Sunday, December 7, 2014

Indian Secret Agencies Preparing for Another Wave of Terrorism in Sub-Continent!!! Part-I

                On the one hand US President Barrack Obama had taken Pakistani PM into confidence over his upcoming visit to India while on the other hand Indian media started blaming Pakistan for planning terrorist attacks. On 07 Nov 2014 Indian Media broke news reports by Indian RAW and IB that ISI trained terrorists have entered into India; on the same the day the article by Namartabi G “Pakistan’s ISI may Target India’s Key Economic Centers and Important Installations” in which allegations were laid that Pakistani ISI has infiltrated trained terrorists via Rajasthan that would target big Indian economic centers and other important points through Poona. Targets include building of Mumbai Stock Exchange, Reserve Bank, Tihar Jail New Delhi, BSF Headquarters at Jalandhar, Patyala Jail Punjab and Awantipura of Indian Held Kashmir.

                This is old custom of India that whenever any big terrorist attack occurs in Pakistan or visit of US President is expected in Pakistan Indian media starts alleging Pakistan, Pak Army and ISI for terrorism in India. One may remember that on 20 March 2000, Indian forces shot down 35 Sikhs after lining them up in Chati Singh Pura, Anant Nag District of Indian Held Kashmir. Indian soldiers were wearing civil clothes just like local Kashmiris; Indian army after killing innocent Sikhs alleged Kashmiri Mujahideen and Pakistan for this act of state terrorism because US President Bill Clinton was visiting India from 21-25 March 2000. When US President arrived India, Indian newspapers were filled with the propaganda against Pakistan over murder of Sikhs. However, Sikh organizations all over the world rejected the stance of Indian govt. blaming Indian govt. itself for state terrorism and Americans also rejected the Indian stance. In the light of the history of the Indian secret agencies, current style of Indian  propaganda against Pakistan predicts wave of terrorism in the upcoming days which will lead to defamation of Pakistan over international level because Pakistani Media’s criminal silence over Indian Propaganda and practice of our political governments to establish friendly relations at any cost in which we practiced criminal ignorance counting to treason by keeping silent over the reports of involvement of Indian secret agencies in terrorism within India.
Alok Joshi
                Whether it is interview of ex-Indian Army Chief VK Singh over establishment of Technical Support Division under Indian Defense Ministry by for terrorism in Independent Kashmir and Pakistan or Press Conference of Hemant Karkare 10 days before the 26 November 2008, in the Headquarters of his agency in which he revealed that Indian Terrorist Organization RSS, Indian Military Intelligence, arrest of on duty officers of Indian army and their confession of being involved in terrorist activities within India. But our media and our elected remained silent while in the incident of Samjhota Express in which more than 60 Pakistanis have lost their lives while after every terrorist attack in idnia, India blamed Pakistan, Pak Army and ISI for these attacks which were actually planned by Indian army and RAW itself. We all were aware of the damage that Indian propaganda had done to Pakistan, world had started considering Pakistanis as terrorists but when there was the chance to show the real face of Hindu India we kept silent?
B Raman (late)
                 This is the story when Hindu extremists were not as powerful as they are now; although RSS was at the back of the BJP but not a partner in the govt. Now RSS is in power in India for which Hindu extremists have worked hard in last decades. In order to overpower Hindu extremism over Secularism Indian media, intellectuals and journalists have also played a vital role while Indian civil bureaucracy and Military Establishment were already in favor of Akhand Bharat of Hindu Extremists. The aim of chiefs of Indian terrorists agencies especially RAW have been to declare India as a Hindu state and completion of Akhan Bharat (Greater India). Now this is the success and magic of the policy makers and intellectuals  in Indian govt. that India where no election campaign is complete without giving it the color of Hinduism, where elections are contested on the basis of enmity towards Islam, where every Hindu seeks to complete his faith in Hinduism by playing with the blood of the minorities is known as SECULAR India and Mother of Democracy; in contrast to this in Pakistan where any religious political party have failed to achieve any significant representation in the  elections is known as RELIGIOUS EXTREMIST country. Narendra Modi is elected as Prime Minister due to his first position in genocide of thousands of Muslims and enmity against Islam but in Pakistan Popular Political Leadership and Popular Media is not ready to listen anything against Hindu India. Indian secret agencies blame Pakistan for their terrorist activities within India and Pakistani leaders start giving arguments that these are not the state but non-state actors from Pakistan that maybe involved in terrorism in India. For India mere confession of Pakistani politicians is enough to exploit against Pakistan army and ISI that they are involved in terrorism in India and Afghanistan. This propaganda is exploited by USA for her interests in the region. 
To be continued...

Written By Khalid Baig

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