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Insulting Behavior of US Writers Against Pakistan & Retreat of American Forces from Afghanistan in 2014!

American Convoy loaded with heavy machinery leaving Afghanistan
                A strange situation is prevailing! USA has to withdraw her forces from Afghanistan till 31st December 2014 according to her announced plan leaving behind only 10-15 thousand US soldiers. These remaining soldiers will be deployed over 9 US bases in Afghanistan where they will enjoy immunity to not only Afghan laws but from the rest of the world as well. Although, Afghan President is not ready until now to sign the deal for long stay of US soldiers in Afghanistan; the conditions set by Americans for this deal are not less than a joke as well, as Americans have invaded Afghanistan in 2001 after taking formal permission from Afghan govt. and public. Principally, USA should contact UNO to prolong her stay in Afghanistan as this was UNO who provided mandate to US to invade and destroy Afghanistan. On the other hand discussion is going on in the whole world that whether Afghan govt. will survive after withdrawal of US troops or Afghan army consisting of Northern Alliance only would be able to control Pakhtoon areas? No matter American media and govt. is playing with the blood of majority of Afghan population mutilating their struggle to protect their identity as terrorism but how will USA stop them from coming into power following the rules of democracy in near future; moreover, 10-15 thousand soldiers would be sufficient to stop them from coming into power? If the answer is NO; than is not this a bitter reality that Americans have seeded hatred and division of Afghanistan into two separate states?

                If we look back at the history while attacking Afghanistan, USA has given Pakistan only two options either to support USA or face destruction in the hands of Americans; USA had denied right to Pakistan to be an neutral state. At this time India was begging in front of USA to attack Pakistan in spite of Afghanistan and she had offered to provide her forces and air bases to America as well. At such a time no Muslim country even Saudi Arabia was ready to stand by the side of Pakistan; if Nawaz Sharif or Benazir Bhutto had been in power at that time they would have decided as Musharraf did (rulers who do not have courage to stand against Indian control over Cricket how they would had stood against US International Alliance). However, USA declared Pakistan as non-NATO ally upon supporting US invasion in Afghanistan and Pakistan even ignored her interests while supporting America in Afghanistan. Result of Pakistan’s support to USA in Afghanistan is that India converted Pakistan into battle field by utilizing Indian presence and free hand given to her by USA in Afghanistan. The war that was imposed upon Afghanistan in order to fulfill some damn plans of USA has been converted into war for survival of Pakistan by US, Indian, Afghan, British and Israeli secret agencies.
Joint Press Conference by Foreign Ministries of Both Countries After Pak-US Strategic Dialogue held last month
                Freedom fighters of Indian Held Kashmir despite of their sacrifices and war crimes committed by Indian State Terrorists were declared as TERRORISTS; they have never targeted any passenger train or innocent people in India. In contrast to this few terrorists working for furtherance of Indian and other countries of the region’s Strategic Agenda, targeting passenger trains, Natural Gas and Electric Transmission Lines, army, security agencies and innocent civilians are enjoying not only American but support from whole Europe. American Senators present Bill for independence of Baluchistan in spite of being aware that after every terrorist activity they accept responsibility for it.

                A war that was never against terrorism but a conspiracy to weaken Pakistan to accept slavery of India and neutralize Chinese influence in the region has taken toll of 50 thousand innocent Pakistanis lives including 5 thousand personnel from security agencies, Police and army. Who is supplying latest weapons and financial support to terrorists; no one is ready to answer this! However, disappearance of NATO containers from Qasim Port Karachi containing military equipment numbering not in hundreds but in thousands and silence of US and NATO officials over this issue has answer for all these questions. Painful aspect is that as time for retreat of US troops from Afghanistan is getting closer; bitterness in the behavior of American and Western writers against Pakistan is converting into insult. Although, the basic reason for this bitterness is the thinking of US and Western think tanks over two types of the defeat that their forces are facing into Afghanistan, i.e.
                Failure of Americans and Western invaders to be accepted as saviors despite of their propaganda against Taliban and “Daisy Cutter” bombs, failure to win the hearts of Afghans.
                Defeat of Americans in Afghanistan despite of latest military equipment, well trained troops, sensitive modern technology, jet fighters equipped with the missiles powerful enough to convert mountains into dust, latest spy system and troops of Black Water filled with the passion of killing human beings in cold blood!

                Majority of Americans was told that Pakistan is not doing what Washington was demanding to reinforce American capture of Kabul. During the different meetings and talks held between Pakistan and US officials only one demand was heard from USA i.e. DO MORE; Americans are not ready to consider the relations between Pakhtoons living across Pakistan and Afghanistan, Americans only wanted Pakistan to withdraw all troops from Eastern Border to provide chance to Indian troops for invasion and deploy all forces over Afghan border in order to support genocide of Afghans by US terrorist troops in Afghanistan. Over failure in this goal a storm in the tea cup was created by the propaganda of western media against Pak-Army. Pakistan army was blamed for providing hideouts and support to terrorism. Writers like Ahmed Rasheed (who was arrested during 1973-74 on the orders of Zulifqar Ali Bhutto along with Najam Sethi under the charges of being involved in conspiracy to break apart Pakistan at the beck and call of Soviet Union and India) were hired to write books like DESCENT INTO CHAOS and was provided worldwide circulation and marketing. The summary of these books was, “if peace is required in the world than Pak-Army and ISI should be banned as these two national departments of Pakistan are involved in terrorism in the whole world”. When this propaganda campaign proved to be fruitless; sometimes USA tried Kerry Logger Bill through her hired agents like Hussain Haqqani, attempt was made to give ISI under the control of Rehman Malik when all this bore no fruit than drama of presence and killing of Osama Bin Laden at Abbotabad was staged in order to black mail Pakistan army. Time would unveil the role played by President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari and Hussain Haqqani. Memo Gate Scandal and attack over Salala Check post all were part of US attempts to black mail Pakistan army and raise questions over military capability for which much support was provided by few anchors of Pakistani electronic media.
US soldiers returning to USA
                Time is merciless it is neither controllable nor waits for anyone. At least 2014 has arrived and time for withdrawal of US troops as well; however, US wants to teach a lesson to Pakistan before leaving Afghanistan. This is the reason current wave of terrorism in Pakistan; otherwise which Shariat allows one to kill FC personnel imprisoned for last 3 years and announce it proudly or claim martyring Police personnel as revenge. On the one hand terrorists have been activated in Pakistan while on the other hand American writers have started pouring their hatred against Pakistan; recent example of this is the article written by C. Christine Fair, Assistant Professor at Department of School of Foreign Service of George Town University, she has written two books (1) Fighting to the End: The Pakistan and (2) Army’s Way of War A Madressah Challenge: Militancy and Religious Education in Pakistan. The article written by C. Christine Fair titled as
                “Ten Fictions That Pakistan Defense Officials Love to Peddle”
was published on 31st January 2014. In this article ten points on which Pakistan have concerns that were forwarded by the envoy of Pakistan led by Sartaj Aziz, each and every point has been separately criticized and insulted by the words like RUBBISH, NON-SENSE and MORE FICTION etc. It would have been more appropriate if she had mentioned Maulvi Fazlullah as well who is residing in Afghanistan involved in terrorism under the shelter of USA.
Writer of Insulting Article against Pakistan; C. Christine Fair

                She has criticized relations with Pakistan from the start and used such words for Pakistani leaders from Quaid-e-Azam to present in her article that it would be inappropriate to mention these words here. She should have dared to study interview of Afghan President published in Sunday Times few weeks before her article in which Afghan President said, “In Afghanistan Americans are working against us (Afghans). Due to American lawlessness, crimes and corruption has been widely spread in Afghanistan. Americans have pushed Afghans into psychological war so that Afghans can be pressurized to transfer their wealth to West. Special class in the country is being brought forward while rest of the public has been left to burn in anger and deprivation”.
“The US-Pakistan “Strategic Dialogue” has restarted yet again. I would remiss If I did not point that it has never been strategic and it has certainly not been a dialogue. No doubt the Pakistanis are worried that wary American taxpayers and their congressional representatives may close the checkbook for good when last US soldier departs from Afghanistan. In the spirit of perpetual rent-seeking, Pakistani defense officials have recently alighted upon Washington to offer the same tired and hackneyed narratives that are tailored to guilt the Americans into keeping the gravy train chugging along”.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 21 February 2014.

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