Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Why India is Getting Out of Control!

Manipur near Myanmar border -: After militant ambushed a convoy of Indian Army 6 Dogra infantry regt in which 18 soldiers died an many injured
                Indian rulers are behaving in the style of an uneducated, immoral, loose character woman of some suburbs, leaving aside the moral and diplomatic values. What has happened that so-called Mother of Democracy and Champion of Secularism controlled by terrorist Hindus and mass murderers has lost senses and control. If the Pak-China Economic Corridor and construction of road links from China to Pakistan are the reason, this is an internal matter of two sovereign states one may find hundreds of examples of such deals and India herself has signed two such deals with China. Not only this, India has signed many such deals with countries manufacturing weapons over which Pakistan have concerns as these weapons are to be used against Pakistan. Or the reason behind unprovoked Indian violent statements is the increasing power of Freedom Movement in Indian Occupied Kashmir? This is not something new, since 1947 Kashmiri are struggling against Indian Occupied forces. India due to her anti-Islam, bias against Kashmiris and policies of violation of human rights against Kashmiris has failed to make herself acceptable for Kashmiris. India has always tried to suppress Kashmiris through state terrorism and killings and treated them as slaves. Not only Kashmir, minorities, lower caste Hindus and especially Muslim are target of Brahmans and their trained terrorist Hindus; keeping in view the whole scenario and status of minorities Kashmiri cannot imagine to live with Hindu India. That is why Kashmiri youngsters are hoisting Pakistani flags in Indian Occupied Kashmir to tease Indian state terrorist Army and security agencies just like as naughty boys tease a mad man who gets teased if called by a specific name.
Burnt corpses of Indian soldiers

                Wherever Kashmiri youngsters see Indian state terrorists they start chanting slogans, “Long Live Pakistan”, “Kashmir will become part of Pakistan”, “Teri aan meri aan Pakistan, Pakistan”; Indian soldiers get mad over these slogans and start chasing Kashmiri boys with guns in their hands just like stray dogs in order to disperse them; within a short time Kashmiri youngsters reach at the spot again with Pakistani flags. Teasing Indian state terrorist soldiers have become a play and time pass for Kashmiri youngsters; even the Sikh of Kashmir have also joined this play and started hoisting Pakistani flag. Does this provide grounds for Indians to threat Pakistan? In the last few days, on the 31st commemoration ceremony of Operation Blue Star over Golden Temple (by Indian state terrorists) Sikhs started chanting the slogans of “Long Live Khalistan”. The task forces of Bandhak Committee at Gurdwara attempted to stop them and in this riot many Sikh youngsters got hurt but they came out of the Golden Temple chanting slogans in favor Khalistan an act that was not acceptable by the terrorist forces of so-called Mother of Democracy and they started beating Sikhs with the batons and butts of the guns. Since the 1984 genocide of Sikhs this was the first time that Sikhs have dared to raise their voice for their rights. Many Sikhs were hurt and hundreds were arrested by Hindu terrorist forces.
Is Indian army capable to put statements of Indian Extremist Leadership in practice?

                Indian Punjab leadership of Shiv Sina blamed Pakistan for the protest of Sikhs that Pakistan is trying to relive the Khalistan Movement. Extremist Hindus should be thankful to a Pakistani Prime Minister who helped India to crush Sikh Freedom Movement otherwise we would had a new neighbor state (more friendly than Hindu India). Whether it is so-called secular Indian Congress or Extremist Hindu parties they should review their behavior and policy towards minorities if they want to remove the so-called veil of Secularism and introduce India as “Extremist Hindu State” even than they do not have any right to deny the right of living to minorities living in India i.e. Lower caste Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists or Christians etc. India should not suppress lower caste Hindus so much that they are forced to take up guns to protect their basic rights and India start blaming Pakistan for her own extremist decisions and policies.
Remains of an Indian Army
                Such an incident took place in the Indian State Manipura on 02 June 2015 a fierce attack by Freedom Fighters in the aforementioned state targeted Indian army causing a heavy loss. This attack came in such a time when Indian Defense Minister was threatening to teach Pakistan a lesson. Modi has lost all the diplomatic and moral values and was giving statements against Pakistan as a local Hindu thug and terrorist in Gujarat. The deadly attack unveiled the reality of the capability of Indian army to fight and the hopelessness among the Indian masses that Indian army sucking blood out of their veins in the name of defense of India is nothing more than a white elephant. In order to divert the attention of Indian masses Pakistan was targeted through statements of Indian notables. On the one hand the drama of attack on freedom fighters camp in Myanmar and death of 50 separatists was staged while India has failed to bring forward the dead bodies of 50 so-called separatists. Meanwhile it was said that such an attack might be conducted in Pakistan too. Bollywood fiction of terrorist RSS leaders did not end here, in order to boost up the morale of (cow piss drinking) Hindu army Indian Defense Minister presented strange logic that value of Indian army is decreasing in order to keep it we need at least one war (just like Hindus did in 1962 and 1965 to boost morale). Now who should teach these terrorist Brahman Hindus that war is neither fought and won by the third class threats, terrorism and Bollywood dialogues nor converting country in cache of weapons is a guarantee to win war. India should look into her own country and terrorism spread by Indian army with the cooperation of Hindu terrorist parties before threatening Pakistan.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Nawa-i-Waqt,
Dated: 21 June 2015. 

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