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“AZM-E-NAU-IV” We are Ready and Committed for the Defense of Pakistan..!

Armored Cannons on Move! AZM-E-NAU-IV (A promise renewed)
02 August 1990, 100,000 Iraqi troops along with 700 Tanks attack Kuwait and capture the state having the world’s greatest and strongest economy without any resistance or war. Iraqi troops face resistance only while entering into the palace of Ameer Kuwait Jabir Al-Sabah in which more than 200 Kuwaitis including younger brother of Ameer Kuwait were killed. One might be thinking  that why did I mention Kuwait leaving aside the today’s topic? I mentioned the attack of Iraq over Kuwait for my those colleagues who are against Pakistan army and criticize “Security State Doctrine” adopted for the protection of the motherland. They claim that 16-18% of budget that is being spent on defense of Pakistan, if this percentage is spent on welfare of public than fate of the Pakistan could be changed and Pakistan with stand on the top of the list of Most Developed Nations. In the other words they are of the view that army is the worst hurdle in the development of Pakistan and solution of prblems of public; perhaps this is why the volume of illegal money of 40 Pakistani politicians in Swiss banks is more than 20 billion dollars. However, this is a separate topic but the grave reality is that just in a week Iraqi forces looted and transferred tons of gold, vehicles, electronic items, household items valuing to trillions of dollars, trillions of money from Kuwaiti banks to Iraq; all this aside neither anyone can calculate price of lives that uncountable Kuwaitis lost while resisting to protect their women, children and property nor this loss could be made good.
Chief Guest PM Nawaz Sharif along COAS Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kayani
                Kuwait had no enmity or dispute with any neighboring country. But Pakistan has inherited enmity to Islam with India having 10 times larger army, economy, resources and manpower. The main reasons of enmity of India are separation of Pakistan from India, hundreds of years long Muslim rule over Hindus and Two Nations Theory that shattered of the dream of “Greater India” and Muslims of India got a separate homeland due to separate identity due to hatred of Hindus and this is the hatred of Hindus that converted into the war mania and Pakistan is forced to reinforce its defenses and establish a strong well-armed army. Whether it is 1965 attack over Lahore or Indian conspiracy of 1971 to separate East Pakistan; both wars were to snatch freedom of Pakistan and in future India will not stay back to repeat the same. Through its secret terrorist agencies especially RAW India has already an invisible terrorism war in Pakistan, not only this through the support of West, India has already reinforced her influence and bases at Afghanistan in the West of Pakistan. These bases are important for any aggression from India as “Strategic Depths”. The same strategic depths which if Pakistan utilizes for its defense as strategic policy against any Indian aggression, payees of AMAN KI ASHA claim it as Pakistan’s interference in internal affairs of Afghanistan. In such scenario Pakistan have not only threats from Eastern borders but from Western side as well.  Such critical situation demands that Pakistan’s Armed forces should excel at the use of modern warfare and weapons, well trained, well-armed and filled with the passion of Jihad to such extent that before any adventure Hindu India has to think again and again about the consequences.
Zaffar Hilali, SM Hilali, Sidra Iqbal and Ikram Sehgal
                India had planned to buy arms of about 100 billion US Dollars till 2020; which includes purchase of latest helicopters, jet fighters, artillery guns, nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers. Some deals with Russia, USA, France and Israel have been finalized while some are being finalized. Recent deal of 2.3 billion dollars for aircraft carrier with Russia is the evidence of imperialistic war mania and strategy which India claims as COLD START WAR DOCTRINE. Unique idea of attacking and invading Pakistan and China at the same time was presented by the Indian Army Chief General Deepal Kapoor in November 2009. Some people question that how India would fulfill its Cold Start War Doctrine of invading China-Pakistan at the same time; the answer is very simple, apparently China and Pakistan are target of this Hindu war mania but in fact from Kashmir to down to sea presence of six cantonments and four Corpses  and 4 Rapid Armored Divisions of Indian army have only and only Pakistan on their target, but with this weakness that Pakistan army still has an edge in the time as Pakistan army will reach at borders before Indian army.
Air Chief Martial Tahir Rafique Batt (center) along with Vice COAS (R) Gen M. Yousaf
 For this one may consider situation in 1986 “Brass Take War games” and siege of Pakistan by Indian army in 2001 after drama of terrorist attack over Indian Parliament; these two incidents have all the answers for the questions regarding Cold Start War Doctrine of India. At least there is some weakness due to which Indian army has to retreat unsuccessful (pro-Indians may mention fall of Dhaka in 1971 war but they will not dare to face the grave reality that fall of Dhaka was such an international conspiracy which is even accepted by Bangladeshi public as well). Actually India has always failed to rapidly and covertly transfer its troops from cantonments to borders and this is the basic weakness of Indian army. From whatever side Indian army attacked Pakistan they wasted so much time in reaching the warzone that Pakistan army is already present there to welcome Hindu army and when a well-disciplined army is present within the posts than it is not possible for biggest army to break through the defensive positions of an army armed with the most powerful weapon of Jihad and passion for Martyrdom along with latest weapons. In such a situation the destroyed tanks, APCs and other military equipment proves “Elephants of Raja Poras” creating hurdles in the retreat of attacking army; so the morale and passion of the attacking army also fade away as well. Same like situation is being faced by Indian Air Force which is unable to hide its movements from Pakistani Radars. If attacking army is facing such like situation of being uncovered and discovery of its aggressive plans than according to military terms 50% defeat becomes fate of attacking army. In order to overcome this weakness India is building network of railway lines and roads, so that during war refreshed soldiers, food, ammunition and weapons could be supplied rapidly as well as injured and killed soldiers could be removed back easily without any hurdle. 
Lt Gen Abid Pervez, Commander 2 Corps
This is the new War Vision of India. In order to understand this new War Doctrine of India and test the preparations of Land and Air Force of Pakistan, their professional, strategy, tactics and logistics capability to supply food,weapns, ammunition, provision of medical treatment or removal of injured to hospitals Pakistan armed forces started war games code named as AZM-E-NAU in 2009. During this war games continued in different cantonments and headquarters. In April 2010, Azm-e-Nau-III was held at desert area of Khairpur Tamewali Bahawalpur on large scale. However, army did not stop here, as the war against terrorists continued in FATA and other tribal areas so continued the war games. In the other words whole army remained into the condition of war. Although Pakistan army holds war games in summers, winter, rainy season and all type of environment, while in 1986 when India attempted to convert Brass Tack war-games in aggressive attack and Pakistan army forced the enemy to retreat even before launch of attack; war games with the name of ZARB-E-MOMIN were started on large scale to practice the offensive defense by invading Indian areas in order to fight Indian army. However, keeping in view the pro-active war doctrine from India this has become inevitable to test the latest weapons and modern warfare to understand the changing the aspects of the warfare. In this regard war games of AZM-E-NAU series continued over a long time and ended on 04 November 2013 at Khairpur Tamewali Bahawalpur.
Ex-Army Chief Gen Waheed Kakar and Gen Aziz (R) are also present in the ceremony
                The most important aspect of AZM-E-NAU-IV was that 51 military Attachés of different embassies from Islamabad witnessed the professionalism and fire power of Pakistan army with their own eyes, including Indian Military Attaché Brig Presh Thukral as well who become center of focus for Pakistani media. This was a coincidence that I was seated behind Indian Military Attaché; during war games when 2 jet fighters of Pakistan Air Force broke sound barrier during low flight all the guests got stunned but the shaking of Indian Attaché was something abnormal, he closed his ears with both hands and downed himself a little, I slapped at his shoulder and said be courageous nothing has happened; during this show of fire power continued. In the way artillery and tanks destroyed their targets no one could adhere himself from appreciation. Army Aviation guns showed their accurate hits and Anti Air Craft Guns shot down the drone and proved that Pakistan has the capability to destroy drones. JF-17 fired all of their weapons and destroyed their targets with missiles, bombs and machine guns with accuracy. This firepower was witnessed by all guests including Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif who was drove towards the stage by Gen Kayani himself in the jeep.
Indian Military Attache recording the activity on his mobile phone
                Indian Military Attaché  recorded the whole activity on his mobile phone and asked me innocently that he is astonished that Indian attache was invited first time to witness such war games. I said it was not to threaten you but to send a message to New Delhi through you that we are ready to defend Pakistan at any time. In fact the purpose of ending ceremony of AZM-E-NAU-IV war games was to inform the whole world including India that despite of all the loss of lives and property due to secret war of terrorism imposed on Pakistan; Pak armed forces are in high morale and well prepared to crush the attacking enemy. Any adventure of enemy would cost her too high. In the way Pakistan armed forces showed their professionalism in these war games all soldiers and officers have the right to be congratulated, especially officers and soldiers of 1 Armed Division and 2 Corps who under the leadership of Lt Gen Abid Pervez and Major Gen Farooq Durrani made this ceremony unforgettable through their untiring efforts and through the discipline and accuracy of fire proved it to the whole world that Pakistan army is an undefeatable force ready to defend motherland at any cost.
These roaring guns are sending a message, "Never dare to cross the borders or You will have nowhere to Hide"

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 22 November 2013.

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