Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Expectations of Kashmiris and Pakistan!

Kashmiri Leaders decline to attend Eid Milan Party of Pak Embassy at New Delhi

                 After Staged drama of terrorist attack over a Police Station in Gurdaspur by Indian Secret Agencies and judicial murder (execution) of Yaqoun Memon, an Indian Muslim accountant over fake charges of bomb blasts in 1993 in Mumbai just in order to defame Pakistan, should we believe that India is serious to improve relations with Pakistan? If one is living in a colony one may change his colony or street in order to save himself from the mischief of his neighbor but when one country is determined to undermine the sovereignty of its neighboring countries and capture them, change of place is impracticable however, target country may save itself from enemy by remaining vigilant and watchful for the conspiracies. The target country should not be trusted, resolving issues through negotiations should be utilized as well but if the enemy is not ready to give up misadventure and aggressive conspiracies then such enemy should be given a befitting reply. This is what has been ordered by our religion, as well as tradition of the world.

UNMOGIP team visits Pakistani village effected by  Indian firing

                Pakistan has always strived to have friendly relations with India, despite of Indian conspiracies Pakistan had always stepped ahead for building friendly relations. Few days ago the meeting between Modi and Nawaz at Ufa, Russia during summit of Shanghai Cooperation Organization was also aimed at increasing the ties between two neighbors. Although the request for meeting was from Indian side but Pakistanis have shown more willingness and warmness for the meeting. The joint declaration after the meeting did not include issues of Kashmir, documentary of BBC for Indian RAW’s involvement in terrorism in Karachi through MQM and other hot disputes. Was such a declaration result of traditional policy of Pakistan or the business interests of Pakistan’s Prime Minister? This declaration not only disappointed Pakistanis but Kashmiri leadership as well and as a result, first time Syed Ali Gillani and Yasin Malik declined to participate in the Eid Milan Party given by Pakistani embassy at New Delhi. The complained the current leadership Pakistan should clarify it that whether they are with Kashmir Cause or Not? Because when Kashmir issue would not be discussed in the joint declaration of Pak-India leaders meetings, India succeeds in portraying that Kashmir dispute is not a big and important issue of the region which is being exploited by Pakistan army, leadership and media for their internal and political needs. Same happened in the Ufa meeting, when Kashmir dispute was not discussed in the joint declaration, Indian media portrayed it as leadership of both countries is agreed that the biggest issue of the region is the terrorism (allegedly from Pakistan into India), moreover, Mumbai attacks were also represented as an evidence against Pakistan that Mr Nawaz had readily agreed to speed up the investigations in this regard.
Pakistani villagers sitting on the debris of their homes after  Indian shelling

                Before departure for Ufa, the allegations by BBC in its documentary against RAW, claiming TTP terrorists as an asset for India by Ajeet Kumar Dowal, Security Advisor of Modi, threats to cut Balochistan from Pakistan in case of any terrorism activity in India and confessions for Indian armed interference against Pakistan, Nawaz had the supremacy over Modi in talks / negotiations during the meeting. Taking the credit of fall of Dhaka by Modi in Dhaka has also supported Pakistani stance that Indian is behind the conspiracies against survival of Pakistan and same game is being played in the Balochistan and Karachi by Indian agencies.
Only Mir Waiz Umar Farooq came to attend Eid Milan party of Pak Embassy at New Delhi
                Pakistani public and Kashmiris from Indian Occupied Kashmir challenging Indian army and hoisting Pakistani flags were expecting that Mr Nawaz would take a clear stance  over Kashmir Issue in the meeting with the Modi in the light of his past experience for negotiations and friendship with India. Pakistani Prime Minister was also aware that Indian resolution against Pakistan in the UNO was vetoed by China otherwise India is always ready to cross limits in her enmity. Indian threats to stop China-Pakistan Economic Corridor at any cost are also on the file. In such situation the joint declaration of the meeting leaving aside all hot issues has given edge to India diplomatically and the result of this criminal negligence would be borne not only by Pakistanis but Kashmiris as well. Kashmiri Freedom Movement has taken a new turn and Kashmir are using Pakistani flag and  slogans in favor of Pakistan as an effective psychological weapon against occupying forces while India has also adopted new ways to crush freedom movement. Shifting of Hindu Pundits from all parts of India to Kashmir in order to convert majority of Muslim population into minority and allotting lands to Indian soldiers who spend a period of three year in Indian Occupied Kashmir while on the other hand keeping Pakistani leadership silent for their personal business interests so that younger Kashmiri generation lose hope from Pakistan and stop looking towards Islamabad and give up their dream of a free land accepting Hindu slavery. But Pakistani and Indian both leaders should keep this in mind that KASHMIRIS ARE NOT READY TO ACCEPT ANYTHING LESS THAN FREEDOM!!!

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 02 August, 2015.

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