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The Aid from IMF or International Financial Institutions Does Not Mean We Have to Pledge our Independence and National Prestige…

Nawaz-Manmohan meeting in New York

Is this also a condition  by IMF or other International  Banks that Pakistan will keep silent on all Indian terrorism and aggression despite of having evidence of such  conspiracies against Pakistan as IMF has conditioned loan with purchase of electricity from India and declaring Hindu India as MOST FAVOURITE NATION? What type of neighborhood and friendship and diplomacy it is that those Indian agents of secret agencies involved in terrorism and bomb blasts return to India after completing their sentence in Pakistan making signs of Victory and Indian officials receive and welcome these terrorists with flowers as heroes. Indian terrorist Sarabjeet Singh waiting for the death sentence is assassinated by Indian agents in Pakistani prison, his dead body is received in India and his funeral rituals are completed like a hero.
Pakistani Bus Driver being forced to drive over Pakistani Flag
                Whether it is Samjhota Express Sabotage, Bomb blasts in Makkah Mosque of Hyderabad Dakan, Malegaon or New Delhi terrorist attacks in spite of having the clear evidence that Indian army and state terrorist agencies like RAW are involved in this state terrorism; the propaganda of Prime Minister of a terrorist state (India) in General Assembly of UNO not only shows shamelessness of Indians but also astonishing. This is not the first time that Indians have attempted to defame Pakistan over international level. However, the tension over LoC has increased manifolds due to unprovoked firing by Indian invading forces in Indian Held Kashmir, for which Indian media and few extremist minded Indian politicians played a vital role. In contrast to this newly elected govt. of Pakistan kept begging for negotiations against wishes of the Pakistani nation. Even few statements issued by Islamabad were not only disgusting but against the national prestige and self-respect. However, nation was waiting for Annual meeting of General Assembly of UNO in the hope that Indian PM may give a positive response to the Pakistan’s wish for peace. But Indian PM practiced extreme shamelessness just like the past and alleged Pakistan as Nursery of Terrorists, responsible for all the terrorist activities in India and beated the old triumphant that if Pakistan wants friendship with India than Pakistan will have to stop terrorism in India. Not only this on the forum of UNO Manmohan Singh claimed Indian Held Kashmir to be integral part of India and in the other words gave a message to the Pakistani politicians dying in the love of Hindu India that if you can withdraw from Kashmir and other national concerns than come ahead for peace talks on Indian conditions otherwise this is fruitless exercise. Of course the views expressed by Indian PM were according to the Kotlaya Chanakiya and his words were ffull of hatred and conspiracies against Pakistan, these views should have be condemned in Pakistan but world saw the reaction of his statements in India. In New Delhi a bus coming from new Delhi to Pakistan was stopped by Hindu Terrorists in the presence of Indian Police and Pakistani driver was forced to drive over the Pakistani flag. Indian Law Enforcement Agencies and Indian channels enjoyed the powerlessness of Pakistani driver as he had to save the lives of Pakistani passengers within the bus as well; what else prove do we need that India is a Hindu Terrorist State? Of course the act of Indian terrorists forcing Pakistani driver to drive over Pakistani flag with the support of Indian Police and statement of Manmohan Singh shows the terrorist and extremist mentality of Hindu India being enjoyed by neighbors of India i.e. Sri Lanka, Nepal, Maldives and Bangladesh.
Propaganda of Indian Media against Pakistan
                Over the speech of PM of Terrorist State of India, Nawaz Sharif should have rejected the meeting with Indian PM demanding him to apologize not only from Muslims but from the whole over massacre of more than 40,000 Muslims in Hyderabad Dakan during illegal capture and attack over an independent state. This genocide was conducted as a punishment because ruler of Hyderabad denied to merge into India and decided to remain independent as per formula of partition. Hyderabad was the only well developed and economically strong state of the time and eyes of Jawahar Laal Nehru were fixed over the treasure of Hyderabad; for a long time negotiations between Nizam of Hyderabad and Nehru continued by Nizam did not fall into the trap of Nehru. When Nehru got the report that Nizam is going to declare Hyderabad as an independent state he ordered Hindu terrorist army to invade an independent state. This news was reported as POLICE ACTION by the Indian media to hide the war imposed by India over Hyderabad. Weaker army of Hyderabad tried to stop Indian army but they were no match for terrorist Indian army. For one month Indian terrorists of Indian army kept busy in war crimes of genocide, looting, gang rapes of Muslim. During this Indian police also joined terrorists of Indian army. Muslims were lined up and shot dead, women were gang raped and later on killed. Properties were looted and later on burnt by terrorists of Indian army. When the reports of war crimes of state terrorists of India reached embassies of different countries in New Delhi and to International media, Nehru called back the army and established an inquiry commission to investigate the efficiency of State terrorists of Indian army. In order to betray international community Nehru established an investigation team under the leadership of Sundar Laal consisting of people from all the religions. This team after a long stay completed a detailed report but this report was never allowed to come on the front on the orders of Nehru because it highlighted the war crimes of Indian army and massacre of more than 40 thousand Muslims. The same role and war crimes of Hindu Terrorists that was repeated in 1984 against Sikhs to revenge the murder of Indira Gandhi and the same role of Indian state terrorists that world is witnessing shamelessly in the cold blood in Indian Held Kashmir for last 65 years because unlike people of Hyderabad, Kashmiris are not ready to accept slavery of extremist and terrorist Hindus.
According to BBC Documentary more than 40 thousand Muslims were murdered by Indian Army in Hyderabad
                Leaving aside the massacre of Muslims in Hyderabad, perhaps it was not appropriate for Pakistani PM to mention such incident in the love of India; than what was left for the meeting/talks between the PMs of both countries after propaganda of Manmohan Singh and claiming Kashmir as Integral part of India? If we imagine that this disgusting meeting was inevitable than Pakistani PM should have made this clear to Indian PM that unless does not stop her terrorist activities in Baluchistan, KPK, FATA and water aggression; any progress in peace talks would be meaningless. As long as the handing over of evidence of Indian involvement in terrorism in Pakistan is concerned it has been done in the past a well because unless this evidence is not highlighted through media it is useless. The cables leaked by WikiLeaks regarding Indian interference in Pakistan, the concerns of US officials over armed Indian interference is not a secret any more but India does not care about these disclosures or concerns of international community because international community in controlled by international media which can impose truth as false and lies as true. This is the treachery of our media that it has failed to unveil the ugly terrorist face of India. Take the talkshows and analyses Pakistani TV Channels over Manmohan-Nawaz meeting as an example. Indian TV Channels were alleging Pakistan for terrorism in India without any evidence and our media despite of presence of evidence was singing the chorus of AMAN KI ASHA and benefits of Indian slavery (friendship).  Pakistani TV Channels did not feel any need to mention presence of 0.7 million soldiers in Indian Held Kashmir busy in war crimes and state terrorist activities like genocide of Kashmiri people, gang rape of Kashmiri Women as a state policy to crush Kashmiris Freedom Movement and change entire race of Kashmiris people, hundreds of unknown mass graves discovered their; Pakistan media ignored Kashmir so that Indian claim over Kashmir is not hurt in any way. In such a program in which for fifteen minutes Pakistani and Indian media was compared for more than 15 minutes it was held that Pakistani media is more mature (in proper words traitor) as compared to Indian media because Indian media was only propagating negativism while Pakistani media was singing songs of peace and slavery to India. In this program the allegations of Indian Foreign Minister over ISI and Pakistan army that tension over LoC was ISI’s conspiracy to derail peace mission of Nawaz was discussed in such a way that if India really thinks so than there is a need to remove Indian concerns.
According to few Indian analysts despite of propaganda of Manmohan Singh against Pakistan the Nawaz-Manmohan meeting would benefit Naridra Modi
                Extreme of the treachery was that not a single anchor person or participants dared to discuss news reports broke by Indian newspapers that Indian army has conducted hundreds of successful operations within Pakistan. According to the Indian newspaper, ex Indian Army Chief VK Singh confessed that Indian Military Intelligence Unit has been involved in terrorist attacks over sensitive installations that will not be anywhere else but on Naval Karachi, Peshawar Airbase and Kamra Airbase. In these terrorist attacks those aircrafts were destroyed that were capable to detect submarines in deep seas and air control etc. After these attacks many defense analysts have raised the point that Tehreek Taliban Pakistan TTP had no interests linked with these assets of Pakistan but except only for India they may attack such sensitive installations in order to weaken Pakistan defenses. In spite of all this if our govt. and pro-Indian elements really think that through begging India would bestow them with peace and will withdraw its terrorists from Pakistan than this is nothing more than DAY DREAMING…

Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 04 October 2013

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  1. After Manmohan Singh's speech in UN it seems Perhaps Indian Generals confessing that they used to bomb their own citizens to defame Pakistan were on payroll of ISI and in this way whole Indian army busy in war crimes in Kashmir and rest of the Indian Held states are also funded by ISI...


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