Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Why Terrorists have Targeted only Pakistan???

Terrorist arrested outside PTS Munawan Lahore

                On 30th March 2009, at about 07:30 am, early in the morning 12 terrorists some having Police uniform armed with latest automatic weapons, Grenades and Rocket Launchers attacked Munawan Police Academy Lahore. Approximately, 750 recruits were present in the Parade ground for the parade. Attacking terrorists threw hand grenades at the check post on the main gate of the academy, and entered into the building killing all the security personnel present on the check post. Some terrorists took positions in the building as police personnel may target them in the open from the building while others starting firing at the recruits present in the parade ground. They were firing in such a way as they did not want to kill the recruits on the spot but wanted to take them as hostages. Although, there were Police guards in the academy were present but they did not had the adequate weapons as compared to terrorists. Police guard present in the academy tried to stop the terrorists with their old weapons. As academy is situated outside the city, Rangers and Police reinforcements got late but due to the blessings of the Allah despite of number of terrorists and their modern weapons the loss of lives was not much. 8 police persons were martyred and two civilians passing by the academy also became target of firing by terrorists. Five terrorists were killed in the cross fire while 3 blew themselves. Four terrorists were arrested alive. One was arrested outside the academy by the public. Bait Ullah Mehsood of TTP accepted the responsibility of the terrorist attack.
Book of a student of APS Peshawar

                Today, terrorists have no way to hide in Pakistan; terrorists are being killed, their hideouts in tribal areas had been destroyed. Nation wants to know that who were these terrorists and why they wanted to destroy Pakistan. What was their real agenda? Why did they murder thousands of innocents irrespective of their age or sex? On 16th December 2014, terrorists attacked the school in Peshawar and killed innocent students for which one may hardly find any example in the Dark Age as well. The patience of the Pakistani nation despite of such terrorist attacks aside; who will point out the planners and master minds of terrorism in Pakistan? When ex US Ambassador to India or pro-Indian elements in USA threaten Pakistan that in case of any major terrorist event in India; India will not waste the chance to attack Pakistan. In the other words they are accepting the grave reality that there is a third power involved behind terrorist act in each country. For example in February 1993, when truck loaded with Urea Nitrate was blown up through remote control at the underground parking Northern Building of WTO; American Police and Investigations agencies at once though that Arab elements who were angry with USA for supporting Israel in the Arab-Israel dispute might be responsible for this act. Afterwards, Ramzi Yousaf were arrested and prosecuted for the blast. In April 1995, the office building of FBI at Oklahoma city was blown up by the Urea Bomb in which 170 persons were killed and 680 were injured. US investigations tried to find out Arab elements behind this terrorist attack as well however, afterwards it was revealed that neither Muslims nor non-Americans but a US citizen who was angry over the silence of USA over Muslim genocide planned and executed this blast, himself loaded the truch with explosives without support of any organization or external power.
                In the same it was blamed that 9/11 was planned outside of the USA. Whether it is the Indian Parliament attack, Mumbai attacks or Samjhota Express fire; Indian media and govt. both blame Pakistan for all terrorist activities in India. But the Indian investigation agencies through their hardwork during investigations busted a terrorist network consisting of on duty Indian army officers, got their confession that they planned and executed all terrorist activities in India in order to blame and defame Pakistan, Pak Army and ISI as per the policy of Indian Establishment.
P3C Orion destroyed at PNS Mehran Base Karachi that threatened Indian plans in the region

                It is shocking that in spite of such confessions; Western analysts blame Pakistan for terrorism in India and keep silent over the terrorist attacks within Pakistan. These analysts try to confuse their readers by claiming that Mujahideen involved in Soviet War in Afghanistan and elements fighting for the imposition of Islamic law are involved in these terrorist attacks in Pakistan. Why terrorists attacked and destroyed P3C Orion airplanes at PNS Mehran Base Karachi or SAAB 2000 AWACS at Kamra Aiirbase which gave Pakistan edge over India and India was much worried due to these defense assets of Pakistan? If India was on the back of the terrorist then nation should be made aware of the dirty role of India…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 29 March .

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