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India has Started “Secret War” Against Pakistan!!!

                In the Corps Commanders Conference held on 5 May 2015, first time in the history of Pakistan, Pak-Army took notice of terrorist activities by Indian RAW in Pakistan and disclosed Indian nefarious goals in front of Pakistani public as well as whole world. This was something that had to be done by our elected govt. Although RAW was established in 1968 with a single mission to snatch of freedom of Pakistan and bringing it into slavery of India once again. War of 1965 was started after a very comprehensive plan, however, India on the assurance of two personalities having very influential positions, forgot that as long as public stand by the army, it cannot be defeated.  After defeat in 1965, in order to tackle this shortcoming, after research and brainstorming for 3 years, Indira Gandhi on 21 September 1968 laid down the foundation of Indian agency under the leadership of Rameshwar Nath Kao whose primary task was to create hatred among public against Pakistan army, brain wash younger generations of Pakistan and make them fond Hindu Indian culture, make Two Nations Theory disputed by fuelling sectarian and linguistic issues and buy Pakistani politicians in power at any cost. British MI5 provided full support in establishment of Indian terrorist agency RAW; MI5 used Intelligence Bureau to control its missions in sub-continent before establishment of RAW. In 1968, Rameshwar Nath Kao was serving as Deputy Director in IB; he was appointed as Chief of RAW on the recommendations of Sanjio Peli, Chief of IB and General J Nath Chauhdary Indian Army Chief. 

Indian Propaganda over Pak-China Trade Agreements
Posted by Truth By Khalid Baig on Thursday, May 21, 2015
Rameshwar Nath Kao prepared a plan to defeat and disintegrate Pakistan in three parts or phases. Indra Gandhi provided unlimited resources and powers to RAW Chief so that he may take revenge of defeat of Indian army in 1965. RAW started propaganda campaign against Western Pakistan, Pakistan army (mostly consisting of Pathan) and Civil Bureaucracy (majority immigrants from India speaking Urdu) by terming them as Punjabi army and Punjabi Bureaucracy. Eastern Pakistanis were brainwashed that they have been enslaved by Punjabis i.e. Eastern Pakistan. Huge amounts were spent in order to create linguistic disputes in Eastern Pakistan. Bengali Media, intellectuals, authors, and even teachers all were bought by RAW against Pakistan. Eastern Pakistani started seeing with Indian goggles that even roads in Western Pakistan were made form Bengali jute. Special film studios were established in Calcutta to produce in Bengali language which portrayed Indian, Indian Bengalis and leaders of Eastern Bengal as their real friends and sons of Bengal. Western Pakistanis were portrayed as usurpers of rights of Bengalis.
Rameshwar Nath Kao
                Plan to disintegrate prepared by Kao consists of 240 pages and know as “Kao’s Bangla Plan, Kao’s Pakhtoonistan Plan (KPP-3) and Kao’s Balochistan Plan (KBP-2)”. The strategy of Indian RAW is based upon Kao’s plan and doctrine. That is why whether it is Greater Pakhtoonistan or separation of Balochistan from Pakistan conspiracies same old slogans of mastery of Punjabis, Punjabi army and Punjabi Bureaucracy are being used by the enemy in order to fuel sectarian, linguistic and provincial issues. For this purpose sub-nationalists, writers, intellectuals and local media was exploited in very sophisticated manners and even still being done.
According to Wikileaks-USA has evidence of Indian Sponsored terrorism in Pakistan
                Pakistan is facing target killing and terrorism launched by Hindu India since long ago. But fixing 3000000 USD for Indian RAW by New Delhi after success of first phase and establishment of a separate Desk in RAW in order to create hurdles and make construction of Gwadar to China trade route impossible, forecasts that in the upcoming days Pakistan will have to face a new wave of Indian terrorism. On the other hand Indian media is portraying Pak-China trade route in such a way so that war mania can be fueled in Hindu extremists. Indian media has launched a propaganda campaign that a disputed coastal area which is only 80 kilometer away from Sir Creel have been handed over to China by Pakistan. In contrast to this military leadership is telling nation that India is involved in terrorism in Pakistan and wants to disintegrate Pakistan but our political leadership is neither ready to raise voice against India (due to the dollars paid by RAW) nor take a clear stand over relations and trade with India. Evidence of involvement of Indian RAW in terrorism in Pakistan are provided to Indians in closed rooms while does not spare a single chance to defame Pakistan even on the terrorist activities of RAW within India. If Pakistan wants to survive and defend herself from secret Indian war than nation should stand side by side with Pak army. Indian cultural war will have to be banned on the state level, ban on Indian movies would have to be imposed and trade with India needs to be linked with freedom of Kashmir from Hindu state terrorists…

Indian Propaganda
Posted by Truth By Khalid Baig on Thursday, May 21, 2015
Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 18 May, 2015.

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