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Why Intellectuals are Silent at the Judicial Murder of Abdul Qadir Mulla?

Dead Body of Abdul Qadir Mulla
 On 17 december 2013 the resolution against death sentence of Abdul Qadir Mulla was passed by the majority in National Assembly, however, astonishingly those parties that were praising the tolerance of Nelson Mandela, their leaders were delivering speeches and issuing statements over Nelson Mandela’s tolerance before presenting of this resolution in National Assembly to prove that philosophy and core of their party is also tolerance and forgiveness; but the silence over judicial murder of Abdul Qadir Mulla unveiled their real philosophy and ugly faces. All their philosophy and tolerance got evaporated and their actual place among those lines who have never accepted Two Nations Theory got clarified in the eyes of the whole nation. Their place is among those traitors who never accepted partition and declared creation of Pakistan as a historical wrong sometimes they can been seen exploiting the Greater Pakistan to come into power or Sindh Card to black mail Pakistan or in some other way are culprit of spreading treason. Moreover, another mark of their identity is their enmity to Islam to show external powers and mint dollars. It is shocking that for a long time they have been struggling against death punishment in Pakistan but the silence over the death penalty and hanging of Abdul Qadir Mulla unveils their double standards, moreover, their silence encouraged Haseena Wajid to express her hatred against Pakistan. She claimed resolution passed by Pakistani National Assembly as interference in internal affairs of Bangladesh and addressed protestors protesting against judicial murders in Bangladesh that “Those who love Pakistan have no place in Bangladesh”.
During protests against judicial killing of Abdul Qadir Mulla property worth of millions have been destroyed

                While giving that statement she forgot that if Pakistan had not got separation from India than there would have been no existence of Bangladesh and she would have been living a life of a slave in the hands of Hindus along with many other Bengalis. Now only the leaders of Awami League, their gangsters i.e. Mukti Bahni and family of Haseena Wajid are slaves of Hindus while rest of Bangladeshis are not enslaved to Hindu India. They are Muslims and will remain Muslims. If Haseena Wajid and her master India takes relation of Bangladeshis with Islam as Pakistanism than they should commit suicide by jumping into Indian Ocean; yes! Same Indian Ocean in which Indira Gandhi had dreamt to have drowned Two Nations Theory 42 years ago. That fear has become continuous source woe and worries for India, Awami League of Bangladesh and traitors in Pakistan having enmity against Two Nations Theory. This was their non-acceptance and enmity towards Two Nations Theory that few Pakistani political parties (having negligible representation in National Assembly) decided to stay away from the resolution against Judicial Killings by Haseena Wajid in Bangladesh. Along with them our those intellectuals who demanded in Bangladesh to bring Pakistan army to trial for the war crimes alleged by these intellectual whores of gang raping 400,000 Bangladeshi women and murdering 1 million Bangladeshis in short period of 7 months only; who claim Mujeeb as a hero of South Asia also remained silent perhaps to pay back Haseena Wajid for the awards of traitor-ship she had bestowed upon them in the start of 2013.

Two Important characters of Fall of Dhaka
                After watching the hatred of Haseena Wajid it seems that 1971 war has not yet ended. The actual reason behind the registration of fake trials of war crimes against Islamists and their hangings is to prove her loyalty towards India by safeguarding Indian interests in the Bangladesh for which Haseena Wajid seems ready to sacrifice even the economy of Bangladesh. Otherwise from 1996 to 2001 during her reign she kept Islamists along with her but after she came to power in 2009 her stance towards Muslim scholars got changed. She got totally under dictation of India and started crushing Muslim scholars and Islamic political parties. Perhaps the basic reason are the meeting of Haseena Wajid and Manmohin Singh in 2010 and the Indian promises to her.

                In January 2010 when Haseena Wajid when she reached New Delhi; it seemed just like as the visit of Mujeeb in 1972; “Lo! What I have done for India”. In the same way Haseena Wajid had done too much for India; before visiting India she had arrested and handed over Urbanda Raj Khoa Chairman ULFA (United Liberation Fund of Assam), his family, his military commander Raju Baruha and personal Guard Raja Borah to India at the Dawk of Indian state Meghalaya. Chairman ULFA was arrested with the support of Haseena Wajid covertly after she came into power to enhance ties with India, when he was travelling in those tribal areas that have some inclination and love for ULFA. These tribes are settled in both countries i.e. India and Bangladesh across the border and have soft corner for freedom fighters of Assam and with their support ULFA has established secret hideouts in Bangladesh. Freedom fighters of Assam got aware of arrest of Urbanda Khoa when Indian newspapers thanked Haseena Wajid for providing help in his arrest. After this Assam freedom fighters started attacking Bangladeshi Check posts wearing the Indian uniform of Indian army (perhaps with the support of Indian army as well) and kept the region as an active war zone for long time.

Hooligans of Awami League using abusive language against Pakistan in their protests

                When Haseena Wajid arrived New Delhi, Indian newspapers published the headlines that it seems that period of 1971 India-Bangladesh ties has returned. Indian govt. received Haseena Wajid warmly and expressed hopes that she would not only crush freedom fighters fighting with India but also clear Bangladesh from Muslims and Islam for which New Delhi would support Haseena Wajid in all possible ways. Manmohan Singh offered Haseena Wajid that if she succeeds in weeding out Islam and converting Bangladesh in a secular state than not only India would go ahead for heavy investment in Bangladesh but Bangladesh and India would prove a big military power of Asia in the future and Haseena Wajid would be able to fulfill the dreams of her father.

                During this visit Indian media through editorials and columns attempted to dictate Haseena Wajid that Islamic Parties of Bangladesh and ISI have deep links which would prove lethal in the future for India-Bangladesh relations. In the other words visit of Haseena Wajid to India was a meeting arranged to dictate her against Islam and Islamists for protecting interests of India in which Haseena Wajid was promised eternal rule over Bangladesh. In this meeting the deal for transit route via Bangladesh to Western Indian states was also signed for which India was struggling since 1949.
Wajid-Singh Meeting in 2010; when Bangladeshi slaves were ordered  by Hindu Masters to clean Bangladesh from Islam

                Haseena Wajid and her delegation accepted all Indian demands and promised that Bangladesh would be converted into death land for Islam and Islamic parties. Only demand that Bangladeshi delegation made to India was to end the mafia involved in crimes in Bangladesh from India. For this Bangladeshi delegation demanded handing over of Shahadat Hussain, Don of Bangladeshi underworld living a free and luxurious life in Kolkata which would result in ending the 50% crimes in Bangladesh. In proper words this could not be called a demand because Haseena Wajid had already handed over Chairman ULFA to India unconditionally to prove her loyalty to her masters in India. As a reward of this loyalty the arrest of mafia don was made who was living freely in Kolkata involved in smuggling of drugs from India to Bangladesh, kidnaping for ransom, dacoities, supervising and supporting assassins, kidnapping of underage girls from Bangladesh and their sale in India and other crimes. Along with him many other bosses of criminal gangs of Bangladesh are living under the official protection of Indian govt. This demand of Haseena Wajid has not been fulfilled yet; how can India hand over a very important agent of RAW through whom India has established a network of spies and terrorists in the whole Bangladesh. These criminals are not only involved in crimes but exploited by India for political purposes as well.

                In the other words persons like Shahadat Hussain are important to India as “Black Water”. One may remember the dreadful treason in the Headquarters of Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) on the night of 25 February 2009 in which more than 137 officers and soldiers along with their families were murdered in cold blood including Commander Major General Shakeel Ahmed. This treason was put into action through RAW and underworld of Bangladesh which was blamed on ISI and Islamists of Bangladesh by Indian media and Bangladeshi newspapers sponsored by Indian Agency RAW. Western Media following their anti-Islam strategy verified these allegations.
Whole Bangladesh is burning in the protests due to Hindu enslaved leadership imposed over Bangladesh
                As soon as Haseena Wajid returned from India she represented the idea of banning Islamic parties from participating in politics which was appreciated by liberal and atheist elements in Bangladesh as well as Pakistan. Moreover, she declared to punish Islamic scholars through a war tribunal for supporting Pakistan in 1971. In this regard first case was registered against the anchor-person of a private TV Channel-N  Maulana Abdul Kalam Azaad, upon this he went underground and in his absence Bangladeshi war tribunal awarded death penalty to him, the decision of Bangladeshi war tribunal unveiled its credibility and evil purposes. Its actual targets are Islam and political parties having Islamic identity. After Maulana Abdul Kalam Azaad, Professor Ghulam Azam, Maulana Dilawar Hussain Saeedi and Maulana Mutti Ur Rehman were arrested under charges of war crimes. Not only this through Haseena Wajid controlled Supreme Court fulfilling the Indian dictation a ban has been imposed on Islamic parties for participation in elections. Now the judicial murder of Abdul Qadir Mulla, all this is the result of the meeting of Haseena Wajid and Manmohan Singh in 2010 in which a Bangladeshi slave received order from her Hindu master and now obeying them one by one practically; in which Pakistani media especially TV Channels sponsored by foreign powers are silent despite of alleging Pakistan in 1971 as well. Well! Will their treason and criminal silence kill the TWO NATIONS THEORY?

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 27 December 2013.

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