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Unending Unrest in Pakistan and US Support to Baloch Terrorists

Nexus of USA and Baloch Terrorists

According to an American institute ‘pure research’ USA has lost its global power and importance for the first time in last fifty years. A survey conducted by the institute suggests that 70% Americans think USA is losing power. 50% of Americans think, for the first time in last 50 years, that USA should mind its business. More than 50% of Americans think that USA is not able to play its role in the world as it used to be. Such a survey was conducted in 1974. At that time Americans supported aggressive US involvement in world affairs. 20% of Americans did not support US government’s overseas involvement ten years before. Now this percentage has crossed 50%. Majority of US citizens want reduced US overseas involvement. US drone attacks in different countries has played a major part in development of this opinion. Majority of US citizens are ashamed of burnt bodies of women and children, victims of drone attacks. Contrary to that USA is hell bent on converting South East Asia into a battle ground. US think tanks propagate right of defense of US interest in case Asia becomes economic hub of the world. Majority of economic activity will be shifted to centers in Asia (no matter if Asians are to be bullied for the purpose).

Does USA want its share by force? Will powerful Asian nations, Russia and China, allow such interference? What role India will play who presently toddy of USA? India is benefiting from US fears of China. For the same reason, some circles in Pakistan are asking for friendly relations with India including giving it MFN status regardless of Indian involvement in secessionist movements in Pakistan and anti-Pakistan role in Afghanistan. The same circles consider Pakistan army a hurdle for such a development. Army is being criticized in media regardless of its positive role in development of democracy in the country. Is it part of a deliberate plan?
Maps prepared by Col (R) Peter in 2006; keeping in view the bloodshed and civil war in Iraq and Syria it seems US plans are progressing according to the maps

Problems are not limited to that only. Increasing incidents of target killings, high cost of living and political disintegration are out of control. People of Pakistan are facing increasing financial debts despite Pakistan being a nuclear state. People of Pakistan seem to be slaves when a comparison is drawn between them and life styles of government, political and party leaders and their off springs, particularly in foreign countries. Prosperity under such conditions is a distant dream. It is only reserved for the elites who are being supported by USA or vice versa. They are the beneficiaries of national resources and manipulators of people’s fate. What is the worth of loyalty to state under such enslavement of generations?
Col (R) Ralph Peter; working to subdivide Muslim countries from Pakistan to Turkey to take over the control

We started off from US hegemony and a US survey. Pakistan has been victim of US involvement since 1947 in the name of SEATO, CENTO, and frontline state against Soviet Union and so called scapegoat for US war on terrorism. During 1971 war, USA excused itself of supporting Pakistan on the pretext that it will help only in the case of Soviet attack. USA fully knew indo-soviet agreement of defense cooperation before 1971. US military and economic support in last 65 years is given as excuse of its intransigence. According to US estimates, Pakistan received 68 billion US dollars in last 65 years. But no one mentions same money going back to USA in the shape of technical assistance. No one mentions billions of dollars shifted to banks of USA, Europe and middle east by elites of Pakistan. According to some reports, 34 politicians of Pakistan have more than 400 billion US dollars in Swiss banks. Pakistan has suffered 150 billion USD in US war on terrorism since 2001. 50 thousands lives lost in this conflict does not figure out anywhere. Now USA is leaving Afghanistan, however, it is leaving Pakistan with increased involvement of afghan and Indian secret agencies in KPK, links with Pakistani Taliban and US support of Baloch terrorists in New York and Washington. The US negative involvement in Pakistan is proved by presence of Latifullah Mehsood, a close aid of Hakimullah Mehsood, head of Pakistan Taliban, and protection provided by US authorities to him against afghan secret agencies. Considering the spirit of friendship and Pakistani support to USA against terrorism, USA should have handed over Latifullah to Pakistan and played its part in limiting involvement Indian and afghan secret agencies. But USA is busy in supporting Baloch terrorists against Pakistan. Without active support of US administration, it was not possible for US senators; Louie Gohmart, Dana Rohrbacher and Steve King to bring a bill in support of Baloch terrorists in US Congress. A hearing was also held in committee of foreign affairs under chairmanship of Rohrbacher on so called atrocities against Baloch population. A retired US lieutenant colonel, Ralph Peter was specially invited. He is known for writing an article in Armed Forces Journal with the name of Blood Brothers in which he propagates restructuring of international boundaries from Turkey to Pakistan in the name of global peace. Baluchistan received a special status. Muslim governments including Pakistan protested against such a blatant interference. The secessionist and separatist movement and leaders hailed that point of view. Although US administration distanced itself from the article and congress hearing but did not limit activities of Baloch insurgents in its country.  US government sponsored think tanks and NGOs are promoting Baloch separation on their web sites. US institute NED (National Endowment for Democracy) is very active in this regards. US pressure on Pakistan for establishment of US Consulate in Quetta is part of the same move.

Dana Rohrabachar, Louie Gohmert and Steve King; US Senators supporting Baloch Insurgents
USA is leaving Afghanistan on the condition that its armed forces will remain on air bases in the country and afghan law will not apply to these. The bases will be used by USA without any control by afghan authorities. The US aircrafts will be able to refuel in afghan air space. US armed forces will have the right conduct the operations anywhere in the country. US contractors particularly Black Waters will be protected against any accidental or extra judicial killings. US equipment and vehicles used for operations will not be subject to afghan law. US government will have no limitations on construction of facilities or installation of surveillance equipment on these bases.
US Committee for Foreign Affairs discussing Baluchistan under the supervision of US Senator Dana

Under these conditions, we must about presence and involvement of US secret agencies in Pakistan and help to Indian agencies for involvement in KPK and Baluchistan. US and its allies want to stop Chinese access to Gwadar Port. They also have support of regional Muslim governments. The economic prosperity of the people of Pakistan is linked with peace and stability in the country. That is only attainable by abolishing of social injustice and inequalities. It is possible only when people of Pakistan are treated as citizens and not subjects by the elites. Only than we can face foreign challenges. Is it possible in this political disintegration?

Written  by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 10 January 2014

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