Sunday, November 9, 2014

Our Indifference and Indian Barbarism in the Name of Elections in Indian Held Kashmir!!!

Pictoral view of Indian State Terrorism in IHK

               Success of extremist Narendra Modi and union of BJP and RSS has encouraged extremist Hindus revealing the real face of so called mother of democracy. With such success Hindu extremist leaders have started working upon the plan to change the Constitutional status of Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) against the resolutions of UNO. Although Modi had announced to change the constitutional status of IHK but it was not being expected that New Delhi would take practical steps for this change so haphazardly.
               Drama of state elections have been started in IHK from 05 November 2014 that will continue for three weeks and result would be announced on 23rd of December 2014. Important feature of this electoral drama is that large number of voter lists and polling stations have been washed away by the floods 8 weeks before the elections. Statement of Kashmiri leaders is on the record that this was not natural flood but artificial flood created by the extremist Central Hindu govt. in order to punish and change the demography of Muslim majority Jammu and Kashmir. In the garb of rains the spillways of the Indian dams were suddenly opened which caused loss of lives and property in IHK and Pakistan as well. In such situation it was the duty of puppet govt. of Farooq Abdullah and Indian govt. to rehabilitate flood effected people but puppet govt. announced premature elections despite of being aware that it would not be possible for people to cast votes in such cold. People of IHK have rejected the drama of elections like ever but Indian govt. will succeed in staging this drama, however, will Indian govt. succeed to fulfill its damn plans?
 Floods in IHK which affected 300,000 Kashmiris
               Perhaps this was the question due to which Kashmiris living in Europe decided to take out million march against unjustified capture of IHK by Indian forces. 26th October 2014 was the date announced for this march which has its significant as India captured IHK by deploying forces on Sri Nagar airport on 27th October 1947. 27th October is commemorated by Kashmiri people as Black Day. India issued statements on announcement of Million March in UK but after announcement of support for Million March by British Parliament, India started protesting against it claiming that India may stage a bigger million march against Kashmiris. British govt. did not give any attention to the Indian protest. Million march of Kashmiris got momentum when along with other nations British youth announced support for Million March.

               On 21st October 2014, Indian govt. used diplomatic forum to stop the Million March, however, British govt. refused to do so as everyone has the right of freedom of expression under British constitution. On failure of diplomatic efforts, on 22nd October 2014, Modi threatened Pakistan over Pakistan’s policy over IHK that it will cause Pakistan a great loss and trouble. Apparently, this statement was given in the view of reciprocal firing by Pakistan Rangers in response to unprovoked Indian shelling, however, defense analysts are aware that Million March and refusal of British govt. to stop Million March had confused extremist Hindu PM Modi intoxicated with success. On 26th October 2014, the day of Million March, world’s attention was towards the London. Crowd of hundreds of thousands of people was not consisting of Kashmiri people living in UK only but from the whole Europe who had specially came to London to participate in March. Perhaps this was the reaction of warm welcome of Modi in USA that if India took any steps to change the status of IHK on US support than Kashmiris in the world would not remain silent. Not only this Million March in London proved that Kashmiris have not forgotten their right for freedom and are not ready to give up their struggle against Hindu India. This Million March was aimed at realizing the world that hundreds of thousands innocent Kashmiris have been murdered during last 67 years by Indian state terrorists either in firing over peaceful protests, detention centers or in the fake encounters. These statistics does not include the Kashmiris that were suddenly disappeared or kidnapped by Indian soldiers. More than 100,000 families were forced to get out of their houses and their houses were brazen in front of them alleging them having supported freedom fighters. Indian govt. had ordered its state terrorists to gang rape Kashmiri women as a state policy to crush the freedom movement which is nothing less than slap over so called civilized world. The tortures done by Indian soldiers have no example in the history of the human kind. In the dark ages when victorious forces murdered defeated nations, their women were taken as slaves, sold, raped but were not gang raped but in IHK old female relatives of freedom leaders were not spared as well. According to the reports of Human Rights Commission men of the whole village are tied up and females from underage girls to 80 years old women were gang raped under the charges of supporting freedom fighters.

12 Year old Brother and Sister being produced in Court for Protesting against Indian govt.

               According to State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) violations of human rights in IHK have increased manifolds since 1989 as a result of use of Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) 1958. Through this act Indian state terrorists were given license to murder and torture innocent Kashmiris. Indian media suppressed these reports of mass human rights violations due to state policy but international media also ignored state terrorism of India due to their corporate interests. In Pakistan the duty to raise voice for the rights for Kashmiri people was fulfilled by the PTV and after establishment of free media WAQT TV stepped ahead but other private TV Channels did not fulfill their moral duty. Irony of the fate is that elected rulers of Pakistan not only wasted time but also hurt freedom movement of Kashmiri people. Our rulers always struggle to win Noble Prize for Peace by keeping silent on the aggressiveness of India. They prefer personal interests over the principles. Last and present govt. both are leaving no stone unturned to declare India as Most Favorite Nation. Whether it is trade with India or trade route for Indian goods to Kabul, our politicians always ignored interests of Pakistan. Now the situation is that a Pakistani Minister said that no violation of Indus Treaty has been observed from Indian side but India is constructing dams  and barrages over Chenab and Ravi river following the Indus treaty thus Pakistan have no complaint from India regarding changing or stopping the flow of water. After Pakistani Minister’s statement Indian Foreign Minister congratulated Indians that this is the moral victory of India over Pakistan and soon Pakistan would accept other Indian stances especially over Kashmir. Our Minister forgot in the love for India that even International Community is aware of the facts that India is constructing water storages not the Run Throw Barrages as laid in the Indus treaty and stealing water of Pakistani rivers through tunnels. International think tanks have already warned that next war between India-Pakistan would be on the issue of water.

               Lets come back towards drama of elections in IHK, incomplete voters lists, ghost polling stations, devastation of floods and most importantly boycott of elections by Kashmiri public they have no value. Moreover, no international observe is allowed to monitor the election process. BJP that is first time contesting its contestants from IHK is hoping that it will win all the seats without any union in these bogus elections. BJP has also hired many so called Muslim scholars whose statements in favor of BJP and Modi are being given special coverage in Indian media. Traitors of Kashmir, leaders of National Congress IHK have already said that this time Chief Minister of IHK should be a Hindu. Newspapers have already announced success of BJP in IHK. All these steps are being taken to form a bogus govt. in India in order to change the constitutional status of IHK under section 370 of Indian Constitution. This would result in further violence, massacre and killings of innocent Kashmiri people. We will have to take steps against this and realize the world that India is fueling the fire in IHK and whole region…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 07 November 2014

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