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Suspicious Hideout of Maulvi Fazlullah in Afghanistan! Isn't Questionable?

Maulvi Fazlullah hiding out in Afghanistan
                The history of attacks at bus stops, markets, trains, and public processions is very old. The details of these terrorist activities are present in the newspapers since 1980s from Boree Bazar Karachi to Qisa Khawani Bazar Peshawar. For these terrorist bomb blasts many Indian terrorists (agents) of RAW got arrested and were awarded different sentences by Pakistani courts. Most of these terrorists were released as heroes by the last govt. while few are still completing their sentence in Pakistani prisons. Leaving aside the time device and remote control bomb blasts, suicide bomb blasts were first time witnessed in Pakistan in 2004, when neither America has started drone attacks in Northern tribal areas of Pakistan (some elements in Pakistan have been misguiding the public that TTP are taking revenge from innocent Pakistanis in the form of suicide bomb blasts for US drone attacks in spite of being aware that since 2001 India has left no stone unturned to force USA to fight war on terror in Pakistan and bombard Pakistan as Tora Bora in spite of Afghanistan) nor incident of Laal Masjid has incurred, which is the biggest reason for the suicide bomb blasts in Pakistan according to Indian, American defense analysts and some Pakistani pro-Indian elements as well. But if we look back suicide bomb blasts and remote control or time bombs were killing innocent Pakistanis long before US started Aerial terrorism in the form of drone attacks. More than 50 thousand innocent Pakistanis, including children, women, elderly, govt. servants, laborers have been martyred so far; but who will disclose these terrorists and elements supporting these terrorists. Property worth of trillions was destroyed and all this was done in the name of imposition of Islam. The extreme is that Mosques, religious worship places and funerals are attacked in the name of Islam but which are the forces behind these terrorists working under the garb of Islam? The purpose of these forces is to weaken Pakistan through sectarian, linguistic disputes and criminal activities to such extent that Pakistan bows in front of American toddy in the region i.e. India.
                Is not this bitter reality jolting that TTP (Tehreek Taliban Pakistan) claiming to be Mujahideen fighting for Islam never attacked US agents or terrorists like Raymond Davis or agents of Black Water or foreigners belonging to US allies. In order to hide this biasedness of so-called TTP US govt. and media always pressed on the propaganda against Pakistan Army for playing double games and alleged Pakistan for supporting extremists covertly while bitter reality is that USA and CIA itself are supporting terrorists within the whole world from Pakistan to Syria. If one does not agree with the involvement of USA in supporting terrorist groups in Pakistan than they should pay a little attention that why the lawlessness and terrorist activities are being  carried out in Swat, Dir, Chitral, and Malakand only in the name of imposition of Islamic Laws? If we look at the scenario after the successful Military operation in these areas  we see that Maulvi Fazlullah got no place to hide in Pakistan but in Afghanistan where he is not living in the safe heaven created  by Americans and Indians but also controlling terrorist activities of his group in Pakistan. If he does not have support from Afghan govt., US and India in Afghanistan than this would have been impossible for him to plan and execute terrorist plans of his terrorist organization while Mehsood were the leaders of TTP.
Abdullah Mehsood

Baitullah Mehsod

Hakimullah Mehsood

                The name of the Mehsood tribes first time got highlighted on 8 October 2004, when 2 Chinese Engineers alongwith Pakistani translator and driver working on Gomal Zaam Dam were abducted and Abdullah Mehsood demanded release of an underage Tajik terrorist Khalid who was arrested during operation in WANA. Although within few days in a successful operation hostages were recovered in which a Chinese friend (engineer) lost his life while Abdullah Mehsood got killed along with his terrorists. Before this Chinese friends were being kidnapped and murdered in Baluchistan, where after start of the construction of Gwadar port with the support of China a terrorist campaign was launched by foreign forces under the garb of struggle of deprived Baloch. Chinese Engineers, Experts, Govt. assets, trains, army convoys and defense installations all became target of these terrorists. The painful aspect is that a specific group of media and analysts, journalists, anchorpersons working under it committed the crimes of supporting these terrorists and proving them as representatives of Baloch people. In spite of condemning these foreign funded terrorists these terrorists of media (in proper words) created chaos by alleging Pakistan army for deprivation of Baluchistan. Not only this, that media group supporting terrorists represented these terrorists as heroes and telecasted their interviews; in this way these terrorists within media covered those Baloch Sardars who were actually responsible for the deprivation of Baloch people and used the funds to raise their private armies while their sons were being portrayed as freedom fighters using the armies raised by their elders for terrorism in Baluchistan. No one dared to question that at least  why these so-called Baloch Freedom Fighters were targeting only Chinese while other foreigners working in NGOs and mineral exploration companies remained safe?
Khalid Mehsood Sajna

Latifullah Mehsood

Wali Ur Rehman Mehsood

                Perhaps this lawlessness and so-called freedom war might have been remained confined to Baluchistan but the plan to widen and improve the old and traditional trade route from Gilgit to Dir, Chitral and Swat replacing the present trade route Gilgit-Islamabad by China, raised alarms in neighboring countries, USA and Britain. These countries have only one goal to keep China away from Gwadar and stop Pakistan from economic development at any cost, for this purpose so-called war for rights of Baloch (still going on) have been proved much fruitful, however in KPK and Malakand this was not a practicable plan. So keeping in mind the strong link of Pashtuns with Islam and their environment  first of all a propaganda of presence of leadership of Al-Qaeda was launched which were threat to existence of Europe and USA. The propaganda of Taliban attacking US forces present in Afghanistan and after successful slaughtering of invaders return of Taliban to these safe heavens was mutually launched by CIA, US Govt., US Media, India and Afghan govt. in a well-organized manner against Pakistan Army and ISI. Due to mutual interests of India and USA, India got free hand to utilize Afghanistan for terrorism in Pakistan.

Corpse of a Hindu TTP Terrorist killed in operation showing uncircumcized penis
                India established many offices for unemployed persons in Afghanistan and started recruiting unemployed Pakistani youth from tribal areas for lucrative salary and were transferred to India for training and brain washing. First of all they are brain washed, afterwards trained for terrorism and suicide bombs and were later on infiltrated back to Pakistan. For their support USA cultivated many supporters within Pakistan that provided guidance to suicide bombers to attack over important military installations, buildings and other targets. After successful attacks over defense installations and military personnel a new discussion was started in the international media that Pakistani nuclear assets may fall in the hands of the terrorists; in this way propaganda against Pakistan was given a new twist. Moreover, all the areas Swat, Dir, Malakand etc.  from where the Pak-China trade route had to pass were converted into hell in the name of imposition of Islam. One may remember that during all this terrorism from 24 to 27 January when 2 Km long Kohat Tunnel was captured by terrorists and they tried to destroy it however they failed in it. No one of the Aristotle’s of the media questioned that why it was necessary to destroy Kohat tunnel for imposition of Islamic Shariah… Was all that for imposition of Shariah in Pakistan, why were they targeting innocent Pakistanis, not only this by weakening security agencies of Pakistan against India and European enemies were they serving Islam or paving the way for imperialistic plans of India so that no one should be there to challenge India.
2007! When Taliban captured Police Station Matta Swat

TTP not only played holi with the blood of innocent people but also martyred those Tribal lords who were in favor of Pakistan’s integrity and existence, however, during whole of this bloody game the leadership of TTP in hands of Mehsood and whenever US controllers felt that their TTP leader has got tired or has developed thinking for peace negotiations he became target of drone which was readily blamed on Pakistan army and civil govt. of Pakistan. Baitullah Mehsood, Wali Ur Rehman, and then Hakimullah Mehsood all became target of drones one after another and Latifullah Mehsood who supported drone attack over Hakimullah is in the protection of Americans in Afghanistan, who was taken out of Afghan army’s custody by Americans forcefully. American and German media have said in clear words that Americans got aware about the plans of Hakimullah Mehsood through Latifullah Mehsood.
However, after murder of Hakimullah Mehsood his near ones Khalid Sajna Mehsood or others should have been chosen but in contrast to this Maulvi Fazlullah belonging from Swat who is controlling terrorism from Afghanistan was chosen as leader of TTP. The operation of 2009 at Swat against terrorist revealed that terrorists killed in this operation were not only local brain washed youth but Gorkha soldiers of Indian army as well and their identity being Hindus was proved through independent media as well; one can search their nude pictures which show penis without circumcision (a ritually must for Muslims). After these corpses of Hindu soldiers, sexual drugs and alcohol locals also got aware of the reality of Taliban responsible for destruction of female schools. However, appointment of Maulvi Fazlullah as leader of TTP who is residing in Afghanistan under the protection of USA or Afghan Govt. (that is controlled by Indians more than americans)that US and her allies want to pressurize Pakistan for something special (that is obviously in the knowledge of our rulers) if Pakistan agrees to their demands than Okay, otherwise peace deal with TTP will remain a dream. But this should not mean that Pakistan is a failed state. If in Swat peace could be restored through military operation than it is possible anywhere; however peace talks should be given priority…

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 29 November 2013.

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