Thursday, July 3, 2014

Final Encounter with Terrorists “Zarb-e-Azb”… War for Survival of Pakistan!!!

Public evacuation from Waziristan
                 Hail to the courage and patriotism of Pakistani nation who faced terrorist attacks equipped with latest automatic weapons and suicide or remote control bomb blasts at public places for last decade. Enemy has left no stone unturned to break the courage of nation but hail to the Pakistani nation who proved that those elements working on the agenda to disintegrate Pakistan will have to lick the dust in the end. The actual target of unseen war on terror were, 1) Nuclear assets, 2) Pakistan Armed Forces and after achieving these goals final target is Pakistan that would have proven easy target for enemies.

               If we closely look at this war on terror it is clear that main target of the enemy was Pakistani armed forces. Pakistani armed forces faced twin sided attacks; 1) Attacks over military convoys, headquarters, installations, target killing of senior army officers, moreover, intelligence agencies that play the role of eyes and ears of the military were the main target of terrorists, 2) A propaganda war was launched against armed forces and affiliated departments through a specific media group. In spite of army’s decision to stay away from politics; army had to face criticism. This war disguised under terrorism was cleverly designed according to the culture and attitude of each province.

               Sindh became target of target killing and lingual disputes, Punjab was target of abduction for ransom and robberies, in Baluchistan feudal system and separation from federation was used as a tool while in KPK and FATA keeping in mind the public’s interest and closeness to Islamic values such elements were forwarded who were nowhere on the scene before the foreign launched terrorism.
Internally Displaced Persons
               This was the duty of our media to inform nation about the identity, goals of terrorists, their links with dozens of Consulates established in Afghanistan, no matter in the name of imposition of Islamic Sharia who was supplying modern lethal weapons, training to utilize these weapons, Guerilla warfare and funds to terrorists etc. Alas! Following a big media group, most of the intellectuals and journalists targeted armed forces as well. Corruption and misappropriation by feudal lords in Baluchistan, corruption in national treasury, and exploiting power for personal interests in spite of resolving problems being faced by public were ignored by Pakistani media; only favorite topic “Missing Persons” that was given by a specific media group was followed by other journalists blindly as well in such a way that only in Baluchistan out of whole world Pakistani armed forces were committing atrocities. Pakistan army was blamed for the under development of Baluchistan in such a way that not only in UNO but resolutions regarding separation of Baluchistan were presented in US Congress as well. This treachery was observed by the whole world only in Pakistan that traitors sitting in the offices of MOSSAD were given free time to pour their enmity against Pakistan in Talk-Shows in the name of freedom of speech by Pakistani media.

               Our rulers in spite of being aware of the foreign hand behind terrorism in Baluchistan and launching terrorists from Afghanistan by India, not only practiced criminal silence but kept singing chorus of peace in order to neutralize international impression against India for interference in Pakistan. International defense analysts are well aware with the role of Indian consulates located in every big or small city of Afghanistan near Pakistani border in terrorism with the support and cooperation of MOSSAD, CIA and Afghan govt. Our rulers and politicians cannot deny Indian terrorism in Pakistan and their criminal negligence; they just kept busy in singing the chorus of “AMAN KI ASHA” which provided camouflage to India. On the one hand India increased terrorist activities in Pakistan on the other hand India defamed Pakistan as a terrorist state on international level.
Terrorist Hideouts on the Target of PAF
               Second target of terrorists was nuclear assets of Pakistan; from attack over Army GHQ to recent attack over Karachi airport; after each attack pro-Indian media raised question regarding safety of Pakistani nukes. Moreover, India left no stone unturned to stage bomb blast not if on the nuclear assets but at least in close vicinity but she had to face failure. Foreign funded and well trained guerilla or commandoes failed even to find out the foot prints of Pakistani nuclear assets which frustrated USA, Indian and Israel. This frustration is evident from reports shared after every big attack by terrorists in Pakistan over American media regarding a special American task force that had to take control of Pakistani nuclear installations. Pakistan army’s fool proof arrangements for the security of these national assets forced the enemy to face the failure so enemy revenged army by attacks over Pakistan army in the form of terrorists as well as media terrorism. One can hardly quote an example of the loss of lives that Pakistan army had to bear in the so called war on terror. In spite of blind attacks or targeting civilians as it was observed in Iraq and Syria that in reaction to a single bullet or rocket fired from a multi-storey building whole building was attacked by missiles killing civilians; Pakistani army always segregated terrorists from civilians and neutralized them professionally showing great patience and patriotism.
Gen Rabbani shaking hand with his son before sending him to Zarb-e-Azab
               In such tough times announcement of operation against terrorists in Waziristan had been welcomed by the nation because an unseen war waged in the whole country had chained the whole nation. With the start of operation arrival of Internally Displaces Persons had started as well which is a very tough time; leaving one’s home, shifting in camps and looking towards others for food and basic necessities is painful. It is hoped that Pakistan army safeguarding self-respect and rehabilitation of effected persons in Swat operation would also be victorious in this operation as well. After safe evacuation of local residents actual war against terrorism and operation has started. Armed forces are destroying secret hideouts of the terrorists. At such critical time it is necessary to keep an eye over the movment and interference from Afghanistan; this is also duty of our media to neutralize and defend the nation from propaganda war on our Western and Eastern border.
Terrorists hideouts under attack
               For example few elements hiding in the safe heavens in Afghanistan are issuing verdicts that Pakistan army cooperated with American army to end the Islamic rule of Taliban; murdered hundreds (terrorists) in Laal mosque, bombardment of Pakistan Air Force resulted in destruction of mosques in North Waziristan and Operation Zarb-e-Azb had been launched on the beck and call of America; so Jihad against Pakistani forces is compulsory. These verdicts are being spread in the form of pamphlets as well as being telecasted from radio stations established in Afghanistan near Pakistani border. In this propaganda locals are being persuaded to donate their children to terrorist of Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) for Jihad.

               One cannot deny role of Afghan govt. behind these pamphlets and radio stations where American imposed Qarzai regime is in power for last 13 years and involved in anti-Pakistan activities. Qarzai wants to secure his role in the upcoming govt. as advisor despite of ban on him for re-election so that his interference in power is ensured. Keeping in view the services rendered by Qarzai to CIA, safe heavens provided to notorious Black Water (XE) for target killing and terrorism in Pakistan and supervision of RAW – India, Israel, USA and NATO also warrant to secure the pivotal role of Qarzai in Afghan govt. It has been learnt that both candidates for Presidential elections had compromised over this and India is also in favor of such a compromise as she has been already granted access to thousands of families who had migrated towards Afghanistan due to the operation in North Waziristan. There are reports that India had fixed fund for entertainment of these displaced Pakistani; which is obvious that India wants to spoil them against in Pakistan in the coming days. However, looking at the support of Pakistani nation for Pakistani armed forces it is hoped that enemies will have to lick the dust and Pakistan army would return to cantonments victorious (in sha Allah)… 

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 27 June 2014.

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