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Undue Allegations Over National Security Agencies & Our Criminal Silence..!

Ready to sacrifice life for Motherland
                Military and its subordinate departments are responsible to defend internal as well as external borders of motherland. While media’s responsibility is to defend ideological basis (borders) and social norms of the nation that is why it is known as the fourth pillar of the state, however, duties and line of action of both are different from each other. Media has not only to keep an eye on the developments in the society and their impact on social life and keep nation abreast of these happenings in positive manners. Moreover, media has not only to defend the nation against cultural attack of enemy over national ideology and counter propaganda of enemy. Especially for a country like Pakistan having its base on the TWO NATIONS THEORY the responsibility of media in the wake of propaganda attack of enemy is increased manifolds because in today’s modern era it is not necessary to attack and run over a country using modern weapons or army but enemy may achieve its goals through media by raising chaos and questions about the very basis of the identity of the nation and future. If once enemy succeeds in spreading chaos and pessimism in the nation that mission of enemy becomes much easier; just imagine if own media joins enemy’s side than what would be the consequences?
                On the other hand we have prestigious defenders like Pak army facing Indian aggressive and deceptive plans of India since 1947. Since partition not a single year has been spared by India in which she does not have attempted overtly or covertly against Pakistan. Pakistan’s defense policy and strategy since its birth circulates around only single point i.e. how to survive or defend motherland; that is the only reason that despite of all the international conspiracies and plans Pakistan is still independent and free. Although during this war for survival, in 1971 Pakistan lost her Eastern wing but how India was supported by Soviet Union, USA, UK and Israel and other western powers all these facts are now openly being discussed by defense analysts.  Repeated interference by Pakistan army in politics cannot be justified but the failure of political system, corrupt political system and civil machinery all these facts needs to be discussed in depth beside discussing concerns of politicians; after all it is the Pakistan army that has to sacrifice their lives defending motherland while politicians during their rule (although for limited time) have failed to introduce a single department that may support or provide instant relief to the nation in case of famine, draught, earthquake or other natural calamities or even just ensure just distribution of relief goods. In case of any emergency nation has to look towards for relief as well that is otherwise duty of elected democratic govt. and elected representatives of the nation.
Flood or whatever calamity nation counts only on Pak Army
                In spite of all this a media group targets and lays allegations against army and one of its department in such a way that different between enemy (Indian) media and Pakistani media is vanished; this propaganda and insult by a sold out private media channel has created a chaos on the national level that why we do not have such a mechanism that automatically comes in action when someone attacks national security agencies especially army and its intelligence agency? As a department Judiciary and army has Constitutional protection and no one, no matter how strong and influential he/she is has no right to criticize these two departments. Judiciary has the option to initiate the case of “Contempt of Court” in order to enforce its constitutional right but what should army do? Who would protect prestige and credibility army? Although there is democratic system in the motherland but this was witnessed by the whole world that elected democratic govt. failed to defend one of the important govt. departments from a foreign funded private media group; did govt. remain silent because all this was being done under the cover of freedom of expression by this media channel or elected democratic govt. and representatives have something else in their minds? Now this media group is labeling public reaction against it as attempt against freedom of expression; if this media group has some difference opinion than had not other media groups expressed their difference of opinion with army? But while practicing freedom of expression and difference opinion there is a code of conduct that journalists follow even when criticizing enemy, leaders of enemy etc. diplomatic norms are given due consideration and even criticism of enemy is done through properly chosen words but here everything went out of control. In a city like Karachi where dozens of innocents become target of terrorists on daily basis but in the way the AMAN KI ASHA brand foreign funded media group criticized, insulted and laid allegations against a national security agency and its Chief just on a mere attack over its anchor person (that also may have been harbored by the media group itself to earn cheap fame). Media trial of intelligence Chief and allegations over media have no precedent in past. These allegations by a foreign funded private media group were duly spoiled by our eternal enemy India and her media, for two days propaganda against ISI and Pakistan army; beating the old triumphant Hindu media alleged Pakistan for those terrorist incidents whose on duty culprits from Indian army are either in prison or on bail.
Pak army is first even in providing health facilities
                In order to know the reason behind all the transmission and propaganda (which has now crossed limits and converted into national & religious crime) of this channel against Pak Army and ISI, one should only look at the documentary over Ajmal Qasab and his family fabricated by same Indian funded media group. In this fabricated documentary of this media group the family of Ajmal Qasab was shown (which has now vanished from the scene and no one identifies them in Pakistan), a small boat in which ten terrorists completed their journey from Karachi to Mumbai with spare ammunition etc. was made the basis of the trial of Ajmal Qasab and the basis of this documentary Indian court awarded death sentence to Ajmal Qasab who was hanged in the dark of the night in Indian prison and buried their as well (just like as American thriller of Osama Bin Laden). Amresh Misra, Indian journalist makes fun of Indian claims that the place where Ajmal Qasab is claimed to be buried is dug up one would not get any human remains. Not only this; Indian claims and documentary Indian channel in Pakistan shows a boat 4 feet wide and seven feet in length made up of cloth which has astonished marine experts that how ten persons with weapons, spare rounds etc can travel from Karachi to Mumbai. But in the name of freedom of expression the fabricators of this documentary were stuck to their claims that ten terrorists travelled in this boat from Karachi to Mumbai (along with their representatives and cameras so this documentary is based upon reality).
Soldiers providing relief to Baloch rain affectees
                One may remember the drama of AMAN KI ASHA brand media group telecasted on 1st June 2011, in “Capital Talk”  in which notorious anchorperson of presented a youngster in his talk-show in very dramatic way. In order to sensitize the scene the face of the youngster was hidden in the dark however, his voice was audible. Youngster was telling in very sorrowful voice that plan of destruction at PNS Mehran was chalked out in a house at Rawalpindi in front of him and he was telling all this story because his subconscious has forced him to unveil a dreadful reality that neither foreign nor internal Pakistani terrorists were involved in the said terrorist attack over PNS Mehran but on duty persons from Pakistan army themselves. The guest speakers were speechless that army itself was planning terrorist attacks over it; all this disclosure was not less than a nightmare for Pakistani nation, whole nation was at the horns of dilemma. The newspapers of next day were over filled with the coverage and reporting of this disclosure. When youngster ended his disclosure, anchorperson asked the guests (Asma Jahangir and 3 members of Parliament) that will they guarantee the life of the youngster. In this question there was another allegation over army that in order to silent the youngster or hide its atrocities Pakistan army may kill innocent citizens. No one from these influential guests forwarded his protection to the youngster. Youngster was crying that “THEY” will kill him, “THEY” are very cruel; clearly by “THEY” he meant officers of Intelligence agencies. The painful treacherous and shameful -aspect of this program was that these allegations had already been laid down against Pakistani intelligence agency few days ago by anti-Pakistan forces and propaganda.
A soldier who lost his arm in war against terrorism trying to write with artificial limb
                In such a critical time, “Waqt TV” took the responsibility to bring forward the truth and only within two days traced the youngster spoiled by notorious anchorperson in his funded talk-show and chalked out the truth behind the fabricated story presented in the talk-show by the youngster and allegations over Pakistan army.
                Not only this there are dozens of such examples in which Pakistan army was targeted by AMAN KI ASHA brand Indian funded (Indian) media group within Pakistan not because of Pakistan army’s interference in political system of country but because of the army’s stern stance to motherland in past as well as in current war as well. These fabricated stories, allegations and propaganda by a foreign funded private media group should be enough to open the eyes of the nation regarding reality and covert motive of AMAN KI ASHA. In order to weaken Pakistan to such a level that Pakistan becomes toy in the hands of international powers it is inevitable to neutralize ISI and Pakistan Army. In today’s scenario who is ignorant of the fact that Pakistan has become battle field of RAW, MOSSAD, CIA, KHAD & MI6 all aligned up against one and only ISI. ISI is fighting this war alone; from Karachi to Peshawar in spite of uncountable loss of lives in foreign waged terrorism Pakistan army is still facing faceless enemy with valor and bravery.

                In such a critical situation we should learn lesson from Turkey; yes Turkey is facing same like problems. International forces are interfering into the Turkish internal affairs through their intelligence agencies and traitor elements within Turkish media were also being spoiled; considering this situation Turkish Parliament has provided legal protection to Turkish Secret Agency MIT and amendments regarding “MEDIA LEAKS” about Turkish armed forces have been introduced as well.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 16 May 2014.

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