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Launch of Aggressive International Plan to Defame Pakistan!!!

A Propaganda book against Pakistan
                 On 14th April 2014, New York Times published a story titled, “On the Radar” that Pakistan not Afghanistan has been the real enemy, United States in connection with Carlotta Gall’s (representative New York Times) interview. The reason for this interview was the book of Carlotta Gall which is given special coverage in British and American Media; it seems this book is part of some big plan to defame and black mail Pakistan. Otherwise, no need had been felt to allege Pakistan for 9/11 story in past 13 years. The source of New York Times’ story is book of Carlotta Gall, “The Wrong Enemy; America in Afghanistan 2001-2014” which covers the American invasion in Afghanistan as a reaction of 9/11, the resistance and defeat that US and allied troops had to face in Afghanistan and anger has been expressed against US rulers that in 2001 George W. Bush selected wrong enemy while succeeding President Obama furthered wrong decision which has resulted in defeat of America. According to the writer Musharraf succeeded in making US believe that Pakistan is ally of USA in war against terrorism while Pakistan is the only country supporting terrorism before and after 2001 against US and allied forces. She writes;

“Instead of fighting a very grim and  tough war which was very high in casualties on Afghans, as well as NATO and American soldiers, the problem wasn’t in the Afghan villages, the source of problem, the radicalization, the sponsoring of insurgency was all happening in Pakistan.”

Carlotta Gall
The propaganda of Carlotta Gall is being given special importance by Western Media, writer has alleged Pakistan without any evidence to cover the war crimes in Afghanistan committed by US troops and to provide lame excuses for defeat of American Army (notorious for war crimes, inhuman acts, violation of basic human rights and history of defeats). She writes without any evidence that Osama Bin Laden was given hideout in Abbotabad by General Pervaiz Musharraf and General Shuja Pasha, a separate desk was established in ISI to protect Osama. Mentioning her stay at Quetta and meetings there in 2002 after US and allied troops have built their strongholds in Afghanistan she writes;
“I went to Quetta and found Taliban resting up there and regrouping, they had assistance, some of them talked about being forced and threatened and told to go in and fight the Americans… and when you are there, on the ground, seeing every bombing, the suicide bombing had started, the insurgency that grew, and you investigate where it is coming from, it kept leading to Pakistan.” (Why all such revelations she is making now? Why did not she raise her voice and tell US authorities about all of her meetings? Or CIA at that time had paid her only to meet and enjoy with Taliban in Quetta and now paid her for this book?)

 Dr Zia, Dr Lewd and AH Nayyer; opposers of Pakistan's Nuclear Projects

               On the one hand there is the propaganda to blame Pakistan, Pak-Army and ISI for defeat of Americans (no doubt Americans may claim that ISI and Pak-Army was involved in their defeat in Vietnam too) on the other hand Pakistan is facing propaganda and criticism over Pak-China Nuclear cooperation (construction of Nuclear Power Plants) to control energy crises which has been joined by agents in Pakistan as well. Criticism from India and USA is something understandable as they consider Pak-China defense cooperation a challenge for their interests in the region, moreover, history of Pak-US relations is filled with blackmailing and pressurizing Pakistan for interests of USA but what attracts our Pakistani intellectuals and politicians to support this anti-Pakistan propaganda and become part of this GREAT GAME? Look at the 22 March 2014 edition of Newsweek; you will understand many things. The report consisting of 10 pages titled, “The Nuclear Shadow Over Karachi” is a complete charge sheet against Pakistan for violation of human rights by construction of Nuclear Power Plant to provide electricity to people of Karachi. In the above mentioned report of Pervaiz Hoodbhoy, Zia Mian and A.H. Nayyer it has been alleged that by deciding to construct Nuclear Power Plant ACP-1000, Pakistani officials have put the lives of 200 million citizens of Karachi on stake as this power plant has not been tested on international level nor there is any certificate for their fitness. According to Newsweek, Chinese supplier of Nuclear Power Plant has more importance in the eyes of govt. of Pakistan and PAEC as compared to lives of 200 million people of Karachi. According to the Newsweek report, President of China National Nuclear Corporation, Chinese Nuclear Power Plants are not according to the International Security Standards while Chinese govt. is much concerned about the Nuclear Safety but few companies have failed to understand that. One of such companies is preparing ACP-1000 brand nuclear power plants. Pakistani intellectuals furthers the propaganda that men of ordinary prudence do not buy a car without testing it, no airline buys aeroplane without testing it because lives of 200-400 passengers is at risk while system of a nuclear power plant is much complex than that of a car or aeroplane and in case of any accident the loss of lives will be far. In light of these concerns these intellectuals have contacted IAEA to examine safety system of ACP-1000. In proper words after failure in Diplomatic pressure to create hurdles in Pak-China Nuclear deal USA and India has decided to utilize IAEA using their agents in Pakistan. The report of Newsweek is so vague and lengthy that I do not have space to give summary of it. Only point that is worth mentioning is that Newsweek’s propaganda is bearing fruits by staging protests against construction of Nuclear Power Plant.
An Image from Propaganda against Pakistan's Nuclear Power Plants
                A news report by Nawa-i-Waqt on 02 April 2014, is worth mentioning regarding a meeting of intelligence agencies of neighboring countries under supervision of CIA in New Delhi after which one will easily understand the purpose behind book and interview of Carlotta Gall, Propaganda against Pakistan’s nuclear projects and direct allegations by pro-Indian and Indian funded Geo TV Channel on National Security agencies after fabricated attack over Hamid Mir. The main heading of the news report is, “In order to defame Pakistan over international level; India, Israel, Afghanistan and Iran have chalked out a secret plan” sub-headings are, “In Last Month’s (March 2014) meeting of these four countries in New Delhi it was decided to launch a full propaganda campaign against Pakistan with cooperation of CIA. All the terrorist attacks in these countries will be blamed over Pakistan to fuel anti-Pakistan sentiments. Protests against Pakistan in Iran and Afghanistan are also part of this chain.
Propaganda Report against Pakistan's Nuclear Power Plant to fulfil Energy demand of the country
                Now have a look at the details of the news report; in order to hurt Pakistan’s nuclear projects, to defame Pakistan on international level and limit Pakistan’s role on international level especially in Gulf, India, Israel, Iran and Afghanistan have joined the nexus. According to the reliable diplomatic sources a secret meeting of intelligence agencies of India, Iran, Israel and Afghanistan was held at New Delhi under a well coordinated plan and anti-Pakistan nexus; in this meeting a plan to defame Pakistan was chalked out. According to diplomatic sources all these four agencies have full support of CIA. A propaganda campaign would be launched to allege Pakistan as a centre of terrorism; Iran, Afghanistan and India will blame Pakistan for terrorist attacks in their territories so as to fuel anti-Pakistan sentiments in their subjects. This propaganda would be aimed at proving Pakistan as a terrorist country so that Pakistan should not be in possession of nukes. CIA is supporting these four countries to create such a state in which Pakistan could be forced to handover nukes, moreover, Iranian govt. is also playing an active role in the light of the changing situation in the region to further US and Iranian interests in the Gulf in the light of secret deal with USA and Pakistan’s role in Gulf. According to these resources the propaganda against Pakistan would increase in the coming days.
                After reading this news report if we look at the attack over Hamid Mir and blames over ISI within few minutes; all these seems to be very astonishing as well as forecast of some big typhoon to come. Leaving aside Pakistan; one will not find any example of blames over state security agencies in such manners. Although, Prime Minister has established a Judicial Inquiry Commission but there are many serious questions that warrant answers from those who blamed ISI and Pak-Army. Because in last three decades external propaganda especially from India, West and USA has not hurt Pakistan's credibility so much as this propaganda of a foreign funded channel has done. May Allah protect Pakistan… Amen

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 25 April 2014.

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