Saturday, December 20, 2014

Involvement of ISIS and Ajit Kumar Doval in the Peshawar Incident???

As we have already written in our post "Indian Secret Agencies Preparing for Another Wave of Terrorism in Sub-Continent!!! Part-I and Part-II"  that Ajit Kumar Doval who was involved in various terrorists activities within India and Pakistan, have now met ISIS in Iraq in order to establish a new terrorist network as TTP has been crushed by Pak Army and arranged a meeting between TTP and ISIS leaders in Indian Consulate in Afghanistan. In this meeting TTP leaders announced to join ISIS as well and the announcement of establishing ISIS in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghansitan was made in the light of this meeting. The recent attack of terrorists at Army Public School Peshawar and brutality of the attack killing innocent children shows that involvement of ISIS terrorists in this attack cannot be ignored. A British newspaper has already broke the news that Ajit Kumar Doval is the mastermind of the Peshawar Attack in India... Here one can see a video of Ajit Kumar Doval is telling media that he spent 7 years in Pakistan as spy (terrorist). 

Post by Truth By Khalid Baig.

Khalid Baig.

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