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"Friendship and Trade" With India Both are Deal of Loss..!

Indian Weapons worth of trillions recovered from so called Baloch Freedom Fighters (Indian Terrorists)
The pressure of public over govt. is increasing to bring forward the evidence of Indian interference in Pakistan especially in Baluchistan. After the earthquake jolted the province and the hurdles created by so-called freedom fighters and nationalists in the relief work, attacks over relief convoys and experts for analyzing the damages resulted due to earthquake have astonished Pakistani nation that what type of nationalists and freedom fighters are they who want to deprive off their Baloch brethren from relief goods and medicine in spite of helping them? What type of nationalism is it which neither cares for humanity nor has any feelings for suffering to Baloch nation but they want to increase sufferings of Baloch people implementing the agenda of India? Where are those so called Baloch leaders stage drama of protests at London and New York against Pakistan; have they staged any protest to gain the attention of world towards suffering of Baloch people as a result of the earthquake? No one has seen them giving any statement expressing their feelings regarding sufferings of earthquake effected people but they are giving statements expressing threats to those working for the relief and rehabilitation of earthquake hit Baloch public. Due to these terrorist activities of these so called Baloch nationalists all relief convoys have been forced to move under the security of Pakistan army; these activities have forced public to accept the claims of govt. that India is involved in the terrorism in Pakistan especially Baluchistan and they have started demanding that evidence against India should be brought in front of public.

                As a reaction to this demand Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary had to say that the evidence regarding Indian involvement in terrorism has been handed over to India and PM has talked to Indian PM in this regard; we have solid evidence against India and these evidence has been handed over to the concerned person or authority. Now one should question the Foreign Secretary that had not these evidences been handed over to Indian PMs; what we got in response from India, has India stopped armed interference and terrorism in Pakistan?
Fake Pictures used by Indian based Websites involved in propaganda of Baloch Freedom Movement
                A fish may lay thousands of eggs in ponds and rivers but no one knows; on the other hand a hen lays a single egg and tells the whole village. The same is the reality of the propaganda. Propaganda is a devastating weapon  which has been used against Pakistan by India since her birth. After conducting terrorist activities and bomb blasts, India blames Pakistan through its media in such a way that even Pakistani govt. is forced to give explanations; despite of all these explanations Indian propaganda to defame Pakistan is going on without any break. This is also the magic of the Indian propaganda that international media after every terrorist activity suspects Pakistan’s national security agencies. There is not even a single terrorist attack in India for which Indian officials has not confessed afterwards that Indian army and Intelligence agencies themselves were behind these terrorist attacks on her own territory.

                Irony of fate is that Indian traitors have so much control over Pakistani media that after every terrorist attack drama in India these traitors start blaming Pakistani National security agencies; afterwards when Indian officials confess that Indian state agencies were behind these attacks than these traitors keep silent excusing that this is internal matter of India. They (traitors of Pakistan paid by India and singing chorus of AMAN KI ASHA) blame Pakistan army for the problems of Pakistan i.e. abundance of weapons to terrorists who have killed more than 50 thousand Pakistanis including officers and soldiers of Pakistan army by utilizing the strategy of Urban Guerilla Warfare. They are not ready to discuss the sources that are supplying terrorists with weapons and finance because they know that ugly face of their employer ‘India’ would be unveiled. They have only one demand that Pakistan hands over Pakistani markets to India, declares India most favorite (terrorist) nation, withdraws from all disputes with India, ignores slaughter and violation of human rights in Indian Held Kashmir and buys electricity from India generated from stolen water of Pakistani waters as a plan to barren agricultural fields of Pakistan. Even if Pakistan surrenders on all fronts in front of India, India will not stop her terrorist interference into Pakistan unless her dream of AKHAND BHARAT (Greater India) is not fulfilled.
Indian Army Sikh Officers training Terrorists; a video released by TTP in 2007 regarding Swat
                It seems that unplanned housing societies spreading like wild mushrooms and those responsible for approval for these housing societies have decided that in near future increasing population of Pakistan would be dependent on India for food because neither water nor agricultural land would be available for cultivation.
                Lets now analyze trends in trade with India in last few years which will make it easier to imagine that if negative list for India is removed than where Pakistan would be in contrast to India. According to the reports published in the newspapers the volume of trade between India and Pakistan is 7 billion 205.1 million dollars for last four years. In this period Pakistan exported items of 1 billion 160 million dollars to India including dairy products, oil seeds, eggs, fruits, wool, salt, wrought iron, leather, yarn, garments, cement, glass, surgical equipment and chemicals etc. While in the same period Pakistan imported items of 6 billion 50 million dollars from India including vegetables, tea, animal food, oil seeds, medicine, perfumes, rubber, fertilizer, yarn, steel, boats, watches, handicrafts etc. Due to the import of yarn and cotton of 40 million dollars Pakistani farmers had to bear heavy losses. Moreover, due to the rapid devaluation of Pakistani Rupee this loss would increase from 1 billion 220 million dollar per annum to 1 billion 500 million dollars per annum.

                Above analyses shows that trade with India might benefit few investors or importers of Pakistan and those who have invested in Indian industry but for Pakistan it will result only in loss. Moreover, slowly Pakistani markets would be captured and controlled by India; this is nothing less than slavery to India without any war. In the past big powers targeted weak states to loot their resources through war; now in spite of capturing the state the markets are captured. With the ever increasing prices of petroleum products, electricity and energy leaving aside the India, Pakistan cannot compete with any country in the world in trade. This is why our rulers are begging in front of international monetary institutions that are chaining Pakistan in such deals which force Pakistan to bow in front of India. This could be a compulsion for that elite class living like princess to accept such disgraceful conditions but not of the Pakistani nation already suffering from load shedding, unemployment, corruption and hoarding.

                Today public is well aware of those leaders who made Kala Bagh Dam disputed to clear the path for India to construct 8 dams over Indus River, nation also identifies those elements that keep silent over theft of Pakistani waters by India and are not ready to protest against water wars started by India.
                Lets come back towards stance of Pakistani Foreign Ministry that evidence regarding involvement of India in terrorism in Pakistan has been handed over to Indian officials; astonishingly Pakistani Foreign Ministry is silent over leakage of the report that ex-Indian Army Chief General VK Singh established a unit in Indian Military Intelligence named as Technical Services Division (TDS) and its activities within Pakistan. This report was published by “Hindustan Times” in the last month with regard to an ex officer of Indian intelligence agency. In this report Indian officer has confessed that Indian Unit has been responsible for sensitive activities within Pakistan. This unit was directly under the command of Indian Army Chief. Newspaper reveals that after Mumbai attacks on 26 November 2008 on the orders of Indian Defense Minister, Indian Army Chief established this unit to take revenge from Pakistan which completed several successful operations (terrorist activities).
Why Pakistani media as well as International media is blind to such rallies staged by Baloch in Baluchistan?
                Although ex-Indian Army Chief said that the report of TDS Unit is part of propaganda against him but he accepted the presence of such unit in Indian army which was established under the orders of Indian Defense Minister. Newspaper claimed that this unit has established links within the internal circles of Hafiz Saeed and according to General Singh if this unit has not been disbanded terrorism coming from Pakistan would have been stopped forever. General Singh revealed that this unit was disbanded because its members started spying members of Indian Defense Ministry.

                What Indian newspaper writes or what Indian General says leaving this aside; when Indian officer is confessing that Indian intelligence agencies are involved in secret operations and activities in Pakistan, is not this the duty of Pakistani Foreign Ministry to call Indian ambassador in Pakistan and ask explanation from India along with details of those operations. What these operations would be except big terrorist activities and of course these terrorists of Indian intelligence agencies would have infiltrated Pakistan through Afghanistan. In the light of above discussion is not this the right of Pakistani nation that India apologizes from Pakistan for all the conspiracies and terrorist activities???

Written by Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 11 October 2013.

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