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Pakistan Army Sacrificing Their Lives for Motherland!!!

Every drop of a martyr's blood reinforces foundation of NATION
Few days ago a discussion was going on Pakistan’s victory against India in cricket match at Dhaka Stadium after which Kashmiri students were arrested by Indian Police for allegedly cheering for Pakistani cricket team on a Pakistani Private TV Channel. Participants of the TV Program included famous Pakistani TV anchorpersons. Now this was only coincidence or inclinations of producer of the program, owner of the TV Channel, administration of TV Channel and policy of Channel that all three guest speakers were also followers of Fitnah of AMAN KI ASHA and having similar ideology against TWO NATIONS THEORY; all were believers that Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah wanted a “Moderate Pakistan; they explain Moderation as silence of Pakistan over Indian state terrorists (Army) violations of human rights in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) and acts like genocide of Muslims in India in Gujarat in 2002.

                As the program started one of the guest speakers revealed that “Dhaka cricket stadium was located on the same area which was worst affected by the operation of Pakistan army in 1971 when Bangladesh was part of Pakistan. According to them in this area Pakistan army committed worst atrocities against Eastern Pakistanis but despite of all this the support of Bangladeshi crowd for Pakistani cricket team was exemplary and even sometimes more than Pakistani supporters which is a  clear message for Pakistan army that has now targeted Baluchistan and made life horrible for locals just like as Eastern Pakistan. Second guest speaker opened his mouth that why only Baluchistan whole country is controlled  by Pakistan army while politicians are nothing more than puppets; time has come that Pakistan army accepts the ground realities. In spite of discussing Indian defeat and hospitality of MOTHER OF DEMOCRACY towards Kashmiris students who dared to practice democracy by cheering for Pak cricket team, guest speakers quoted incident of terrorist attack at Islamabad courts by saying that when Police, judges or public is targeted Pakistan army does not react but if any personnel from armed forces is targeted “Surgical Strikes” are started against terrorists; than are not the public or employees -of other departments Pakistanis?”

Blood of Paksitani soldiers for motherland
                In this way these members of a special anti-Pakistan alliance did not waste the chance for propaganda against Pakistan army even in a talk-show for cricket. This propaganda is not limited to TV talk-shows; members of this group claiming themselves as Liberals and Moderates continue their propaganda against Pakistan army even in private meetings. They ignore that these are only Pakistani security agencies that are sacrificing their lives for the security of motherland despite of all the propaganda against them and this is army that will defend nation in case of any aggression from their financer, “India. This phenomenon needs our special attention that since 2008 politicians are in power than why only security agencies are target of propaganda? If reason for this propaganda is army’s interference in politics than there is the need to clarify all those factors that not only force Pakistan army to interfere into politics but sweets are also distributed by public.

                If we analyze the last half century; on the one hand we see our enemy by birth i.e. India who has been continuously involved in aggression and conspiracies against Pakistan while on the other hand we see Pakistan army as a favorite target of so-called liberalists, sub-nationalists and other treacherous elements working against integrity of Pakistan internally and externally by the international media controlled by a special lobby and this series is still going on. If we look at the 1965 war many analysts now accept this truth that purpose of Indian imposed war with the support of internal treacherous elements, was not to capture Pakistan but weaken Pakistan army to such an extent to surrender in front of Indian army so that Pakistan army never dares to challenge Indian plans in the region. Here few critics may attempt to provide justification to Indian aggression by criticizing Pakistan’s policy for Kashmir than they will have to negate statement of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in which he claimed Kashmir as life-line of Pakistan. The reason behind Indian sponsored propaganda on international media because according to Indians this is only the Pakistan army that is only hurdle against unjustified Indian occupation of IHK otherwise all political parties are ready not only to ignore Kashmir and Indian water aggression but make Pakistan a market for Indian products and sub-state of India in the name of friendly relations towards India. Why Kashmir was termed as life-line for Pakistan; Pakistanis may not understand this now but in near future Pakistanis will realize the foresightedness of Quaid when whole Pakistan will be suffering extreme shortage of not only electricity but eatables as well due to shortage of water.
Martyrs of the Millat
                After the shattering of dream (conspiracy) of having drink of victory at Gymkhana Lahore; Indian rulers, Generals and Heads of secret agencies decided to make Eastern Pakistan main target of their conspiracies with the support of some notables from within Pakistan. Those who supported India in these conspiracies claimed themselves as SAVIOURS in spite of traitors as they claimed their treacherous acts as an attempt to free Pakistani public from Pak-Army by supporting India. In 1968 a separate cell was established in RAW that was responsible to cultivate hatred and suspicions against Pakistan Army in the hearts of Pakistani Public. This cell hired scholars, intellectuals, professors from universities and journalists for the propaganda against Pakistan army that army is engulfing scarce resources of Pakistan, maintaining tension with India over borders is in favor of Pakistan army, due to the presence of Pak-Army it is impossible for country to develop rapidly, army has suspicions against elected representatives of public, if Pakistanis want development than they should get rid of army only than friendly relations between Pakistan and India would be possible.

                Whatever game was played in Eastern Pakistan many characters of this game have been unveiled, the reality of stories of atrocities committed by Pakistan Army in Eastern Pakistan has been brought by Indian writers that all was part of propaganda campaign. In spite of unveiling of Indian propaganda campaign many Pakistani intellectuals (off springs of those who participated in propaganda campaign) at that time tell these stories as Pak-army had invited them to become eye witness. Now even this has been unveiled that soldiers of Pakistan army were kept in Indian prisons for two and half years at the will of Pakistani govt. of that time so that Pakistan army could be suppressed otherwise after Geneva pact India was bound to release Pakistani soldiers right after the cession of war.
One who cannot be termed as HUMAN how can claim to be MUSLIM
                After 1971, whatever happened in remaining Pakistan, all is the part of the history. However, after 2001 the strategy of propaganda against Pak-Army was changed; ISI and nuclear assets of Pakistan also were included into the targets of the propaganda. If we summarize the books, articles written, talk-shows etc. astonishingly whatever the situation has been propaganda against Pak-Army, ISI and Pak-Nukes have never been allowed to die down. In the professional way defense installations of Pakistan were targeted all seems to be concentrated only for one agenda that Pakistani nuclear assets are not safe and will fall in the hands of the terrorists anytime. Another shocking reality is that all such big attacks against defense installations were conducted only after power was handed over to the elected representatives in the name of struggle to impose Shariah in Pakistan so that terrorists could win sympathies of islamists and are not identified as foreign trained commandoes or guerilla fighters.
TTP Terrorists holding heads of beheaded soldiers
                In the way Sri Lankan Cricket team was targeted in 2009, Shariah was not imposed as a result however, Pakistani stadiums got barren (was not this the agenda of our eternal enemy India?). Attack over GHQ Rawalpindi carried the message that army that cannot secure its GHQ how will secure nuclear assets? Afterwards, attacks over Naval Orion P-3C airplanes on 22 May 2011 or attempt to target Pakistan Air Force’s jets at Peshawar on 16 August 2012 all were those assets that provided Pakistani Armed Forces superiority against idnai; than would targeting or destroying these national assets would have eased the imposition of Shariah or paved way for India to attack Pakistan? In the other words all anti-Pakistan terrorist activities to weaken Pakistani defense were covered as an attempt for imposition of Shariah through propaganda. Now if one asks a dumb fool that what is the meaning of weakening Pakistani defense and who would benefit; one will get the answer.

                The most painful and shameful aspect of the terrorism in Pakistan is beheading the abducted soldiers and then playing football with their heads which has created such an image of Islam internationally that has nothing to do with Islam. However, now Pakistani govt. is going ahead for peace talks with terrorists in order to restore peace but here question arises what would all these terrorists do after striking the deal or peace agreement? Suppose they get ready to lay down weapons and become part of Pakistan’s political system then will international powers accept role of these extremist parliamentarians especially those powers who are on the top list of propaganda that Pakistani nukes may fall in the hands of terrorists? Than this might be a changed strategy of enemies to bring in their trained and notorious terrorists into political system of Pakistani to fulfill their damn plan of falling of Pakistani nukes in the hands of terrorists…

Written by Khalid Baig,

Date: 21 March 2014.

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