Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Slugishness in Implementation of National Action Plan (NAP) and attack at Badaber Air Base Peshawar

Attack on Badaber Airbase Peshawar

Pakistan is in facing war since September 1965 when India made Pakistan target of its open aggression. Due to the failure in the battle front India changed her strategy and got successful in targeting East Pakistan in 1971 war because attack over Western Pakistan had made her to lick the dust and bear uncountable losses. In the 1971 war traitors and internal enemies played their role and helped India achieve her dreams. However, despite of this tragedy of cessation of Dhaka, India did not close her chapter of enmity against Pakistan. India several times made failed attempts to attack Pakistan under the cover of war games but due to the timely move of Pakistani forces towards borders and better defensive strategy India was forced to abandon her nefarious plans. Ironically after 9/11 India got the support of USA to exploit Afghanistan as a proxy battle front against Pakistan. New Delhi is well aware since 1965 that whenever her army come face to face to Pakistan army in battle front they will have to run leaving behind the arms and ammunition. So in order to defeat Pakistan they adopted the policy of weakening Pakistan politically, economically and establishing network in administration of Pakistan. India did not have any shortage of money to fund her conspiracies and plans against Pakistan as destruction of Pakistan is the only priority of Hindu Indians not the development of poor Indians. On the other hand Indians easily cultivated pro-Indian elements within Pakistan that were against Pak-Army. In order to fuel hatred against Pakistan army and separate Pakistanis from their identity i.e. Islam India started cultural war. Moreover, through AMAN KI ASHA conspiracy few elements within Pakistani media started posing India as land fairy tales, where despite of Hindu extremism, Human rights are given priority, Indian economy is booming despite of increasing percentage of people living below poverty levels and adopting prostitution as a profession. Despite being Hindus, Indians believe in secularism ignoring religion, color or race. Not only in Pakistan but to the whole world through Indian movies and TV Dramas and cultural envoys such concept of India was given that has no presence in the long and short of India.

                On the other hand Indian Intelligence agencies, hired, trained and infiltrated terrorists into Balochistan and Federally Administered Tribal Areas near KPK. These terrorists were recruited from those areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan that were not only backward, uneducated but poverty level was high as well. These poor were exploited in the name of Jihad, better income and payment of lump sum money to their families and shifted to terrorist training camps established in the form of Indian Consulates in Afghanistan. In these camps they were trained for gorilla warfare and terrorist attacks as well as suicide attacks. Keeping in view the differences between  Balochistan and KPK these terrorists were given differenct lectures and environment to brain wash them.
1) The people from Balochistan were brain washed and turned into human weapons of Hindu agencies in the name of backwardness, poverty, lack of education, and lack of opportunities blaming Punjab and Pak army as responsible for all these. Migrants from other provinces, traders and laborers working in Balochistan were targeted. Military installations were targeted. Gas pipelines supplying gas to other parts of the country and even cities of Balochistan were targeted as well. Railway tracks and trains were sabotaged. All these terrorist activities which resulted in the loss of innocent were covered by Indian media and pro-Indian elements in Pakistani and international media as reaction of Baloch people to their deprivation. In this through media propaganda (terrorism) support for these terrorists was created on the international level portraying that people of Balochistan want separation and independence from Pakistan.
2)            The terrorist attacks in KPK and tribal areas were launched in the name of imposition of Shariah. These terrorists attacked military installations, Mosques, Imam Bargahs, places of worship of other religions, hospitals, schools and markets through suicide bomb blasts. They covered their activities under the garb of demand to impose Islam.
Indian and International media paid by Indians also played their role in supporting this terrorism. They left no stone unturned to brain wash and deceive world that Pakistani nukes may fall in the hands of terrorists blasting up in the name of imposition of Islam and nuclear weapons of Pakistan are a big threat to the entire world.

Indian Agenda and Support of USA
Posted by Truth By Khalid Baig on Sunday, December 28, 2014
                In the last decade more than fifty thousand innocent Pakistani people, officers and soldiers of Law Enforcement Agencies especially Pak Army lost their lives. As India was successfully executing her terrorist plans Indians got intoxicated with their apparent victory; Ajit Kumar Dowal, advisor for Indian Prime Minister proudly confessed that terrorists involved in terrorism are ASSETS of India. Before this proud confessional statement Pak-Army has launched decisive operations Zarb-e-Azb against terrorist to clean Pakistan from these foreign militants. The success of military operation gave courage to political leadership of Pakistan to stand with Pak-army in these operations against terrorism.
                The attack over Army Public School on 16 December 2014 changed the whole scenario and way of thinking of the nation. Not only in Pakistan all over the world people got united against terrorists and welcomed Pakistan’s determination to defeat foreign funded terrorism at all costs. Most of the area of tribal areas have been already cleaned from Indian infiltrated terrorists while operations are going on in remaining difficult terrain.  After successful operation many terrorists fled to Afghanistan and are hiding in the hiding places established by Indian govt. in Afghanistan under the garb of Indian consulates. The terrorist activities have dereased significantly but the attack over Budh Pir Air Base Peshawar on 18th September 2015 has once again forced nation to think about National Action Plan (NAP) and the elements that are creating hurdles in the execution of NAP or this is due to the traditional sluggishness? Just keep in mind if we did not give up sluggishness; India has not yet announced to give up enmity against Pakistan.

Written by Khalid Baig.

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