Sunday, May 25, 2014

Negation of "Two Nations Theory" Should be Declared a Crime!!!

Protests against Traitor and Blasphemous Channel i.e. Geo TV
After success of BJP and Narindr Modi in Elections by securing votes of Hindu extremists in the name of enmity against Pakistan and Islam it has become inevitable to declare “Two Nations Theory” as a pivotal point of the survival and integrity of Pakistan and negation or any propaganda against it should be a crime. This very basis of the freedom and existence of Pakistan has already been hurt in the name of “AMAN KI ASHA”; now the role of an Indian funded media group in Pakistan has already been highlighted for its anti-Pakistan propaganda and activities. This media group attempted to pollute the minds of nation against Two Nations Theory that presence of this theory is the hurdle in the development of Pakistan. This traitor group represented India in Pakistan and propagated negative image of Pakistan in the name of journalism for the last decade in the name of AMAN KI ASHA. The incidents of crimes were portrayed as internal instability of Pakistan in such a way that in order to compete with this media group in ratings other TV Channels started following the way of this traitor media group. Otherwise if we represent the crimes committed in USA and their seriousness people would fear visiting USA. Only in New York, during the break down of electricity for only 30 minutes the number of murders, thefts in shops and houses, kidnapping and rapes of women; all those crimes have been topic of Hollywood movies and novelists. In contrast to this Pakistan daily undergoes the shutdown of electricity every night for approximately half of the night but neither robberies, kidnapping nor raping of women is committed due to shutdown of electricity. But India where people numbering more than total population of Europe are suffering shortage of food and living below poverty lines is portrayed as Paradise (of rapists) to Pakistani public. The portraying of internal situation of Pakistan and India in away from the reality by media spread pessimism in Pakistani society. Public lost trust over the state because the existence of state on the map of the world was questioned during discussions at talk-shows of specific media group; one will hardly find an example of such talk-shows in the name of freedom of expression. 
Blasphemous program telecasted by Geo TV
            Even now hundreds of Muslims are living miserable lives in the camps / temporary shelters to save their souls from Hindu extremists; these people who lost their relatives, whose women were gang raped and murdered and properties robbed and set on fire by Hindu extremists; neither Indian courts are ready to provide justice to them nor Indian govt. is ready to extend state protection to them. In spite of all these crimes of Hindu terrorists with the support of Indian govt. we were given the lollypop of ALL IS WELL in India by perpetrators and funded traitors of AMAN KI ASHA. From last one month Indian Muslims of Assam are being targeted in the attacks of Hindu terrorists on the same lines as genocide of Muslims of Myanmar i.e. kill, massacre but do not let the world know. Where is the FREE MEDIA of India, where are the Indian Champions of Freedom of Expression and right to information and their Pakistani followers. If followers of Islam protest against cultural attack of India through Pakistani channels and Pakistani media spreading vulgarity and absurdity; they are declared as extrmists, friends of Al-Qaeda and enemies of humanity. During the recent elections whole election campaign of BJP was based upon anti-Islam and anti-Pakistan ideology but in spite of all this Pakistan is a threat to the world peace and India a secular country.

Dr Shaista Wahidi; host of Geo's Blasphemous program
            Years ago when one discussed to hoist Pakistani flag over Laal Qila New Delhi one was laughed at by so-called progressive, liberal and pro-Indian intellectuals. It was known as extremism and one chanting such slogans as “Ghairat Brigade”. This is one of the greatest achievements of India that such emotions against India have been shunned by so-called intellectuals, journalists and anchorpersons who are blind, deaf and dumb to the violation of human rights in Indian Held Kashmir in the hands of Indian soldiers. The violations of human rights, the war crimes of Indian state terrorists, the sufferings of the public of Indian Held Kashmir were never observed by our Champions of Human Rights and flag bearers of Freedom of Expression because they are blind folded by the strip of AMAN KI ASHA and the dollars received under AMAN KI ASHA but they left no stone unturned to veil Indian armed interference in Baluchistan; in order to hide their funder (India) they blames Pakistan army and National Security Agencies for poor law and order situation in Baluchistan. If these indian funded elements have remained confined to this extent; situation in Baluchistan would have improved years ago but here (on this specific media group) those responsible for bomb blasts, suicide bombs, target killing, and attacks over Security Agencies were portrayed as heroes and freedom fighters. In order to pollute minds of Baloch Youth and win support these terrorists were given hours on TV Channels; one would hardly find an example in the world where terrorists are given coverage to propagate their agenda against state by the TV Channels of that country.
Another shot from Geo's Blasphemous program that exposed the reality of TV Channel
            Alas! These self-proclaimed flag bearers of Freedom of Journalism and right to information remained blind to the well-coordinated and planned election campaign in India against Pakistan. Otherwise according to the norms of journalism this was their duty to not only inform the Pakistani nation but the whole world in the way anti-Pakistan sentiments were being fueled by political parties of a Mother of Democracy and Secular India; they should have highlighted they politicians in India have joined the contest not to resolve the problems being faced by the public but to gain the mandate against Pakistan (while our govt. claims that Public gave them mandate to give up in front of India). In order to fuel the emotions of public and win public sympathies anti-Pakistan speeches and poems are read. Our rulers are dying for friendship with India, we are singing the chorus of AMAN KI ASHA while Indian politicians have made hatred against Pakistan a political standard and need.

             Principally, this fever of enmity towards Pakistan that Indian politicians are suffering should be treated by our elected democratic rulers and so called intellectuals who want Pakistan to go ahead in friendship with India and get converted into the status of a sub-state and market for India ignoring all the dispute with India i.e. Kashmir, Siachen, Sir Creek, water theft from Pakistani rivers and armed Indian Interference in Baluchistan. Pakistani farmers and industrialists cannot compete Indian farmers and industrialists due to the facilities and subsidies provided to Indians.

            Despite of all these ground realities underhand efforts are going on to give us in control of India. How long will we deceive ourselves that India is not interfering in Baluchistan to split up Pakistan? India is struggling hard to pave way on international level through propaganda for separation of Pakistan like she did in 1971 with the support of few Pakistani intellectuals as well that are busy in brain washing Pakistani public since long. For example collect the data regarding “Capital Talk-Show” of Hamid Mir; one would realize that what type of negative propaganda and mutilation regarding situation in Baluchistan was being done by this propaganda show. The core element of other Geo TV programs was same. Is not this a bitter reality that Najam Sethi was arrested with weapons imprisoned by ZA Bhutto in 1974 for fighting against Pakistani forces in the support of Baloch insurgents? Than why did not Najam Sethi, Hamid Mir or any other Geo TV anchorperson, accept this reality that India is funding or providing modern weapons and training to use these weapons to  Baloch insurgents via Afghanistan; which has been accepted on govt. level previously and on 19 May 2014, Provincial Interior Minister of Baluchistan once again revealed in a Press Conference, “Indian and Afghan secret agencies are involved in armed interference in Baluchistan; both of these countries are working together to weaken Pakistan by creating unrest in the province”. Provincial Minister clearly informed the nation about the details of the training camps of terrorists and insurgents in Baluchistan that India “RAW” is involved in insurgency in Baluchistan…

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 23 May 2014.

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