realize that peace in Afghanistan would remain a dream unless the Afghan involved in resistance against US are not included in govt. of Afghanistan. Keeping these ground realities in mind, USA provided facilities to Taliban to establish their office in Qatar. Although India, Northern Alliance having strong position in Afghan govt. and President House was not ready for this. The important reason for this was undue Indian influence and interference in Afghan govt.

One may remember, 5 months ago that after a long discussion deal was finalized between Afghan and Pakistani secret agencies that was yet to be signed. Suddenly the behavior of Ashraf Ghani changed. According to the deal both countries had to take steps to ensure that, their land is not used against each other. Pakistan had worked hard for chalking out this deal. It was inevitable for Pakistan to secure Pak-Afghan border because after military operations, terrorists were fleeing to Afghanistan and it is impossible to end terrorism in Pakistan unless the terrorist’s leadership in Afghanistan is not terminated.
Indian spy agency RAW using Afghan soil for  Heroin smuggling to fund terrorism in Pakistan

India had also realized that if her role in Afghanistan is reduced, Pakistani nation would not only be able to recover from losses from terrorism but also stand in front of India once again. Her so-called big market and strong economy (due to which India is important for whole world) would prove nothing in front of courage of Pakistani nation. The increased violent acts of Indian army are the evidence of spreading hopelessness in Indians over their reduced role. India is also dying that despite of her threats not only China is going to link Sinkiang with Gwadar but Russia has also showed interest in CPEC and also announced to build Gas pipeline between Karachi-Lahore. This shows the increasing importance of Pakistan in the region.

In such situation, India has only two ways, either to attack Pakistan or make peace in Afghanistan unattainable. Alas! The ground realities in the region have been changed, India knows the consequences of attacking Pakistan and militancy in Afghanistan is against US interests because this would pave way to Russian interference in Afghanistan. Russian interference is unacceptable for USA especially in the light of increasing Pak-China ties.

Written by Khalid Baig.

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