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New Project of USA for Pakistani Women…

Female Troops at the Tomb of Quaid-e-Azam
                India is a secular and civilized country no matter Hindu extremists attack and kill people who are celebrating Valentine’s day. In Pakistan if one talks about Eastern culture, values and norms; it is termed as extremism. Hindu Indians run their election campaign on the basis of enmity towards Islam and minorities especially Muslims; it is their democratic right. In Pakistan protest against Indian aggression and extremism is not acceptable to so called liberals and torch bearers of modernization. In Pakistan one feels insecure while talking to “moderate” extremists as they may start insulting notables of Islamic history and Islamic principles. One of the moderate extremist intellectuals alleged during his discussion that world’s peace is threatened by Islam in Pakistan not from the Hindu extremist organizations in India. According to these foreign moderate extremists if Indian, American, British and Israeli intelligence agencies are active in Pakistan this is their basic right because Pakistan is the base of the terrorism all over the world. When he/she was asked that on the basis of your doctrine, Pakistan should be responsible for the ISIS as well? Without understanding the purpose of the statement he at once said that ISIS is the 2nd name of the Al-Qaeda and Al-Qaeda was established in Pakistan.

               When highly qualified and well educated followers of the religion have such thinking then what to say about low educated or educated but devoid of thinking citizens. One may be aware of those intellectuals who claim Prithvi Raj Kapoor, Raja Porus, Rana Saanga and Ranjit Singh as heroes of the soil but when one talks about the culture of the soil they start condemning these heroes and forget that during their reign women were not only forced to take veils but also take veil in front of their husband in daylight and all this was not done forcefully but in the name of culture and norms. Otherwise the rights that are violated in the Hinduism one can hardly find an example of deprivation of women in the name of religion. This was the Islam which raised voice for the rights of women otherwise what the status of women in subcontinent before Islam was, and in USA and Europe before World War II one may easily imagine it. Irony of the fate is that now same USA and Europe are busy in spreading chaos and anarchy in the name of equal rights for men and women.
Fighter Pilots of PAF
               Respect and protection of woman is her basic right as a human being but astonishingly we ignore Islamic concept of rights of women that is more comprehensive and closer to the nature and run behind Western concept of equality of women that makes her a commodity and which Westerners themselves are not ready to adopt. Concept of rights of women in Western is just like that day has been fixed to show others the love for father, mother or friends. Astonishingly USA and Europe did not fix any budget or start any project for the rights of women in India despite of the fact that USA and Europe had issued special instruction to their female tourists to avoid visiting India or remain extremely careful. In spite of these measures dozens of foreign female tourists are raped or murdered after rape. The number of local women that become target of rape or gang rapes reaches to hundreds of thousands annually. Majority of these women are from big cities of India. In spite of this neither any Western NGO comes forward nor does US govt. start any project to raise voice for the protection of Indian women. Why all this favor for Pakistani women only? Recently a project has been approved by US govt. in which 0.5 million US dollars have been fixed for the completion of the project. This huge amount would be spent over the intellectuals, journalists and social workers having specific thinking and these workers would be known as “Cultural Agents”. Under this project Memorandum of Understanding would be signed with different media groups and they would become partners in this project. According to the initial findings of the project USA does not want any results at the moment but Cultural Agents would be used to change the thinking of the public and pave way for US modernization. Care International Pakistan, US based NGO would be responsible for supervision of this project with the financial support of USAID. For a similar project 40 female journalists from Malaysia and Bangladesh were invited to USA to see the American version of equality of women and use media as a tool to impose US version of equality of human rights.
Culture of Pakistan
               There is no doubt that women are playing an important role in the financial development; due to increasing prices it is not possible for a single man to make the both ends meet. Moreover, through their intelligence and educational capability women have proved that they are equal to men. Whether it is medical, healthcare, education, engineering, science, arts or armed forces women have proved their capability. Now Pakistani women have become fighter pilots. Through recent media reports it has been learnt that Pakistani female fighter pilots have played an important role in recent operations against terrorists. In Pakistani there is no restriction for women to join any department and society also supports them. In health sector women secure 70% of the total seats which on the one side shows their capability and freedom to join professional institutions but after getting married they leave their field and in this way many seats are wasted; in order to tackle this situation govt. has fixed quota of 50% seats for males and females each. Moreover, women are playing an important role in govt. and politics. Pakistan is the only democratic country of the world which has the highest number and ratio of female members of parliament because if women are not elected to the required level then a quota system has been introduced to maintain the reserve seats for women in parliament. In spite of all these facts if USA had to start projects for financial equality of women then we should be watchful for ulterior motives of US projects.
Traditional Veil of KPK that cannot be changed by US Dollars
               Pakistani society which has been already deprived of tolerance, there is dispersion everywhere; a little dispute changes into a big clash due to not only the financial deprivation but mental immaturity as well, country is facing tension over two sides of its borders, whole nation has become mentally enslaved due to the practice of politicians to show their opponents as weak; in such a situation if USA tries to change the culture through her NGOs this would ultimately result in civil war and further deterioration of the society. People would be forced to take law into their hands as it seems state has failed to provide justice.  Murder of Salman Taseer few years ago is a living example; despite of being on such a post he said what he should not have said. In such a situation when whole society is suffering with the feeling of being insecure any attempt to change the culture and impose new cultural norms would result in destruction which is the actual agenda of USA. Iraq, Libya and Syria that seemed to be developing countries were penetrated by American agents in the garb of NGOs working for the rights of the public; locals were hired as agents, sectarian and regional issues were fueled and vulgarity was spread. By supervising and spreading the vulgarity those elements of the society who were strict to their cultural norms were made violent and a reaction was natural. After attack of US and Western forces, these NGOs played the role of spies. The destruction of these countries that were more liberal and modern than Pakistan is a lesson to be learnt. Example of Dr Shakil Afridi is in front of us who played in the hands of USA and ran a fake campaign of vaccination; when his reality was unveiled US doctors protested against him that now people of KPK will not allow polio teams to work in their area and this means that USA had forced children of these areas to suffer with the disease of polio. One should be aware and watchful of US ulterior motives…

State of Women Rights in USA???

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 31 October 2014

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