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The Plan of Starting Trial of War Crimes against 195 Pakistanis in Bangladesh!!!

Silence of Muslims of the world over anti-Islamic Policy of Haseena Wajid is alarming
                Pakistani nation entrapped in the internal problems does not have the senses to realize that what conspiracies and plans are being cooked outside Pakistani borders to trap Pakistan; Pakistani rulers are ignorant of these conspiracies as well. Ignorance of Pakistani public trapped in the unending struggle to make both ends is somehow understandable but it is unbelievable that Pakistani rulers having all the resources and information are also unaware of these conspiracies. Desire of top leadership Awami League of Bangladesh to start trial of 195 Pakistani soldiers under war crimes has now become words and trasfered to black and white. This is now no more a demand but a decision and plan clearly expressed by newly elected Law Minister of Bangladesh on 26 January 2014.
Elder persons who even cannot walk sentenced to death by so-called Bangladeshi war tribunal
                During the speech Bangladeshi Law Minister Anees Ab-ul-Hassan confessed that 195 Pakistani soldiers who were allowed to return to Pakistan in 1974 as the result of a deal finalized between India and Pakistan and as a result of same deal, Bangladesh was accepted to be a separate state by Pakistan but Bangladeshi public was not happy over this deal, many groups have objected return of Pakistani soldiers without any trial; moreover, Sheikh Mujeeb also wanted to bring Pakistani murderers of Bangladeshis’ to justice under war crimes. But now in 2009 after an international war crimes tribunal was setup in Bangladesh and many Bangladeshi’s have been penalized by this tribunal for war crimes against Bangladeshi public committed during 1971 war the demand of Bangladeshi public for the trial of 195 Pakistanis who are real murderers of Bangladeshis’  is growing stronger day by day. So the newly elected govt. that has heavy mandate on its back has decided to start trial of 195 Pakistanis in order to provide justice to Bangladeshi people. However, final decision would be made after taking advice from international tribunal.
Persons sentenced by Bangladeshi war tribunal
                Now the question is why Bangladeshi govt. is stuck to re-open the 42 years old wounds? Why Awami League wants to keep fuelling the fire of hatred against Pakistan in Bangladesh? And who is on the back of the Haseena Wajid? The simplest answer to all these questions is that in Bangladesh there is rule of India in the form of Haseena Wajid; India on the one hand wants to keep fuelling the propaganda against Pakistan in Bangladesh and on the other hand wants to utilize Bangladesh as a center for uprooting of Islam from sub-continent so that increasing unrest among the largest minority in India i.e. Muslims could be kept under control who have not got out of magic of Two Nations Theory until now and are dreaming about a future Pakistan like state out of present India. As long as the statement of Bangladeshi is concerned one may ignore it as a political stunt however, our elites of the electronic media distributing wisdom of the whole world day and night our international affairs are also silent over this statement. Probably they are ignoring this statement due to their enmity towards Pakistan that is no more a secret considering it as a dispute between Pakistan army and Bangladesh. Moreover, last year those Pakistanis who were given awards for supporting cessation of Bangladesh by Haseena Wajid had not only supported trial and penalization of those Bangladeshis who supported Pakistani forces but also demanded trial of Pakistani soldiers as well. Not only this a famous Pakistani went to such an extent in a Bangladeshi TV Program that if Bangladeshi govt. starts trial of Pakistani soldiers and penalizes them under war crimes for 1971 war this might force Pakistan army to accept democratic govt. and stop interfering in the political process. The video of this interview recorded in Dhaka can be viewed here. Pakistan nation and political elite cannot separate themselves from this problem despite of presence and will of such mindset and liberalists present in our media. Because this is not trial of 195 Pakistani soldiers or Pakistan army; the identity and stability of Pakistan is connected with this dispute. India is utilizing that area which remained part of Pakistan against Pakistan and Islam by playing at the back foot without coming in the light. India is also working against Two Nations Theory. Because India is well aware that despite of all the steps against Islam in Bangladesh, hangings of Islamists, ban over Islamic political parties in Bangladesh to participate in Pakistan; this is a historical fact that movement for a separate homeland started from East Bengal. As long as Pakistan exists Islam could not be uprooted from Bangladesh as well.
Persons sentenced by Bangladeshi war tribunal
                Before discussing this further let’s have a bird’s eye view of the internal situation of Bangladesh. In Bangladesh there is such a govt. which has support of no one except India. USA and European Union has already rejected the results of the elections held in last month of January in Bangladesh. Interesting fact is that due to the boycott of more than 20 political parties from opposition Indian sponsored Awami League succeeded to secure 153 seats out of 300 seats without any contest. Elections over remaining 147 seats were declared as drama by international community and apologized from sending observers as well. Common wealth, UNO and international organizations for human rights condemned on going riots in Bangladesh and expressed severe reaction over elections in such situation. Despite of all this Haseena Wajid did not stop so-called election process and despite of dictated votes on remaining seats the turn out for votes remained to be 20% only. In order to suppress the protests by the opposition parties more than 500 persons were killed in by the firing police as well as clashes between workers of political parties in different cities of Bangladesh in the month of January 2014. In this way Haseena Wajid gave a new govt. and increased the arrests of opposition parties in order to suppress her opponents.
Dragon made up of garbage to express hatred against Pakistan
                Rejecting the results of the dictated elections; leader of opposition Khalida Zia announced that till the restoration of real democracy protest will continue. Haseena Wajid on the condition of abandoning protests offered opposition fresh elections which was turned down by the opposition that any elections held under the power of Haseena Wajid would be dummy and fake. This is the internal political situation of the Bangladesh which should be totally in the control of Bangladeshi people; however, the bloody game being played in Bangladesh in the name international tribunal is directly linked with every Pakistani because trials under this tribunal have direct link with Pakistan.

                The war crimes tribunal in Bangladesh is hearing 800 cases out of which 70 have been decided. These cases are linked with Pakistan that existed before 1971; a time when Indian sponsored freedom movement was although present but Bangladesh was not existent at all. During this time this was the duty Pakistani security forces to take action against any group, person or party working against the stability of the Pakistan. But few internal traitors, with the open aggression of India in the name of help to Bangladeshis; succeeded in dividing Pakistan into two parts however, in order to provide cover to her aggression India started propaganda campaign against Pakistani army accusing Pakistani soldiers for raping 2 million Bangladeshi women and murdering 3 million Bangladeshis. Irony of the fate is that after fall of Dhaka same group came into power in remaining Pakistan that not only played a vital role in the separation of Eastern Pakistan but also wanted to defame Pakistan army in order to prolong their rule in Pakistan. As a result all the allegations laid by India against Pakistan army were accepted as it is.
Immoral wording used by workers of Awami League
                This is why now when Haseena Wajid is targeting her opponents in the name of supporting Pakistan army during 1970-71; a grave silence is being observed from Pakistan side. On 30 January 2014 13 people including Amir Jamaat Islami Bangladesh, Mutee-ur-Rehman, Ex-Interior Minister Lutf-u-Zamaan for providing weapons to Assam separatists, Chief of Bangladeshi Military Intelligence Major General Chaudhary Razzaq, Chief of was sentenced to death,  Chief of National Security Intelligence Brigadier Abdul Rehman, Director Security Wing Commander Shahab Uddin, Deputy Director Technical Manager Liaqat, General Adminstration Inaam ul Haq, Managing Director Mohsin Uddin, Secretary Industry Noor-ul-Ameen and local party leader of Awami League Khoba Ali were awarded death sentence by Bangladeshi war tribunal.
Mutee-ur-Rehman Amir Jamaat Islami sentenced to death by Bangladeshi war tribunal
                In order to express solidarity with judicial tribunal and rectify the sentences awarded by this tribunal Awami League announced to take out rallies that were converted into protests against Pakistan. Workers of Awami League used slogans devoid of moral values in their sit-ins on banners. You will nowhere observe such a way to express of hatred which was observed in Bangladesh against Pakistan; at least why? The answer to this question is must to be founded and this also requires the attention that why Haseena Wajid attached the word INTERNATIONAL with her war tribunal; just for that when she wants to start trial of Pakistani soldiers no legal hurdle is faced by her?

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 07 February 2014.

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