Thursday, September 17, 2015

“Defense Day” A Day to Renew the Commitment to Give up Life for the Defense of Motherland!

Indian War plane captured during 1965 war

                Just look at the difference; A country has got independence just 18 years ago, does not have any big war factory, does not get enough guns to arm all of its soldiers, whose administration is being run through rented buildings, educational institutions are limited to just few big cities, its cantonments are established in the areas according to the need of previously undivided country and in contrast to the needs of a newly born country as a result of long ideological struggle, not only this it has inherited the enmity of its neighboring country as well. Enemy that has strong economy, ten times bigger well armed army, established institutions of education, health, industry and professional army and independent in fulfilling its needs. It has abundant cache of ammunition in case of long term war. Such a big country attacks a ten times smaller country with full planning, supply of weapons and troops to the battle fields, according to the defense analysts all over the world such a big army with such resources should over run the defending army and get victory. In contrast to this if such a bigger enemy fails to achieve its goals in such a way that its army has to retreat leaving behind its war machinery; generals of such a defeated army should be ashamed of their defeat but Lo! They are going to celebrate their defeat as VICTORY?
MM Alam shot down 10 Indian fighter planes in 1965

                6th September 1965 reminds us such an attack when India attacked Pakistan with hundreds of artillery guns, APCs, tanks, army and other machinery; from Indian Generals to soldiers everyone was well aware of the difference quoted above between the both countries and balance of power. Indian Prime Minister Shastri was well aware of this reality that newly born Pakistan does not have enough resources, its soldiers are inexperienced of real war, its economy is just getting started, in such a contrast Pakistani army will not be able to stand in front of Indian army but he forgot that soldier of Pak-Army was equipped with such a enthusiasm that cannot be purchased, that cannot be manufactured in factories, that cannot be earned through war experience but this enthusiasm just comes through the power of belief and determination to defend the motherland at the cost of blood.

                If we speak of the 1965 war, India attacked Pakistan and Pakistan just defended itself but did India achieve her goals for which she attacked Pakistan? If NO than does not this account to the defeat of the attacking Hindu Army and Hindu India? It is just like that a wrestler attacks a young weak man, everyone is afraid of the wrestler and did not dare to interrupt him but then something unexpected happens and that weak young man beats the wrestler in such a way that it sets an example for others. In such a fight when the wrestler is getting fainted, some people interrupt and make both to shake hands, wrestler reaches home with the help of others and declares to celebrate his victory… what can one say over such shamelessness???
Jeep of Indian General Narinjan Prasad during 1965 war

                But in the Hindu India’s dictionary there is no word like “Shame” or “ethics”. India is going to celebrate month of September as her victory over Pakistan. What type of victory is that in which retired Indian soldiers have nothing to tell their nation that how they got victory. That is why retired or on duty Indian army Generals, Minister and intellectuals have to take the support of threats to Pakistan in their speeches that next time India would destroy Pakistan. What type of ten times bigger Hindu army and Hindu rulers are that who have deployed more than one million Indian army due to fear over Pakistani border from Indian Occupied Kashmir to Indian Gujarat. 0.7 million army is deployed in the Indian Occupied Kashmir against unarmed Kashmiris that have always failed to stop unarmed Kashmiri youth from hoisting Pakistani flag and chanting slogans in favor of Pakistan, celebrating the Pakistan Day and expressing solidarity with Pakistan? Pakistanis have been also celebrating Defense Day in order to commemorate the day Pakistani soldiers defended motherland at the cost of their lives. It was not just the army but the whole nation that was defending the motherland. No doubt this is the day to renew the determination to defend every inch of Pakistan at any cost for Pakistanis but shameless Hindu Indians cannot understand who feel no shame in celebrating their defeat as victory.
Pakistani soldiers at Khemkaran

                Another important aspect of the Celebrations of 1965 war are that retired soldiers, officers and their families who participated in the 1965 war have established protest camps on the discrimination they are facing in their pension. Few have started hunger strike till death hoping that perhaps Indian rulers and army Generals might get some shame while celebrating their defeat as victory in front of the world. This is the proof the in 1965 war India had to face defeat otherwise retired Indian soldiers would never had boycotted the celebrations of victory. According to Indian Defense analysts the boycotting retired Indian soldiers do not want to get further ashamed, the pension is just an excuse…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date : 07 September 2015.

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