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Why European Union is worried Over Freedom of Media in Pakistan..?

            On 17th July 2003, dead body of David Kelly was found in bushes 5 miles away from his house in such a condition that veins of his wrists of both hands were cut; due to bleeding he had died. Within no time British govt. termed his death as suicide, however, Free Media of Europe and USA who was well aware of the facts did not dare to disclose the facts and true story. No one dared to ask that why would a scientist like David Kelly would choose such a painful way for suicide; if this was true that he had cut down his own veins why there was no blade or any other sharp edged thing found around his dead body? The silence of free media of West was in continuity of the same plan of CIA and MI6, which had been used for allegations like presence of weapons of mass destruction to crush Iraq. In order to capture the Iraqi hundreds of thousands innocent lives were made target of modern weapons developed by modern civilized nations of the world. David Kelly was the member of the same team that was responsible for search and exploration of weapons of mass destruction and that had signed the report fabricated by Western Intelligence agencies and had been equally responsible for the massacre of millions in Iraq.

            When the news regarding war crimes and violations of human rights in Iraq by civilized Western nations broke out; it was the BBC, CNN and free Western media that was portraying Bush and Tony Blair as saviors who had freed Iraqi people from dictatorship of Saddam Hussein and introduced Iraqis to the gang rapes in the hands of Western Civilized soldiers. US Media had portrayed President Johnson as savior of Vietnamese; how US and Western Media protects and portrays their establishment, armed forces and intelligence agencies, editorial written by David Lawrence  in February 1996 may be quoted as an example. In his editorial he writes, “Brave armed forces of US had set such an example of humanitarian sympathy in Vietnam that one cannot find any example of it”. Not only this when different NGOs and human rights associations protested against deaths in iraq due to American bombardment; this protest was also against Western and US media that was running propaganda to hide war crimes of their armies; Wane Arthur editor of Evening News and member of one of the NGO protesting media said that he cannot protest against Media because he is an American journalist and he will only support USA.

David Kelley

            In contrast to the US and UK propaganda over presence of weapons of Mass Destruction, Andrew Glectin reporter of BBC could not bear the sin of telling lies anymore and disclosed that all the reports by UK intelligence agencies were based upon lies and fabricated. This disclosure jolted British govt. and USA also had to face shame because USA and UK both have failed to prove the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. British Defense Ministry on the report of MI5 disclosed that Andrew and Susan Watson were observed meeting with David Kelley; this was also reported that David Kelley was in contact with BBC when he was working as inspector of UNO in Iraq. On the order of Tony Blaire famous scientist was forced to defend himself in Inquiry Committee as criminals and to clarify that he had not disclosed anything regarding massacre of human beings and US-UK plans to BBC. After suspicious death of David Kelley although investigations in this regard were announced to be held about his suicide, however, BBC International was pressurized to apologize and announce that the news telecasted was fake, moreover, reporters who telecasted this report were asked to be removed from their jobs.

            BBC not only apologized but also dismissed one of its members. It is worth mentioning here that this is BBC International whose broadcast was started on the as need British MI6 during World War-II so that important orders and information can be sent to the British agents in France and Eastern Europe. The bitter reality is that whether it is USA, UK, India or Europe, their media have always tried to deceive their public regarding imperialist designs of their establishments as well as brain washing international community. They imposed fabricated threat in the minds of their subjects that enemy wants to destroy them i.e. symbols of civilization and protectors of human rights. Such like propaganda was injected in minds of the public against socialism however, after disintegration of Soviet Union, they (Western Media) painted Muslims as enemies of so-called civilized nations of West. Under the cover and protection of media first of all Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya were destroyed and now same game is being played Syria; however, astonishingly no one is ready to discuss the loss of lives and property that Muslims had to bear in these wars imposed by Civilized West. Millions of Muslims died, millions were forced to leave their houses, how they are suffering in refugee camps; who will help them to relocate and restart life or their fate is to die in miserable condition in refugee camps. But we see that Western media is leaving no stone unturned to prove the genocide of Jews in the hands of a Western Dictator, movies have been filmed, seminars are held, books are published and no one is allowed to negate the holocaust.

Bradley Manning; undergoing imprisonment for disclosing the war crimes of US soldiers

            Yes the media of these countries telecasts the news and scandals of their politicians and notables in such a way that people are deceived to consider their media as impartial and free. Moreover, these countries also portray their media as free and trustworthy so that whenever they want to attack any country, remove or impose govt. of their own choice on their target; people believe their propaganda and do not question their war crimes. The local media of target country is already under their control e.g. Pakistani media; the responsibility of promoting Two Nations Theory and raising voice for oppressed Kashmiris of Indian Held Kashmir is only being fulfilled by Nawa-i-Waqt and Waqt TV Channel. After watching Indian movies and culture on remaining channels one cannot establish any link between these channels, Islam and Pakistan.

            On 19th April after attack over Hamid Mir in the Daily Jang and Geo TV Channel utilized their newspaper and TV Channel against ISI and Pakistan army; moreover the disclosure published in connection with Hamid Mir that he had alleged ISI on the beck and call of the owners of the TV Channel; all this reinforces the concerns that this Media group is working for some special agenda of foreign powers. For example first of all pressurizing govt. for Laal Mosque operation by declaring occupants of Laal Mosque as B-team of Pak Army and General Pervaiz Musharraf in order to support their propaganda that with the support of army terrorists are about to take control of Islamabad and afterwards when operation started and the terrorists in Laal mosque got overpowered; the TV Channel also changed the side and started propaganda against Pak Army and declared soldiers as murderers of innocent people. Moreover, this media group laid another foundation stone in the treason by mutilating facts in Baluchistan and through its propaganda tried to make it an international issue. The issue of missing persons was represented as a charge sheet against Pakistan army and security agencies. Baloch traitors on self-exile were given special coverage and time in such a time when few pro-Indian American members of Congress were representing bill regarding separation of Pakistan. However, after disclosure by Hamid Mir over his attack it has become of utmost importance that what force was behind the attack and what were its goals?

            Especially regarding the foreign Propaganda of AMAN KI ASHA  and under its umbrella imposing Indian culture to Pakistan, portraying India as one of the heavens on earth where everywhere is prosperity and equal treatment for minorities (during their slaughter), extravagant life style of Indian actors etc. and engraving negative image of Pakistan only as a country of only violence, suicide bomb blasts, murders, armed robberies and terrorism in order to create chaos over Two Nations Theory. I think all these crimes of this media group are more serious than propaganda transmission against ISI.

            However, in spite of all this how should one term the concerns and restlessness of European Union over the banning of this media group that neither govt. wants to ban nor is about going to be banned? Yes this is the same European Union that is not ready to extend right of life to Julian Assange who disclosed American war crimes practicing the same right of freedom of expression for which European Union is restless in connection to Pakistan. Julian Assange who dared to practice right of freedom of expression against USA is hiding in the embassy of Ecuador in Britain because court of Stockholm has issued his international arrest warrants in connection with rape of two Swedish women and who is unaware that once Julian Assange is arrested he will be handed over to USA. European Union had not said a single word in support of Bradley Manning the US soldier who is in custody of USA for the crime of practicing right of freedom of expression and disclosing the barbaric war crimes of US and Western Soldiers. In the eyes of European Union ex-Technical Assistant of CIA, Edward Snowden is the worst enemy of humanity because he jolted the whole world through his interview to The Guardian by disclosing that USA tapes the telephonic calls of all the heads of the countries. Not only this USA is capable to intercept and record calls anywhere in the world. On 27th March 2011 when Secret Agency of Britain decided to silent The Guardian (over apology of Guardian it was being hoped that it would not banned), British Secret agency had full support of British govt. and European Union. In spite of all this if West and especially European Union and USA had concerns over the banning of a specific media group (that has not been banned) than it is clear that they are not concerned about the ban freedom of speech but they are worried that their propaganda partner would be exposed and who would further their agenda…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 30 May 2014.

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