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Indian Propaganda against Pakistan regarding Unrest in Bangladesh!

Underage girl killed by the bullet of Indian Soldiers in attempt to crossing border; Why our media remains silent over these killings???
                 Our political analysts and journalists have been boasting of policies of Haseena Wajid Bangladeshi Prime Minister, her exemplary good governance and peace, due to which Bangladeshi economy is developing by leaps and bounds that, will change the fate of Bangladeshi people. Despite of passage of 43 years the element of taunt is still prevalent in their analyses and talk-shows. Especially against Pakistan army that Pak-Army played vital role in the deprivation of East Pakistan. Some anchors, journalists and analysts earn appreciation, awards and heavy amounts of gifts for demanding trial of Pakistan army for the alleged war crimes. However, the news and reports published in the international and Pakistani media are quite different to the stories of changing fates of the Bangladeshi people according to which Bangladesh has proved to be a heaven for investors in Ready Made Garments sector due to cheapest labor in the world where in the name of labor bounded work is being taken from poor. Most of the workers of this industry consists of women whom average monthly income is ten times lower than average income of Asian workers which can provide a meal in a day only.
Posters placed over the walls in Dhaka showing cartoons insulting Islam and Muslims
                Moreover, the poor law and order situation and riots in Bangladesh from last few years has made lives of Bangladeshi poor more unpleasant. The reason behind this unrest are the policies of Haseena Wajid against Islam through which in the name of being agents of Pak-Army and ISI Islamists are being pushed against wall and doors of politics are being closed for political parties having Islamic identity. These policies have made majority suffer from unrest and forced them to take over to the roads as a protest. As a result the economy suffered from further stagnancy. If we look at this situation carefully Bangladeshi people are facing same situation which they were suffering before 1975, they have started feeling themselves powerless and helpless against Indian imperialism but the bitter reality is that just like India in Bangladesh the allegations over ISI and Pak-Army for attaining votes. The only difference is that in India only Hindus and in Bangladesh only anti-religious and so-called liberalists are attracted towards this allegation.

                But a common Bengali who is more politically aware in the whole South Asia especially in sub-continent and has the capability to stand for his rights without taking in account any threats, is not ready to accept propaganda of Haseena Wajid and India about interference of ISI and Islam. They only know that Haseena Wajid who came into power by promising changing the fate of Bangladeshi people through the support of foreign NGOs and trade deals from Europe has now ignored all her promises and following her father’s steps to convert Bangladesh into a colony of India. The hopes of the Bangladeshi people that Awami League would improve health and sanitary conditions and provide employment have now died away as Haseena Wajid after coming into power has followed the politics of revenge by opening the closed cases of 1971 and started the practical approach to convert Bangladesh into an atheist state acting upon the dictation of India by terming Islam as Pakistanism or love for Pakistan that Islam is integral part of the Eastern Bengal which ultimately resulted into the struggle for Pakistan i.e. a separate homeland for Muslims after withdrawal of English so that Muslims do not become slaves of Hindus, this struggle started from Bengal and resulted in Pakistan.
On going protests in Bangladesh in which more than 200 People have lost their lives
                Although India succeeded in dividing Pakistan into two parts in 1971 and Eastern Pakistan emerged as Bangladesh but this does not meant that at once Pakistanis (Easter and Western Pakistanis) ignored collective struggle based upon Two Nations Theory and accepted Hindu slavery as a system or ignored Islam and got away from religion. But due to irony of fate Haseena Wajid and her father Mujeeb thought so that they succeeded in weeding out the Two Nations Theory and Islam from Bengali people which resulted into the murder of the whole family of Mujeeb in 1975 (Haseena Wajid was out of country at that time). Murder of Mujeeb was not a simple act of treason to remove a ruling person from power but a collective treason or struggle of Bangladeshis against Indian imperialism because in planning of murder whole unit of Armor was involved. Second aspect is that some expressed happiness over murder of Mujeeb, some expressed astonishment, some expressed sorrow but majority took a sigh of relief that perhaps in this way they may get freedom from gangsters of Mukti Bahni, Awami League and Indian soldiers suffering from intoxication of victory who entered into Bangladesh without any resistance; property and honor of not a single Bangladeshi was saved from them because they had full support of Mukti Bahni and Awami League.
Bangladeshi Police beating a women during protests

                A long time has passed since Bangladesh had separated from Pakistan but the routine of Awami League has not changed. As a result of Awami League’s wrong polices Bangladeshi national is protesting. I the upcoming elections the defeat of Haseena Wajid and her party is widely being forecasted by the international media because Haseena Wajid has ignored problems of the public but created an environment to press her opponents and registration of cases against them which has resulted in an unending crisis which has forced other parties to open a collective front against the govt. Moreover, by awarding death sentences through courts to aged leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami for supporting Pakistan during 1971 war, Haseena Wajid has further fueled public rage against her. Few leaders of Khalida Zia’s Bangladesh National Party have also been arrested under the allegations of war crimes. When supporters of Jamat-e-Islami and Bangladesh National Party came out to protest against these arrests based upon political rivalry, govt. used Police to control them, when police failed to control protestors, workers of Awami League also joined police to torture protestors, this policy failed as well as workers of Awami League could not suppress protestors. However, this policy of Awami League forced all opposition parties to join hands and chose a mutual leader to face Awami League in the upcoming elections, so Elder Son of Khalida Zia, Tariq Rehman Senior Vice President Bangladesh National party has surfaced as a very strong opponent of Haseena Wajid.
Haseena Wajid,    Khalida Zia,    and Tariq Rehman
                Keeping in view her defeat in the upcoming elections Haseena Wajid has started propaganda against Tariq Rehman for having contacts with ISI, taking funds from ISI and involvement of ISI in ongoing protests in Bangladesh. Indian newspapers are also publishing reports regarding Indian Intelligence that ISI is distributing funds among workers of Bangladesh National Party for riots or protests in Bangladesh. Pakistani media is busy in reporting internal matters so they are not concerned what is happening outside of Pakistani borders against Pakistan. Perhaps our Foreign Ministry also does not give any importance to propaganda of India and Bangladesh against ISI and Pakistan army but our silence and continuous propaganda against us is hurting our credibility on international level while on the other hand ignorant public of India and Bangladesh is getting brainwashed against Pakistan developing hatred which proves fruitful for BJP in India and same policy has been adopted by Awami League in Bangladesh.
Change in the Fate or Bangladeshi People due to Developing Economy of Bangladesh by Leaps and Bounds due to policies of Haseena Wajid
                By propaganda against Pakistan and ISI, Haseena Wajid wants to convey this message to India that if India does not help Awami League to win the elections and Bangladesh National Party comes into power it would hurt Indian interests in Bangladesh while Indian interference in Bangladeshi elections would prove last nail in the coffin of defeat of Awami League because Bangladeshis have received nothing from India except conspiracies. According to International Organization for Human Rights more than 100 thousand Bangladeshis have lost their lives while attempting to cross into India illegally but no where any voice has been raised against this mass murder of Bangladeshi refugees in the hands of Indian security forces especially Indian army. India has erected double walls of barbed wire over 2544 miles out of 3165 miles long India-Bangladesh border dividing many families living around the border areas. People of these divided families try to cross the border covertly and succeed in crossing the border but most of them become target of bullets of Indian army. Moreover, the unemployment or poverty in the Bangladesh forces many Bangladeshis to take the risk of entering into India illegally but Awami League is practicing criminal silence over the killings of Bangladeshis in the hands of Indian army. However, due to contacts of Awami League in India there is a procedure to get employed into India legally but only Hindus can enjoy it. Muslims can also get such benefits for heavy bribe or sometimes even they have to surrender honor of their women. However, such like situation was not prevalent before 1971 in the Eastern Pakistan…

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 06 December 2013

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