Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Internal Elements Creating Hurdles in the Renewal of Relations with Bangladesh!!!

Hamid Mir Celebrating Fall of Dhaka with PROTHOM ALO a news paper in Bangladeshi Language

                Who can deny this reality that today’s Bangladesh was part of our country in the past, was Pakistan. But the enemies of our freedom and free Pakistan are not ready to accept this reality that Muslim of Sub-continent live in a free state with freedom to decide their fate. The conspiracies against Pakistan started in August 1947; on the wishes of India, Afghanistan denied to accept Pakistan as a free state. Afterwards, the theories of Greater Pakhtunkhuwa and Greater Baluchistan were forwarded and conspiracies to break apart these two provinces were launched from the Western borders of Pakistan; no one at that time had imagined that seeds of separation had been sown in Eastern Pakistan as well. The propaganda regarding West Pakistan’s capture of Eastern Pakistan’s resources was poured in the minds of Eastern Pakistani’s in such a way that within 2 decades the conspiracies brought fruit. As a result of Indian aggression Pakistan was divided into two parts; in order to hide the heinous role played  by India two allegations were forwarded 1) Violations of basic rights by Pakistani Armed Forces an 2) Control of Eastern Pakistan over the resources of West Pakistan. First of all lets discuss resources of East Pakistan that were allegedly being usurped by East Pakistan. If we suppose this allegation forwarded by enemies to be true then after separation of East Pakistan from Pakistan in 44 years Bangladesh should have been one of the most developed countries of at least South Asia but the ground reality is that despite of investment by famous European brands and 95% quota fixed for Bangladeshi textile, the economy of Bangladesh and fate of Bangladeshi public has not changed.

                Investment is limited to few investors majority of whom belongs to Hindus; the situation of industry is that of slave camps and labor working as slaves. In this way Bangladesh is the only country whose economy depends upon wages of factory labors. Because the contribution of agriculture in GDP has decreased to 20% only. Reasons are the decrease in demand for Jute and lack of interest of govt. to improve the agriculture especially rice production. In contrast to this 44% of Bangladesh’s population is linked with agriculture for their livelihood. Third important source of livelihood is fisheries but just like agriculture it is also suffering in the hands of lack of interest by the govt. thus export of fish is decreasing day by day.
                According to economists, the reason behind poverty is the geographical location and climate of Bangladesh. According to the two third (2/3) of Bangladesh is just 15 feet high from the surface of sea; that is why due to floods which are created due to monsoon rains annually not only the agriculture but houses of the people are destroyed as well. In contrast to this the North Eastern part of the country is suffering with draught in the hands of India as India is stealing water  by interrupting and turning the flow of rivers. If we look at the situation before 1971, the geo-location and geography as well as climate was same, the Hurricanes (storms) also effected the Bengal in same way; after destruction by such storms public of West Pakistan provided funds for rehabilitation of their brethren in need as a religious duty and govt. also utilized whatever resources it had. In case of establishment of any industry or govt. it was established in East and West Pakistan simultaneously. All such departments and industry established by Pakistan are still present in Bangladesh however, their names have been changed.
                Now let us discuss the all the stories of inhuman acts of Pakistan army in East Pakistan which even Bangladeshi and Indians themselves are terming as fabricated for propaganda and a part of plan of separation of Dhaka. In contrast to this many Pakistani intellectuals are still stuck to their lame claims that Pakistan army committed atrocities in East Pakistan. A fresh example of this stubbornness by few Pakistani intellectuals is the visit of Hamid Mir, so-called renowned anchor-person of Pakistan to Bangladesh from  13 to 16 December 2014. This visit of our expert over Fall of Dhaka (Indian version) was in order to participate in the celebrations of Fall of Dhaka by Bengali newspaper “PROTHOM ALO”. All the expenses of Hamid Mir’s visit to Bangladesh were borne by India’s loyal friend in Bangladesh having close links with Indian RAW, famous Industrialist Lateef ur Rehman which included all the expenses of boarding and lodging of a guest from Pakistan. In addition to newspaper “Prothom Allo”, NTV of Bangladesh also telecasted the interview of Pakistani guest in a special transmission. The interview and talk of Pakistani guest revolves around the Indian fabricated stories of Pakistan army’s atrocities in East Pakistan, Pakistani guest also supported Indian and RAW’s propaganda and allegations which was proffered by India for aggression in East Pakistan in order to break apart Pakistan’s eastern wing.
Hamid Mir's link with Prothom Alo, a Bangladeshi newspaper published in local language is suspicious...
                No matter what arguments are forwarded by Bangladeshi and Indian writers and intellectuals with evidence in their books that all this propaganda was the need of the hour in order to justify Indian attack over East Pakistan. New generation of Bangladesh who wish to come closer to Pakistan, support Pakistan in a Cricket match between India and Pakistan, celebrate victory of Pakistan as their own achievement; what would be the effect of stubbornness of Pakistani anchorperson and so called expert over fall of Dhaka’s stories of violations of human rights by Pakistan army fabricated  by India for propaganda only.

                A case of dropping of weapons in West Bengal at the location of Porolia by a Denmark citizen 19 years ago is still under trial in New Delhi; in this case it has been proved that these weapons were dispatched  by Indian govt. for Naxalites under a  deal so that they can overthrow Communist govt. of West Bengal. Denmark citizen’s statement that Indian govt. wanted to help innocent people of West Bengal from communist govt. has started a new discussion in India. This discussion is on the peak in Indian Judicial circles that if Denmark’s citizen’s allegations are true then the Islamabad’s allegation that India was behind the separation of Bangladesh for which she had no legal, moral or diplomatic right. But our intellectuals devoid of any sense think in contrast to this.
                If we look objectively at the internal situation of the Bangladesh, it seems that she is practically under control of India, India is in the control of the Bangladeshi economy. Bangladeshi people want freedom for India, their respect and emotional attachment towards Pakistan is due to the Pakistan’s principal stance against India and non-acceptance of Indian supremacy. Bangladeshi younger generation realizes that despite of being ten times bigger, having five times bigger army and hundreds of times bigger economy, India is afraid of Pakistan, which provides them satisfaction. It is the need of the hour that we realize our Bangladeshi brethren that we are side by side with them, Bangladeshi students should be given special scholarships in colleges and universities of Pakistan, cultural and students envoys should be exchanged. If public level relations are improved then no doubt that two Muslim countries having separate state identity would develop strong relations…

Written by Khalid Baig.

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