Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Indian Plans Against China-Pak Economic Corridor!

A Mandir of Dubai; Arab Prince begging Mercy from Hindu Idols during PUJA???

                Two months ago people in Pakistan were wondering that what ASSETS would be utilized by Indian RAW when they heard the news reports that Indian govt. had given the responsibility to stop and  make C.PEC (China-Pak Economic Corrdior) failure at any cost because in the tribal areas of Pakistan, Pak army has successfully crushed the Indian sponsored terrorist networks and broken their chain of Command as well, while in the Balochistan as well a handful of Indian trained militants are either surrendering or fleeing to Afghanistan. The details of the terrorist plans clarified that what Assets and how they will be utlilized; according to the plan RAW will not spare a single chance to conduct terrorist attack anywhere in Pakistan from where C.PEC rail-road has to pass plus the hatred against Punjab would be fueled amongst the people through some traitor feudal lords and politicians and these sold out traitors would cover up terrorist activities by Indian RAW as a REACTION OF Punjab’s hold and injustice to the people of other provinces. According to Indian defense analysts this is the biggest task assigned to RAW since it was given task to cut off East Pakistan in 1968 and one of the difficult tasks to disintegrate Pakistan once again as well.
                In order to disintegrate Pakistan in 1968, a single Desk had been established in RAW Headquarters while now 4 such Desks has been established. Anil Dahshimna would be the Chief of the 4 member team while other members would include Major General Raj Shiv Singh, J.S Ramesh and Vehwik Javeri. Major General Raj Shiv would have the services of two Secretary level officials at his disposal. His team would be responsible for fulfilling militant tasks like murder of important personalities, specifying and executing the plan to stop C.PEC.
Murderer of Thousands of Muslims fooling the Arab Muslims

                JS Ramish and Vehwik will be responsible to fuel political chaos, linguistic and regional disputes, psychological warfare, aggressive intelligence etc. The Chief of this desk would appraise the progress report to RAW Chief  while RAW Chief would present the progress report to Ajit Kumar Doval and would procure further orders. This desk would also target and cultivate traitors within Pakistani politicians, political elite, media, businessmen community and also run propaganda campaign against ISI and Pak-Army. Modi has assigned 300 million dollars free of any audit to RAW for this state terrorism mission. Further funds would be provided in the light of the progress of the mission. Recent visit of Modi to UAE was also a part of this mission in order to secure support of all those countries who have concerns over the Pakistan’s Gwadar port especially C.PEC.

According to defense analysts such a big pit might be result of bomb dropped by fighter jet and why it was filled up hastily wasting all evidence?
                Lets now have a bird’s eye view of the situation in Pakistan; our politicians are showing indifference to Operation Zarb-e-Azb against terrorists, operation against political militant and criminal wings in Karachi and the politicians are barking against Pakistan army while on the other hand violations of LoC and unprovoked shelling of Indian army has also become routine matter. Afghanistan has once again started moving on the beck and call of India. On 8th August 2015 after a powerful bomb blast Afghan govt. hastily blamed Pakistan for it while Taliban declined to accept the responsibility of the blast. The veracity of the blast and the depth of the pit according to many defense analysts negates the story of a blast by a truck loaded with explosives but result of a bomb dropped by a fighter jet. Explosive needed to create such a big pit loaded in a truck would leave no building standing in the radius of one mile. The haste shown by Afghan govt. to fill up the pit wasting the important crime scene evidence and the sponsored anti-Pakistan protests staged by unfamiliar Afghan clerics, their declaration of  Jihad against Pakistan and hatred speeches all shows that NDS was dancing on Indian orders and Indian terrorist RAW has once started working on its plan  to disintegrate Pakistan and stop Gwadar trade route.
General Raheel Shareef inspecting construction work over Gwadar Trade Route

                Although China has reacted over the Afghan govt. allegations and rejected them. But in Pakistan we should wait that our politicians may get some spare time from their business with India and dirty political intercourse between parties to win the corruption awards and take a stern stance against terrorism by RAW giving some clear message to Modi. Otherwise Pak Army has very clear stand over the issue as General Raheel Shareef has already made it clear that C.PEC would be completed at any cost and Gwadar would become the economical hub of the region…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 23 August 2015.

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