Friday, April 25, 2014

<---ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ---> (Geo & Hamid Mir)

  1. In one of his GEO TV talk show Hamid Mir addressed to army, " IN 1971 YOU SURRENDERED IN FRONT OF INDIAN ARMY AND  NOW YOU WILL SURRENDER HERE ( pointing toward himself )." Was not enough to charge him constitutionally for humiliating armed forces ?
  1. Why till now Hamid Mir is not being shown over GEO or his photo in JANG, so that his fans may see a glimpses of him?
  1. Who will explain, statement of Information Minister that " PM's visit to Hamid Mir in Agha Khan hospital, shows that whose side Govt is supporting" ?
  1. Was not the Hamid Mir's interview at Dhaka enough to show his enmity towards Pakistan Army, why Govt and PEMRA remained silent over that?
  1. Army & ISI had been target of insult and extra-criticism despite of CONSTITUTIONAL IMMUNITY, criminal silence over this hasn't encouraged anti-army and ISI elements to create this situation ?
  1. I'm sure that after getting discharge from hospital Hamid Mir will be shifted to Dubai, so is there anyway to stop him from fleeing abroad till the final judgment of inquiry committee?
  1. Umer Cheema of Jang group has said that time for reforms in ISI ( intelligence agencies ) has reached, will Jang and GEO TV formulate policies for Pakistan Intelligence agencies?
  1.  Why Supreme Court is not taking sou-motto action in such an important issue when one of the media group is posturing in insulting manner against NATIONAL SECURITY INSTITUTIONS ?

We Strongly condemn the irresponsible and non ethical allegations of GEO, THE NEWS & JUNG on Pakistan Armed Forces and Pakistan intelligence Organization. We believe in our DEFENSE FORCES about their constitutional role in NATIONAL INTEREST and COUNTRY'S UNITY !

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