Sunday, November 17, 2013

For Restoration of National Prestige; Apologetic Policy should be Changed!!!

The involvement of Indian RAW and other anti-Pakistan agencies in Suicide bomb blasts is no longer a secret
                Since I have got mature I have been told that “Pakistan is passing through critical stage”. Bitter reality is that this critical stage never had any impact on elite or ruling class of the country but this critical stage proves to be in favor of them. The only class that is always affected by this critical stage is the public more properly SUBJECTS of the ruling class; in fact leaving aside the elite class of country consisting of few hundred thousand rest of the public of 180 million is passing through this critical stage. Theft is no more considered a crime, Police feels insult in reporting such crimes. Dacoities and abduction for ransom have spread like epidemic. These are the crimes that are committed by criminals on gunpoint, in the way hoarders and black-marketers looting the public does not have fear of anyone. Tomatoes have prices higher than chicken and fruits.  According to the newspaper dealers have exported tomatoes, potatoes, onions etc. to neighboring countries without considering local needs while the remaining produce have been hoarded to earn extra profits.
Street Crimes! Born out of Inflation and Unemployment
                This is the duty of the rulers to save their subjects from such situation and keep an eye over those departments that are responsible for maintaining the balance of supply and demand but curse the greed to become rich overnight, lust for money and bribery which has imbalanced the whole society and our morally bankrupt society is proving fertile for enemies of Pakistan. Younger generation entrapped in the vicious circle of poverty and economic imbalance is proving easy fodder for anti-Pakistan powers; social inequalities have provided goldern chance for terrorist agencies especially RAW to achieve its goals against Pakistan.

                Whole nation on the one hand is facing torment of bribery, inflation, nepotism and incompetence of govt. machinery while on the other hand the monster of terrorism is engulfing innocent lives; situation is further deteriorating due to disinterest of rulers in the problems being faced by public and non-observance of the party charter. Abundance of illegal and legal weapons have paved way for youngsters who feel contentment in snatching purses and jewelry from women as an easy way of earning livelihood; these youngsters become dacoits and then terrorists.
Increasing social imbalance would lead to collapse of society
                This is the internal situation; externally India and pro-Indian international media is leaving no stone unturned to get Pakistan declared as a failed and terrorist state or at least convince world that Pakistan is the center of extremism and terrorism. This propaganda is going on since decades but either our media is not ready to take reciprocal measures or does not want to do so (leaving aside the Waqt TV and Nawa-i-Waqt newspaper). This is the result of this propaganda that American war on terror that was initiated by USA for some economic, internal or defensive interests or to employ some specific agenda in Afghanistan has been shifted to Pakistan by Indian and Israeli agencies. In the last ten hours more than 50 thousand Pakistanis including security personnel have lost their lives in terrorism. Suicide and remote control bomb blasts have become a routine only in Pakistan. American war on terror provided chance to India to target and destroy defense installations of Pakistan but our media and anchors of talk-shows never dared to question those elements who are providing weapons, finance, training of guerilla warfare, monitoring movements of security agencies and coordinating terrorist attacks over security personnel (of course terrorists does not have satellites to monitor movement of security agencies and attack accordingly)? If these questions are raised on media than it will become easier for public to get answer to these questions and identify the foreign controllers or coordinators of these terrorists. Irony of the fate is that our intellectuals, journalists and analysts linked with the free private TV Channels are not ready to discuss and unveil the masterminds of the terrorism. They have only one goal; ISI and Pak Armed forces should be blamed for incompetence of govt. to terrorist attacks, provide support to propaganda against Pakistan by alleging Pakistan’s Strategic Depth policy for suicide bomb blasts that Pakistan is providing support to armed resistance of Afghans against USA and Allies. However, free Pakistani media has no objection over training camps of Indian terrorist agencies in Afghanistan and infiltration of terrorists into Pakistan under the garb of BLA (Baluchistan Liberation Army) and TTP (Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan) while American Generals in Afghanistan also accept the presence of Indian terrorist preparing factories in Afghanistan.
When state fails to provide justice people take law in their hands
                This is the result of this treacherous pattern and criminal silence of our media that due to the propaganda of a country like India where human rights have no value or respect; Pakistani rulers have to adopt apologetic behavior on abroad visits. As a fresh example keeping in view the visit of Nawaz Sharif Prime Minster Pakistan, India started propaganda of attack over Karan Sector (IOK) by militants supported by Pak Army and ISI. Not only Indian media but Indian Defense Ministry, from Corps Commander to Indian Army Chief held press conferences and alleged Pakistan for infiltrating militants into IOK. Gen Bikram Singh went a step ahead claiming the self-created skirmish as Kargil-II. On Pakistani side criminal negligence and silence prevailed over Indian propaganda. In such a situation when Pakistani PM visited USA to meet US President, the dispute of Kashmir was on the top of the agenda for meeting; in such a situation if Pakistani public and rulers had been aware of Indian drama and propaganda than President Obama would not have said that Pakistani govt. should correct its own country first.
This is the fire of criminal silence and negligence over increasing gulf and social imbalance
                This is our disengagement and compromising attitude that Jag Suraiya an Indian advised Indian govt. to buy Azad Kashmir from Pakistan; although a very rubbish and impossible advice but Indian media gave it full coverage to insult Kashmiris who lost their lives for the freedom from Hindu slavery, insult Pakistani nation. This rubbish article was published in Indian Newspaper Times of India on 29 October 2013 titled as “States & Estates: India should offer to buy ‘Azad Kashmir’ from Pakistan”. He writes, “To solve its dispute with Pakistan, New Delhi should offer to buy ‘Azad Kashmir’ from Islamabad. How would India pay for the purchase of Pak-occupied Kashmir? It would pay with the 1,000 tonnes of gold buried in Unnao, UP, that Sadhu Shobhan Sarkar has dreamt up”. This disgusting Indian article is still on the website of Indian Newspaper while a criminal negligence is being witnessed by the history from Pakistani side. We are silent, our rulers are silent, our media is silent; no matter whatever one claims it compromise, diplomacy, silence for friendship with neighboring country this can be only termed as apologetic attitude based on weakness which has encouraged Hindu India to insult Pakistani nation. Ex Indian Army Chief openly confesses that Indian army established a special Intelligence Unit known as Technical Services Division that conducted successful terrorist attacks over Pakistani defense installations, Indian Gen VK Singh did not care for the reaction of Pakistan; perhaps he was dead sure that no one will protest against it Pakistani govt., opposition, public, intelligentsia etc. no one because no one in Pakistan has collective view over a single issue. The fresh example of this dispersion is the situation after death of Hakimullah Mehsood; govt. failed to present a timely stance over this. As a result nation has been forced into chaos over the issue of a terrorist who is responsible for thousands of deaths, not only this Ameer of a religious-political party that was considered as most respected since creation of Pakistan declared Mehsood as Martyr; in his opposition against USA he forgot that same Mehsood not only cut the throats of Pakistani soldiers but also recorded and released such videos. It was ignored that army fighting over Western borders against terrorists is not fighting for any sect, tribe or personal war. Pakistan army is at war against such terrorists that are procuring weapons and financial support from anti-Pakistan elements on the orders of the state. Of course these terrorists are to be crushed and eliminated by soldiers not by the students, elected politicians, police or citizens of Pakistan in order to safeguard the lives of public and Pakistan army has fulfilled their duty in such a manners by sacrificing their lives that one can hardly found an example in the military history. It was also ignored that Pakistan was created to remain till doomsday and this is the Pakistan army that has to protect and defend it. If no one demanded to remove the prize money for the head of Mehsood in order to restore the environment of peace, than were we serious for peace talks? How long our rulers will keep on taking apologetic decisions whose consequences are to be borne by the whole nation.

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date : 15 November 2013.

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