Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Chief of Army Staff’s Commitment for Restoration of Peace in Karachi!!!

Baldia Town Factory on Fire
                 Peace and rule of law and order is inevitable for the economic development, stability and integrity of a state just like as efficiency of human body depends upon health. If any region, city or province of the country is suffering with lawlessness; the negative impact is felt collectively all over the state. State is just like a human body, any pain in one part paralyzes the whole body. Same like situation is being faced by Pakistan in Karachi; the lawlessness in the Karachi has paralyzed the whole country. Karachi was not only first capital of Pakistan but backbone of Pakistani economy as well. The Karachi port is not only guarantor Pakistan’s defense but economic stability as well. That is why Karachi is also known as Mini Pakistan. Alas! That city of lights has become slaughter house in the hands of target killers, killings in the name of sectarianism, extortion and abduction for ransom. These crimes have become identity of the city and many states within the state had been established including militant wings of different political parties to different criminal gangs that have now become so strong in the form of mafia that Police is unable to face them.
                These are the grounds which were pointed out by Army Chief on 16th February in a high profile meeting in which he declared that peace of the whole country is conditioned with peace in Karachi and he will go to any limits to restore the writ of the govt. His statement that transfer / posting of Police should be done through APEX Committee and political interference in Police should be ended shows that political parties have become powerless in front of the elements present within themselves that are creating hurdles in the restoration of law and order in Karachi. Perhaps three years ago during the suo motto by Supreme Court investigations it was revealed that different militant wings of political parties having influence in Karachi are responsible for criminal activities in the city. Supreme Court had also issued directions to clear city from the criminals but these orders were never obeyed and the law and order situation further deteriorated. Keeping in view the RPGs fired on the Armored Personnel Carriers (APC) of the Police and the resistance against Police operation in Layari, Karachi for more than a week, BBC had declared Karachi as the worst city of the world hit by civil war. But this situation had no effect on political parties claiming heavy mandate as representatives of the public; they were of the view that uncountable daily killings and crimes are part of big cities life style. On the other hand the collective situation of the country where in the North-Western tribal belt and borders army is facing undeclared war and nation at the target of terrorists; nation along with its armed forces had sacrificed more than 50 thousand precious lives. Operation Zarb-e-Azb; whose success is predictable within few weeks, has hopes that it will bring an end to terrorism in the nook and corner of the country first time after 2004. Terrorist networks that have been already disintegrated will not find any hideout in Pakistan. As long as the war against terrorists is concerned in the country, nation will have to stand side by side of the army, keep an eye on the vicinity, support LEAs to find out terrorist hiding within the society in any form and discourage those who exploit masajid or mosques to spread hatred; only then we can win this war of national survival. The leadership of terrorists is under the protection of Afghanistan; due to which Army Chief along with Director General ISI had twice visited Afghanistan without any schedules; these visits are a message to the neighbors that Pakistan will not tolerate terrorism anymore. One aspect of the international conspiracy against Pakistan is “4th Generation War” in the form of suicide bomb blasts  and terrorists attacks being faced by Pak Armed Forces while the second aspect i.e. responsibility for uprooting of internal instability and lawlessness had been taken by army as well. Without any sugar coating, political leadership had been advised to play its role to promote political consequences to restore peace. In order to achieve the results the leaders in power would have to prefer Pakistan and national interest over their personal interests and nepotism. Especially MQM and PPPP in Karachi having heavy mandate will have to kick out criminals out of their political setups that are committing crimes and furthering their heinous agenda under the protection of their political parties. These criminals of the political parties do not hesitate to play in the hands of the enemies as well.

Baldia Town Factory Fire

                Look at the example of Baldia Town Karachi tragic incident in which more than 268 persons including women were burnt alive. No matter where one points out through hints the reality is that there is no crime more serious then burning a human being alive. Look at the history of dark ages or civilized world; even in Islamic punishments cutting of hands, beheading, stripping or stoning is allowed after proper trial but no one is allowed to burn a human being alive. Extent of our senselessness or powerlessness is that we are trying to save culprits due to our political interests. This tragedy shows the collective national powerlessness that including me no one has the courage to point out the culprit despite of the knowledge. But army is not ready to allow this monster to continue the environment of fear anymore. After defeating terrorists, it is necessary to put the lawlessness, nepotism, corruption, bribery and fascism in the name of politics to an end so that public may reap the fruits of democracy and country progresses in economic and defense terms. But all this would be possible only when our political leadership stops interfering in the appointment and postings in Police and allows the law to grip the culprits. Police would be successful only when political interference is ended from top level officer to constable level. Army can only fight wars whether on borders or within the country against terrorists. Other crimes no matter how serious they are is the duty of Civil Law Enforcement Agencies and Police. That is why Chief of Army staff had pointed out that political interference should be curbed in order to restore law and order in Karachi which seems unacceptable to local politicians because they think that without abusing the law apparatus for their heinous purposes they will not be able to prolong their hold; then they should pay attention to the words of the Army Chief that In order to restore the peace and life in Karachi he would go to any extent

Written by Khalid Baig,
Dated: 24 February 2015.

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