Monday, April 27, 2015

He Once Again Hoisted Pakistani Flag Upon Release After Five Years Imprisonment???

Posted by Truth By Khalid Baig on Monday, April 27, 2015

One can hardly find an example of sacrifice for freedom to get one’s country freed from the enemy which was shown by Mussarat Alam, a Kashmiri Leader. Now this was a mere coincidence or zeal of freedom movement that one day before Mussarat Alam’s release from Indian prison after five and half years imprisonment under the allegations of protesting against Indian army, protests were going on in whole Kashmir against the murder of two innocent Kashmiri youngsters belonging to Western Town Tiral of Indian Held Kashmir. For Mussarat Alam, the time has stopped when he went to jail Kashmir was protesting and when he got released Kashmir was protesting as well. Late night he got released and in the morning he once again joined protest rally at the Central Chowk of Srinagar. Protestors were shocked to see Mussarat Alam once again among them.
                Mussarat Alam hoisted Pakistani flag in the protest gathering and started chanting slogans in the favor of Pakistan, against India. The Pakistani flag fueled the protestors and everyone started chanting slogans of Pakistan e.g.
“Teri Jan Meri Jan, Pakistan, Pakistan; Pakistan Ka Kiya Paigham, Kashmir Bnega Pakistan; Tera Mera Kiya Arman, Pakistan, Pakistan”
Syed Ali Shah Gillani was present on the stage. He started his address by addressing Mufti Saeed, puppet Chief Minister and demanded him to declare that Kashmir is not integral part of India as Kashmir is internationally recognized disputed land. He said that people like Mufti Saeed are responsible for the slavery of Indian Held Kashmir. Kashmiris have ideological and religious relations with Pakistan. He said that Modi Doctrine of establishing separate villages of Pandits will have destructive consequences for the region and announced to resist against it.
                The reports of hoisting Pakistani flag in Srinagar were not less than a lightening over New Delhi and Indian Media. Indian newscasters and anchorpersons forgot that they are being viewed beyond India as well in their anger. Kashmiri freedom leaders were declared as traitors of Indian state. In the anger Indian media ignored ethics and started blaming puppet govt. of Indian Held Kashmir as well as Modi establishment that in the Indian state, flags of enemy are being hoisted. Indian Media demanded arrest of Mussarat Alam for abetting public of Indian Held Kashmir against India. When Indian media targeted Modi, Modi establishment ordered puppet Chief Minister to show the state terrorism as demanded by the voters of BJP. Indian Interior Minister also issued statement over the TV that he cannot tolerate slogans in favour of Pakistan on the Indian land…
                While claiming Indian Held Kashmir as Indian land, Indian media and rulers forgot that due to the international pressure when India has shown interest in dialogue with Pakistan, she has also accepted to give vital importance to Kashmir dispute. India is aware that she is holding Kashmir by force since 1947. As soon as Indian state terrorist forces entered into Kashmir, Kashmiris started resistance in which more than five hundred thousand Kashmiris have lost their lives. So called developed and torch bearers of Human Rights, Western Countries are silent over Indian war crimes and state terrorism due to their economical interests but what about human rights organizations and UNO that was established to stop violation of human rights and genocide? The silence of international community is being taken as a license to kill Kashmiris by India. But India is well aware that crushing Freedom movement aside she had failed just to suppress it. After Mussarat Alam’s hoisting of Pakistani flag, India is at the horns of dilemma that what torture to use next on Kashmiri public. Syed Ali Shah Gillani has been put on house arrest while Mussarat Alam has been once again handed over to Indian Police for 3rd degree torture. But will these arrests, torture and murders will be successful to stop Kashmiri public from protesting against India, chanting slogans against India, burning Indian flag or hoisting Pakistani flag? Indian forces and rulers are well aware that Kashmiris are demanding the right to choose their own destiny, a right that was itself accepted by India when she begged in UNO in 1948. If UNO had not interfered at that time Kashmir would have attained its destiny in 1948 and more than 500,000 Kashmiris would not have lost their lives. Although India denied this basic right of Kashmiris but despite of deployment of 700,000 personnel of Indian army, she is unable to get out of the fear that Kashmiris will not chose to be part of India.
                What else could be the extreme Indian defeat over moral level that three Kashmiris were killed in three days as Indians got furious over hoisting of Pakistani flag? Kashmiris are being threatened everywhere, universities have stopped scholarships to Kashmiri students, business activities have been suspended and Kashmir is protesting against Indian State Terrorism. Keeping in view the serious situation in Indian Held Kashmir, Congress has demanded for mid-term elections and blamed BJP for the situation in Indian Held Kashmir. Congress had forgotten that genocide of Kashmiris was started by it which has been furthered by BJP. India should accept this bitter reality that India may buy the conscious of Human Rights Organizations but cannot buy the blood of Kashmiris and Kashmiri are not ready to live with India anymore. One may look at the social media; within India people are impressed by Mussarat Alam and this can be forecasted that time for completion of Pakistan i.e. Kashmir becoming a part of Pakistan has come…

Written by Khalid Baig.

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