Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Should We Continue Trusting India?

Gurdaspur ; cheerful encounter with alleged terrorists. you may  have never seen before!
                There is a strange chaos in the country or in the other words the country is going through war. Pak army is working hard to clear North Waziristan and tribal areas from terrorists and restore peace. The weapons, mines, professional training, communication system and tactics of ambush against coming Pak army troops shows that these terrorists are supported by well trained Army Generals of the enemy that is why Ajit Kumar Doval and India claims these terrorists (TTP) as an asset for India. Despite of all this preparedness, training and abundant weapons, in the way Pakistan Army has crushed the terrorists, enemy has got frustrated and started cowardly firing over LoC and International border targeting civilians and the speeches by Altaf Hussain based upon enmity against Pakistan and external interference all are the evidence against the enemy.
Gurdaspur attack suspect, No Wound, No Blood?

                Just like KPK, Pak-Army is also chasing terrorists in Balochistan as well. Keeping in view the threats by India to stop C.PEC at any cost, General Raheel Shareef is himself supervising the whole project. General Raheel Shareef has himself visited the remote areas like Panjgur and Turbat giving a clear message to the whole world that propaganda of so-called separatist leaders has in fact no valuet, moreover, it is also a clear message that Pak-army is not ready to tolerate Indian interference in Balochistan anymore. Similar situation is in the Karachi, the biggest city of Pakistan; the stories of extortion, land mafia and corruption are unbelievable that the higher officials of state departments would be involved in such like activities. The painful aspect is that each criminal that is being arrested confesses to have murdered 100-200 persons under the supervision of politicians. The reason behind operation of Rangers in Karachi was the presence of evidence with Pak-Army which proved to be true during the operation. As the operation progressed, those getting help from India (including few influential politicians and bureaucrats) got restless; this was the beauty of the planning of operation that operation progressed in such a way that anti-state, society and corrupt elements could not forecast the situation. The result was the threats to destroy Pak-army and requesting NATO, UNO and especially India to interfere, by Altaf Hussain. But on 4th August 2015, the visit of US diplomatic staff to various areas of Karachi on Rickshaw and their satisfaction over the peace in Karachi is a clear message to the anti-Pakistan forces that General Raheel Shareef is serious in fulfilling his promises for restoring life in Karachi.
Mines recovered in North Waziristan

                But the question is will India give up her conspiracies and armed interference in Pakistan; the history of last 68 years negates this. Now India has suddenly changed the stance and on 23 August 2015 the meeting of Advisor of Pak-India Prime Ministers is nothing more than a fraud while in order to fill color in this fraud India has also withdrawn her allegations that Pakistan was involved in the attacks over Gurdaspur Police Station attack.
                On 27th July 2015, at about 5:30 am in the area of Gurdaspur (Indian Punjab) 3 persons in the uniform of Indian army attacked Dina Nagar Police station. Astonishingly the encounter between police and alleged terrorists continued till evening. With the reports of the attack, Indian Media, Politicians, Ministers and analysts started blaming Pakistan. On the one hand Indian Police was firing bullets on alleged terrorists in the staged drama while on the other hand Indian media and govt. was laying allegations against Pakistan ignoring diplomatic and moral values (that extremist Hindus have never learnt in their entire history).
Just in one day 620 weapons recovered in Karachi
                Keeping in view the possibility that Pakistan would present all the evidence against India for terrorism in Pakistan, interference of Indian RAW in Pakistan especially in Karachi, unprovoked shelling over LoC and threats and confessions of various Indian Generals, intelligence operators as well as politicians, to the upcoming summit of UN General Assembly. In the light of above India has changed her stance against Pakistan and the terrorist killed in Gurdaspur encounter have been accepted to belong from Indian Punjab, Indian media has already telecasted the reports that alleged terrorists were present in the ceremony at Golden temple and chanting slogans against India (perhaps Indian police had arrested them from Golden temple and murdered them in a staged encounter). But all this change in Indian behavior or stance is temporary as soon as the fear of India for disclosure of evidence would be removed, India would once again start open war and conspiracies against Pakistan on all fronts and we will continue to be fooled by the Hindu Mentality of Kotalaya Chanakiya. Moreover, India has prepared another Ajmal Qasab to be exploited at some suitable time…

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 09 August 2015.  

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